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~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ Frost and Pam's room

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((all I see is a pic of a little boy and girl))

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~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ Frost's side of the room
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Noah carried Frost into her room, setting her down on the bed softly and tucking some of her hair behind her ear.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((doesn't it look cool!?XD))
"thanks."she clicked a button nd the lights turned on, making it glow electric blue.

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((Yeah! Suits her perfectly!))
"You're room's pretty cool," Noah said, admiring the lights. *and other things..*

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((lol,nice.))
she nodded."thanks."she laid on her bed, turning the tv on.

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"So, what do you remember last?" Noah asked.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ "Being at the restaurant and finishing dinner."

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"Okay, so then we got into the car, and drove to the school. But when we got out there was this crazt girl who started attacking us...actually, she hurt you really badly. It was terrifying," Noah said, sitting down on the edge of the bed. "But Ehrin healed you, and I brought you back here, so it's okay now," he said, smiling sweetly at her.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ she looked down."are you okay?"

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Noah shrugged, deciding not to tell her about his shoulder, and said, "Yeah, I'm fine."

((lol, I forget what happened to him..didn't he get hurt somehow??))

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((yup,he did.))she smiled,then put her head in his lap,closing her eyes."you can sleep here tonight of you want."

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Noah smiled and ran his hands through her hair. "You tired?" he asked.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ "sorta."she opened her eyes.

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"You can go to sleep," he said, "I'll be right here."

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ she nodded "okay."she closed her eyes and smiled.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((just so you know, I won't be on for the next three days.))

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Noah continued to mess with her hair, but soon felt tired himself. He gently moved Frost's head and laid down next to her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling the covers over them.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ she smiles and snuggles closer to him.

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((aww :( ))

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((I <3 my profile pic!!!! XD))

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((lol me too it's cute!!xD))

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((his name is Ikuto.his last name is too complicated to remember. I was gonna do a pic of a girl from the same show but decided that he's too hot to be ignored.XD))

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!))

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((I didn't die Yue. Chill out. Hey, I'm bored, can we like ff to morning??))

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((yeah.I'm bored to. I'm chilled out,I'm just weird and like to exxagerate. it's fun:) ))

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((I know(: I just like telling people to chill out(: lol exagerating is hysterical!))

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((It is.XD I LOVE IT!!!!!XD))

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((>.< wanna RP?????Before I really do die?!?))

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((YESH!!! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!!!DX))
Frost woke up, yawning.

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Noah continued to sleep...

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~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ Frost lightly flicked his nose."wake up,sleepy head."

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Noah woke groggily and smiled at Frost. "Sleep well?" he asked, yawning and stretching his arms.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ she nodded.then giggled. "you snore in your sleep."

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He looked at her indignantly. "I do not!" he said defensively.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ she laughed."uh-huh, sure."

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He kissed her on the nose. "Okay, maybe I do. But admit it, you think I look cute when I sleep," he said, grinning.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ she laughed."you and your mind reading." she got up.,stretching."I'm gonna take a shower."

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"Can I join you?" Noah asked hopefully.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((lol,nice.))
she looked at him."If you really want to."

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Noah raised an eyebrow at her. Why WOULDN'T I want to?!?!? He got up and followed her.


~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ ((XD))
she turned the water on,and takes off her gloves.crap, I forgot to take my makeup off.she takes her hair down."can you unzip my dress for me?" she asks noah, trying to scrub the makeup off of her face.

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Noah put a hand on her side and slowly unzipped her dress, letting his hand linger at the bottm.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ "thanks." she takes her dress off,now only wearing underwear,and a bra. she peels them off, and jumps into the shower.

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Noah stared at her longingly and took off his clothes, stepping in with her. You're friggin gorgeous, he thought to her.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ she blushes,then're friggin hot.

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Noah smiled and grabed her waist, pressing his lips to hers as water cascaded around them.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ she kisses back,putting her arms around his neck.

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Noah keeps one hand on her waist, while the other trails up her stomach to her chest.

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