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message 1: by Darkcain11, Merlin (last edited Jul 09, 2011 06:21PM) (new)

Darkcain11 | 324 comments Mod
Ok Game of thrones season 1 finished up a few weeks ago and it was amazing. Now I here that American Gods will be made into a HBO TV show. For those of you who don't know American Gods was an awesome novel by Neil Gaiman. Now I know the rule in this group is never discuss the TV Show, but I think Dresden was hurt by syfy. Had HBO got a hold of it or Starz or Showtime Think it could have been a hit.

What do you people think about the TV adaptations and Dresden on a prime channel?

message 2: by Cjpines (new)

Cjpines | 90 comments I think Game was a very good series, I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed the book and that made me realize something...I can accept stupid characters better in TV/movies than I can in books. One of my rubs with Songs of Ice and Fire is how foolish a supposedly learned or worldly character acts.

I look forward to American Gods...if you haven't read it it's a weird one but a good one.

As for The Series That Shall Not be Name, well I don't think they could have done worse. I'd love to see a credible job done some time.

message 3: by Jason (new)

Jason (viciousj) | 6 comments You know I've read Anansi Boys, but never got around to American Gods... guess I'll have to put it on the list.

message 4: by Darkcain11, Merlin (new)

Darkcain11 | 324 comments Mod
anansi boys was okay it was more of a romantic comedy novel american gods was Superior in my opinion

message 5: by Armand (new)

Armand (armand-i) | 40 comments I was all set to love "American Gods" (because I'm such a fan of Gaiman's Sandman comics), but I got about 150 pages into American Gods and gave up. I never really connected with the main character (I think his name was "Shadow"?).

message 6: by Darkcain11, Merlin (new)

Darkcain11 | 324 comments Mod
Shadow was alright i was more into Odin i just pictured Anthony Hopkins and he was a bad ass

message 7: by Bear (last edited Mar 12, 2015 10:01AM) (new)

Bear IV (beariv) | 156 comments Being a dog guy, I have been dying to see what Mouse would look like in real life....This is what I found

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