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North America / Caribbean > Bear acted defensively in attacking hikers, Yellowstone officials say

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The grizzly bear that attacked and killed a man in Yellowstone National Park acted in defense, park officials said on Thursday, adding that they have no plans to kill the bear.

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message 2: by Melki (last edited Jul 11, 2011 04:41AM) (new)

Melki | 149 comments This is sad news. You hear so many stories of people behaving like idiots around wildlife, but this couple was trying to do the correct thing by leaving mom and cubs alone.
Black bears are frequent visitors to my neighborhood. The few I've seen are very shy and usually frightened away by barking dogs. Last year, there was apparently a cub in a tree further up the hill from my house. One couple was taking their toddler in a stroller to see the "cute baby bear!" not even stopping to think that the mother bear is always close by, and not overly friendly. Everyone returned home safely that night, but this is the incredibly stupid behavior often seen when man meets wildlife.

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