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Mags | 22 comments Mod
List the reasons you love the USA

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Kristen | 90 comments Mod
I think it's sad that no one's commented yet. Shame on us.

1. I love that we have free speech. At least for now....
Even when you look at the whining, freeloading occupiers. I think it's great that we are allowed to voice our opinions even if they're so obviously idiotic.
And I generally do not like to call people names, but really? Don't they realize that the wonderful socialist government that they all want so badly would take away their right to protest like the cry babies have???
The phrase 'be careful what you wish for' comes to mind...

2. I love that we have freedom of religion. Again, at least for now...
That we don't have to worry about being thrown to the lions or whatever for sticking to our beliefs.

3. I love that our nation was built on God's principles and accountability, and thrived because of it. People want to take all that out of the history books, but it's blatantly obvious, at least to me, that the further we get away from those things, the worse off we will continue to get.

4. I love that in November we will be able to get rid of our dictator...oops I mean president. Other countries are stuck with theirs until someone assassinates them or something...

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