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November Blues

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Clarissa West-White (clarissawestwhite) | 15 comments Mod
Check out Draper's MySpace page and discuss how you can use such a site to capture students' interest. Under the November Blues slideshow, click "Make your own" and create a show about the book. You can center it on a theme, character, scene, issue, etc. If you can, post to your site, if not, save and we'll display them in class or on the class site.

How does the use of technology enhance teaching a novel? What are some pitfalls of using technology? Of not using technology? What other activity could you have students do to simulate the slideshow if you don't have access to or can't access the internet?

The topic of teen pregnancy will reverberate through many of the remaining books. Are your views about teen pregnancy important? How would you broach the subject in an English/Language Arts class when you have teen mothers and fathers present and not come across as condescending or cruel?

message 2: by Ja'nyre (last edited Oct 19, 2008 10:46AM) (new)

Ja'nyre Parker | 7 comments I think technology plays an intricate role in learning. It allows students to be creative and think more critically about different subject matters and enhances their learning. However, the ultimate pitfall for me would be when students take advantage of technology and instead of doing what there asked to do their exploring the world through (Myspace, Facebook) and other un-educational sites. Although, without technology we’re stunting our students educational growth; therefore, they will never be as advanced as other students around this world we live in.

I do believe my views on teen pregnancy are important however, as a teacher I believe it’s important to have my opinion, but not to enforce that opinion on the students of my individual classes. I would respect my student/parents opinions and or feelings, but also encourage my other students about the importance of abstinence and the outcomes of having sex at an early age. I would take that opportunity to educate my students on HIV and AID, STD’s and other disease they could contract. Finally, I would talk to them about the rather less threatening notion of having a child and teen pregnancy. I would mention some do's and dont's of teenage pregnancy. I would explore the likelihood of a student who possibly wouldn't graduate be it male or female.

message 3: by Michelle (last edited Oct 24, 2008 06:02PM) (new)

Michelle Russ | 2 comments The use of technology enhances teaching a novel because it gives students a chance to share thier opinions about the novel. This is important because some students may not understand the message that the author is trying to convey. A pitfall of using technology when teaching a novel is that some students may depend solely on the slideshow, discussion groups, etc. as a synopsis for the novel instead of reading the book. However, if teachers do not use technology in novels, students may become bored with the lesson. If I am in a situation when I do not have access to the Internet, I can simulate a slideshow by having the class by playing a game such as Sherades.

When it comes to teen pregnancy, I would ask the students to write down all of the modern parenting models that they see everyday. I would be looking for answers such as blended families, gay and lesbian, single - parent, traditional, and teen parenting. Then I would forgoe the discussion based on the answers I received. I would simply ask, "What about teen pregnancy?" Thats a parenting model, isn't it?"

Then I would go ahead and let them know that the novel deals with teen pregnancy. I will let them know that the novel takes them through a real journey of what teen parents must face. Prior to this discussion, though I would ask the teen parent if they would feel comfortable being present for this discussion. If they feel okay about it, then they would attend class as usual. If they expressed that the teen parenting discussion would make them uncomfortable, I would arrange for them to have an Independent Study day in the school library during that class period. But that would be the student's choice!

message 4: by Kierra (new)

Kierra J. | 8 comments I definitely would like to incorporate media into my classroom because it’s the way of the world and I don’t see the influence of technology lessening. I think sites like Draper’s only enhance student concept of any topic that may be discussed in class.

The use of technology will make students want to read and look forward to doing other activities, especially those that involve technology usage, versus feeling as though they’re obligated to “suffer” through another mundane book. The thing is, many students are computer literate, some do too well in fact, therefore proper monitoring must take place to make sure that everyone is on task. Or maybe the option of using technology can be based upon if the students do what they’re supposed to do in the first place: reading the book and doing the work that is assigned with it. If not technology, I really like the idea of having major projects once in a while to allow students to do assignments they may not do ordinarily; these could be making 3D models or acting out parts of the story.

I did notice that teen pregnancy was a common theme of these books and I’m glad that we’re reading these so that they could be possible selections for my own class. If I couldn’t incorporate them, I would put a few of them in my classroom library. Personally I don’t agree with teen pregnancy because often the cases I see are those of misinformed teens who get pregnant by accident. However, I wouldn’t condemn anyone who would be in this situation. Further, I think it would be essential to serve as a positive and open role model that the students can speak with for the facts. I think an interesting activity would be to ask students who aren’t parents to write down things they may take for granted like freedom of time, what they eat, what activities they participate in, if they’re able to take a nap, etc. The same will be asked of those who are parents, but they would have to do two lists: one prior to children and one that represents their current situation. Hopefully those who aren’t realize the gravity of having a child and those who are can be assisted in brainstorming more effective ways to get things done.

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Dominique Ferguson | 7 comments I would have loved to have been able to view Draper's website but when I clicked on it it says INVALID FRIEND ID.

However, technology enhances a novel because it helps students discover creative ways to apply concepts and themes in the book. Instead of just having the students read the novel and then discuss it students can create literary maps on google or slideshows on myspace. The pitfalls of technology are that students become too reliant on it. So instead of thinking critically they copy and paste answers from google and wikipedia to do a paper.Instead of a slideshow students could create a picture book on a certain theme or concept in the novel.

Since I was a teen parent (I had my son at 19)
I am defintely less critical of it than others who waited until they were married or well into adulthood. If I had a classroom full of teen mothers or kids that were headed that route I would defintely incorporate these novels to bring about discussion. To prevent coming across as condescending or cruel I would share a little of my own experiences and "lightly preach" the importance of making informed and sound decisions as well as exhibiting self-control. I would also add that since the kids are here it is our duty as parents to make sure they are well nurtured, nourished and educated.

message 6: by Kiffani1.jones (new)

Kiffani1.jones | 8 comments I had a hard time posting for whatever reason, som I'm going to post my reponse here...

I must say that I agree with Dominique concerning technology. I believe that technology has enhanced learning in soooooo many ways, yet instead of taking the time to appreciate these enhancements, students take advantage of them. They depend on technology to do the work for them instead of using it to help them. I want to incorporate the google maps, avatars and video/voice threads in my classroom in hopes that students learn to use those forms of technology and become familiar with it as well as use it to learn and express their creativity.

And yes, I would definitely use this novel, as well as any of the the others we have read in class, to address issues like teen pregnancy with my students. I think something like this, along with a program like ENABL could definitely help with the number of teen pregnancies through education. I think going through such lengths would let students know that you truly care about them and not just going through the motions.

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Kaffee | 8 comments We live in a day and age when everything is digital and includes technology. We have to appeal to our students by incorporating things and activities into our lesson that they understand. Students spend so much time using technology for free or spare time, they it only seems right that they learn by using technology as well. I ecspecially like the idea of posting things on myspace, since the majority of our students will spend a great amount of time on this website already. If you tell them you have a myspace page, they will be more likely to go to it and read what you have posted. This makes learning fun.

When making a slideshow, if the internet is not available you could also use PowerPoint. Each slide could be a slide in a slideshow.

I do believe that our ideas on teen pregnancy are important. We have to make sure as to not come across condensending though. We have to discourage negative behavior without coming right out and speaking against teen intercourse and other activiites that will lead to teen preganancy.

message 8: by Jana (new)

Jana Smith | 14 comments I agree with Ja'nyre. I also think that technology plays a major role in the lives of our students. Students spend so much time using it the obvoius way to keep students interested would be to use it in the classroom. I do beleive that if teachers used some of the websites students are on anyway, it would make the student more apt to check whatever it is out. I also like the slideshow idea. If I didn't have internet access at school I would find a way to post the slideshow some other way so that studnets could get the chance to see it. I also do believe teen pregnancy is very important. Students need to be made aware of the consequences of Having sex at the as an adolescent.We as educators have to make certain we do things as tactful as we can because we don't want to make students who are experiencing it to have to feel uncomfortable.

message 9: by Genise (new)

Genise | 2 comments Using technology in my classes to help teach the novels is a great idea because it will allow the students to be creative and help them broden their computers skills. I will incorporate using the computer for various assignments such as creating a blog for others who have never read the book to convince them that it is a GOODREAD!I would also have the students create a powerpoint presentation illustrating the book in sequence to help give a visiual aspect of the read. A couple of the books have similar themes where they talked about or experienced teen pregnancy. This is importanmt because unfortunately this is something we must deal with in our schools this day and with younger students. The students also need books that relate to thme so that it will encourage them to continue to read and enjoy it.

message 10: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Mccrary | 7 comments
The use of technology accomodates many of the different learning styles and it also helps increase student interaction. If students do not have internet access or are unable to use internet due to literacy or physycal issues, the use of technology may be a pitfall and the student will need an alternate assignment to accomodate his/her needs. To simulate the slideshow, students can rewrite and perform different endings to the novels using the same plots,characters, and conflicts.

My views of teen pregnancy are important, but not more important than the views of my students. As a teacher, it's important not to enforce personal opinions and values upon students. It's important to teach students how to think, not what to think. I would acknowledge that as young adults they are and will go through many hormonal changes that they will not understand.Using novels that approach this issue is a technique that i would use (if allowed, I would also ask a former student and teen parent to visit with my class. I want my students to understand that pregnancy does not put an end to your level of achievement

message 11: by Bianca (new)

Bianca Hampton | 6 comments The use of technology can be used in many different ways. Technology can help students paper be more interesting by the different designs you can create. In any situation where a student dont have technology use that's where your book knowledge will come in at. I would have the students create a power point that will illustrates the plot, characters, and conflicts.

I believe that teen pregnancy is something that has grown over the past years. Everyone goes through things in life and i think as a teacher you should teach your class what's best for there education, but you can not teach what to do. Your students should understand that just because you have a baby and become pregnant as a teen, it shouldn't affect your education.

message 12: by Jana (new)

Jana Smith | 14 comments I think that technology plays a major role in the lives of our students. Students spend so much time using it the obvoius way to keep students interested would be to use it in the classroom. I do beleive that if teachers used some of the websites students are on anyway, it would make the student more apt to check whatever it is out. I also like the slideshow idea. If I didn't have internet access at school I would find a way to post the slideshow some other way so that studnets could get the chance to see it. I also do believe teen pregnancy is very important. Students need to be made aware of the consequences of Having sex at the as an adolescent.We as educators have to make certain we do things as tactful as we can because we don't want to make students who are experiencing it to have to feel uncomfortable.

message 13: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Williams | 7 comments The link did not work but technology is effective for future generations because it can be used for a purpose other than entertainment. It can be used to show students how to find resourceful information if they ever need it. Technology can be harmful if its sole purpose is to entertain. Students can be creative by creating books using newspaper clippings, pictures, and comibining the two to describe something about themselves and their feelings on pregnancy and other issues.

I beleieve you can teen pregnancy by talking about the topic not as something unfortunate but just by presenting the realities of the situation. The novel can be used as an example how how life can really be. In addition, activities can be given that simulate the process of caring for an infant or shopping for a baby.

message 14: by Vernika (new)

Vernika Moore | 6 comments The use of technology enhances the teaching of a novel because it opens up the book beyond the classroom and allows for the sharing of information and opinions. Some pitfalls of using technology is the chance that it might malfunction. chances of not using it are limited ideas and information. You can have a student create a collage instead of a powerpoint if the don't have access to a computer.

I believe my opinion about teen pregnancy is very important. I would approach the subject by not talking down on them, but by giving them the facts and information to make the best possible decisions for themselves.

message 15: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Harris | 8 comments The use of technology makes reading a novel more fun for students. I don’t care what age group a person is it, it makes them more engaged in what is happening with the characters in the novel. Some pitfalls to using technology include the students and teachers lack of not knowing how to properly use it. If the student nor the teacher can’t use technology properly then it takes away from the lesson and the whole concept of the lesson. Sometimes if there is no technology then your students can lose interest at a quicker pace. They may find themselves lost in the material. Students can print out a summary of the things that they used for the slideshow in order to aid in the lost visual of the actual slideshow if there is no internet.

I am very passionate about teen pregnancy because I think that it is something is taking over many of today’s youth. It is something that I do not necessarily agree with it, however, it is something that is existent and in a secondary school it may be very prevalent. I think in order to present it in a respectful way I must avoid choosing sides on this issue. I should always show an unbiased attitude towards it in order to not offend any of my students.

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Tatyana Carter | 8 comments using technology make things very interesting to students. its something like a movie, the student get into to it, its somethings that they can remember and it isnt boring. if there wasnt any source of technology i believe that the school system would be like it was in the 1900-1950's went people were dropping out and just having kids.

to begin i would never relay my total thought on my class. but my thoughts about teen pregnancy are that i feel as if teens are too young to even understand all that comes along with having a child. (time, money, education) but if they are already in that sitiation i feel as if it is my job to oversee that everyting goes well and that that young girl or boy doesnt feel out of their comfort zone.

message 17: by Christine (new)

Christine Thomasos | 5 comments The use of technology enhances teaching a novel, because it ususally serves as a visual aid. However, the use of technology can prove to be a pitfall whenstudents get distracted by it and stray from reading or further learning from the novel. On the other hand, when you do not use technology a novel can seem mundane. If you do not have access to the internet, students can create powerpoint presentations in class with the information that they need.

When it comes to teen pregnancy, I feel if possible it should be avoided so that the future parent's could be financially and emotionally stable for their future child. However,
I do not feel teens should be ostracized for having children. To broach the subject in an English class without seeming condescending or cruel , I would introduce different novels where characters had both good and bad experiences with teenage pregnancy. I would also try to make these novels realistic, because this would ensure that students have the facts about teen pregancy and make the best decisions. I would have class discussions based on the novels, so that student parents do not feel like they are being judged, but the novel's character. This will also give them an opportunity to speak about their experiences and ways they relate to the characters in the novel.
* The myspace link did not work.

message 18: by Shanley (new)

Shanley Mccray | 4 comments The use of technology enhance teching a novel because it makes it much more interesting and attention getting. A few pitfalls of using technology is students will be more interesting in the technology then the actual literature or lesson at hand. The downfall of not using technology is that students will be deprived of the new era taking place. Other activities you could use are pictures relating to the activity, so they still can have a visual stimulant.

my views on teen pregnancy are important because they can be shapped by the remaining books. This is important because it broadens my horizons.

you can even ask the teen parents present in the class to share some information or give a testimony so other students know that it's real, and the teen parents wont feel like they are being attcked or abused.

message 19: by James (new)

James Montogmery | 8 comments Technology is a good tool to have in the classroom. It allows for more hand-on activities, as well as, collanoration. Using technology can help the novel come to life as there may be videos and other extra sources about it. If technology is not present, then students can use oral activities like the readers theater to act out scenes in the book.

I feel that the teacher's views on this topic is important as they can influence their students with ideas and opinions. It would be inportant to inform students about teen pregnancy and the harm it can cause.

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