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message 1: by ari (new)

ari (angelicgay) do you like Ian as Damen?

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) Yes! I read all the books and no one could play him better!

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (pezberrys) | 1 comments Ew, Vampire Diaries ;L. I hate those books, BUT I LOVE IAN SOMERHALDER :D. I want him to play Ian in the Host movie *-*.

message 4: by Gloria (new)

Gloria (perksofbeingafreak) | 11 comments how could you like the guy but hate the show?

message 5: by Gayatri (new)

Gayatri | 7 comments The show is Okay but mostly I watch it because of Ian!

message 6: by Gloria (new)

Gloria (perksofbeingafreak) | 11 comments to be honest i hated Damen in season 1
at the beginning of the show,
but then i started liking him when he became sorta the good guy

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) Same here. Stefan iz awesome as well though.

message 8: by Gloria (new)

Gloria (perksofbeingafreak) | 11 comments I love stefan, but its like twilight all
over again and not sure which to choose like edward or jacob

message 9: by Gayatri (new)

Gayatri | 7 comments I like both Paul Wesley and Ian Somarhalder. But there is no competition for Ian. He is the best

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) Gloria wrote: "I love stefan, but its like twilight all
over again and not sure which to choose like edward or jacob"

Edward won my heart hands down. Stefan did to for a while.....then damon changed. I'm switzerland on the Salvatore front now.....okay i'm still leaning on Stefan's side but Damon is still loved by moi. Bonnie and Damon should b together, not him and elena EVER.

message 11: by Gloria (new)

Gloria (perksofbeingafreak) | 11 comments but bonnie's with jeremy, and there cute together

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) I mean in da books. In the show he should get with caroline (if ty doesn't step up his game and i'm sik of matt).

message 13: by Gloria (new)

Gloria (perksofbeingafreak) | 11 comments oh woops sorry but yea i get what you mean

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) dahts cool i didn't specify so any1 could b confused.

message 15: by Gloria (new)

Gloria (perksofbeingafreak) | 11 comments I love damen, and im so glad he got over katherine
she was such a bitch

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) How sad was it in da ep when both katerina and elena said that stefan was better and that they both loved him. :( the sad thing is that stef never really loved katerina it was all compulsion where as Damon really loved her.

message 17: by Gloria (new)

Gloria (perksofbeingafreak) | 11 comments i know that was sad, omg i was freaked
wat happened to stefan on the last episode he's
like evil again

oh i have season 2 already ;D

message 18: by Gloria (new)

Gloria (perksofbeingafreak) | 11 comments apparently ppl say season 3 comes out in august or september

message 19: by ari (last edited Aug 01, 2011 04:55AM) (new)

ari (angelicgay) season 3 comes out on the 15th of Septemer. CAN NOT WAIT!!!
I like Damon more than Stefan, by far. But that's because I love bad boys (not that Damon's THAT bad, but still). I really want Elena to realise that she actually loves Damon (she does, even if she doesn't know it, yet...). I'm so glad Damon got over Katherine. She was HORRIBLE!!

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) If elena loves them both i'll hate her. In the books she strings them both along the whole time. I hated her for it, Stupid selfish b**** Bonnie loves Damon in the books and she should get him because Damon loves her too.

message 21: by ari (new)

ari (angelicgay) fair enough.

message 23: by ari (new)

ari (angelicgay) All in favour of Bonnie being with Damon say aye!!

message 24: by Elena (new)

Elena | 2 comments aye!!!

message 25: by ari (new)

ari (angelicgay) :D

message 26: by Gayatri (new)

Gayatri | 7 comments Aye!

message 27: by April (new)

April I couldn't image anyone else, but Ian as Damon.

Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) | 6 comments At first I liked stefan but now I don't he is ok but Damon is hotter. I like it when alena and Damon are kissing because they are a good couple. I did not like when alena was going to kill Damon because sieris was in her head. I love seeing Damon with his shirt off lol :) I don't like seeing Damon sad :( Catherine and stefan are a cute couple. Alena needs to stay with him for ever. o and bonnie and jermey are cute too. I did not like it when alena was going to pick who she should date. And when stefan was turing bad that was not good. I hate when Damon dose stuff that would make alena mad for doing something she did not want him to do.

Brodie I LOVE HORSES :)  (canterwoodcrestlover) | 6 comments But yea Ian saw Damon is good I really like him he is hot like bruning.

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