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message 1: by Kiki (new)

Kiki | 91 comments Mod
NOTE: this isn't Harry Potter. These are kids in the wild who have magic powers

power: ((up to 2 powers))

message 2: by Bobbie (new)

Bobbie  (zoningout) Name: Mel
age: 15
gender: Female
power: telekinesis, shape shifter
personality: Smart, blunt, judgmental, quiet, sensitive
appearance: Anime Girl Cat Neko Pictures, Images and Photos
History: She knows she woke up a year ago, knowing nothing
Family: Unknown
crush/bf/gf: No crush
other: likes to stay half cats

message 3: by Bobbie (new)

Bobbie  (zoningout) Niceee, I've used that power before! (^.^)

message 4: by Bobbie (last edited Jul 11, 2011 08:54PM) (new)

Bobbie  (zoningout) Name: Atsuko
age: 17
gender: Male
power: Innate combat, Mind exchange (or Body hopping)
personality: untrusting, strong, leader type personality, caring, animalistic
appearance: [image error]
History: He lived with his father who was always paranoid and on the run. He taught his son many thing about their power and finally died of cancer. Atsuko lives with thinking he cannot be accepted.
Family: Father: decease
crush/bf/gf: nooo
other: appears to like to be alone

message 5: by Bobbie (new)

Bobbie  (zoningout) who wants to rp?

message 6: by Bobbie (new)

Bobbie  (zoningout) oh goodie! haha, don't mind me. should I start *scratched mane*

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