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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay The tower where all owls are kept during the school year. You can send letters out through the tower and you'll recieve them in the Great Hall.

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Jean sat down at the top of the tower, whistling to the owls. First day back and she was already finding friends. She was a Hufflepuff. It was her natural talent.
((please say someone here has seen AVPM...))

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 224 comments Just then Kate walked on to the tower she saw Jean and said "Hey"

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"oh...hi"Jean said quietly, smiling,"sending a letter already?"

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 224 comments "Naah, I just wanted some peace and quiet. So, how's the view up here" said Kate jokingly.

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"same here! I mean, people like me, but it's nice to get away from the crowd once in a while." Jean said, and added, laughing,"well it's nice...I guess. Never really checked it out. Just here to chat with owls."

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 224 comments "I wish I could chat with the the owls." then she added "Do you play quiddiitch?"

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"oh, well you just need to talk to them. And if they glare, you offended them, and if they hoot happily you were being nice."Jean looked thoughtful,"Umm yeah i play quidditch. I think i'm seeker, but i can't remember right now. I'm sure someone will find out for me!" She laughed, thinking Kate would think she was weird.

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 224 comments Kate laughed "Good one, I actually forget what I play. I know it's kinda weird, it's just quidditch isn't always on mind, but I really don't want slytherin to win"

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"yeah, is everyone against Slytherin?"Jean asked,"I do play seeker i guess. But us Hufflepuffs also don't want Slytherin to win anything. We'd love to, but we just want to make sure someone other than Slythering does. They win everything."

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 224 comments "Well I guess thats a result of their over cockiness and abnormall competiveness. Did I mention most of them also look as pale as vampires?"

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Jean laughed. "I've never heard someone insult them so much in one sentence! Not even 2 years ago when we lost the game that would've brought us to the finals against them 300 to 10! Yeah we failed that game..."

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 224 comments Kate said "Thats a proven quality. Being able to insult slytherins. Yeah, you guys did, but we didn't even make it that far, so yeah ..."

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Jean shrugged. "yeah, I guess. We were pretty good last year. But our captain left. We're hoping we can keep it up. If we don't, make sure to crush them."

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Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 224 comments "Don't worry I think we already have"

((Niko since Kate is at the great hall right now and I can't have my charrie at more than one place at a time, I'm changing my charrie in this roleplay to Angelica. Is that ok?))

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Diane walked into the owl tower and headed over to an owl attatching a letter and sending it off.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) Starlight walked in, carrying a bag of seeds. "Yuki?" she called out.

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((yeah, that's alright))
"good!"she grinned. Then she heard Starlight and shouted,"Hi! Do you have food for me?" and she backed up against the wall.

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 224 comments Angelica turned to see starlight "Hey starlight"

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Mina walked up.the stairs to the tower, Zoey in her cage as she carrief her. Once at the top shr set the cage diwn and opened the door,"Be good," she called as she flew off.

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Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) She looked at Angelica. "Hi!"

Starlight attached a letter to Yuki, and said to her softly, "Fly to Blake. Give it to him." she opened the window, and out she went. Starlight walked out of the Owlery.

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Jean looked down sadly,"i was hoping she'd think i was her owl."

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