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Emily And here's the first one from a couple months ago...

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J. Bush Just saw that Stephen Fry has joined the cast. Things are looking good. :)

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I can't wait until it comes out! Its one of my favorite books. I hope (and think) that Peter Jackson will do a good job with it. I think he did a good job with the Lord of the Rings.

Nicholas Kotar Ok, I'm excited too, but has anyone seen the hair on Nori? What on earth? I'm a bit nervous about the look of some of the other dwarves as well. Or is it just me?

Emily Haha...I think they look great! They are doing a very good job making each dwarf identifiable.

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I can't wait for the movie

Alondra Miller I am super excited!! *talks with child-like glee*

Glinda the Gallifreyan I also can't wait!!! *giggles*

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