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Bobbie  (zoningout) Melanie quickly purred as she slept. but her dreams where far from pleasant. she groaned and shifted, making a particular piece of tree bark poke through her shirt and pierce her side. she jolted awake and awed at the place she fell asleep. it was still daylight and she sat against a great oak. "ughhh" she groaned wearily and stood, peering out at the sun.

Deep in the tree covered terrian Atsuko stared at the abandoned cabin, almost lustfully. It was probably warm in cozy- filled with spiderwebs and mouse but still shelter. He rubbed his hands together, then traveled up the creaky steps.

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Bobbie  (zoningout) Out in the clearing, Mel's gaze was drawn by a patch of tree's, further north. about 10 miles away from her. she couldn't miss the sight of they're growth. She titled her head, rubbed her eyes, then looked at the sky. Don't tell me a third power of mine?!...No, she'd know if she envoked the tree's to grow.

Atsuko cursed as a fat rat ran across his sneaker in obvious panic. he sent the little bugger flying then shook the shudders from his body, before peering into the dark....sitting room?

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Bobbie  (zoningout) Atsuko scanned the house slowly, taking note of the digusting furniture. badly needing to air out. he sighed and walked deeper into the house. he peered in every bedroom. which was two. then went into the kitchen. He stilled, feeling watched.

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