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Who would you want in your party after the end of the world?


Choose five people you would want, and why.

A Winner Is...

We could all vote on whose party would be the most successful in a variety of categories, such as :

1. Rebuilding civilization

2. Repopulating the Earth

3. Not being eaten by Mutant Cockroaches

4. Hosting the best darn End of the World dance-off.

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Ella (novelmusings) | 4 comments

LOL. i like this xD

okay so my invites would go to:

1. Four from Divergent because he is badass. He'd get staight to the job and he'd look out for everyone around him. He also wears those awesome trainers so I bet he'd be pretty good at dancing at this party. And lets not forget - every party needs a biker dude, and Four and his tats make a pretty hot biker.

2.Todd Hewitt from Chaos Walking. I mean, do I even need to justify this choice? TODD ROCKS. He's so totally awesome. For example - he never gives up. Not ever. And also - you've got to have that awkward person at a party who refuses to dance or socialise - ENTER TODD.

3. Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. I think we can safely say that nobody would go hungry with Katniss and her bow around. She'd be out there in the dead world finding something to make us all survive. And then she'd come back and transform into a Mockingjay and use all these social ettiquete skills Effie gave her and she'd rock that party!

4. Minho from the Maze Runner. He'd whoop any monster's butt to keep us all safe. And I'm guessing he's a team player. Also, him being a Runner and all - i like to think he could bust a few moves with those muscled legs! And I wouldn't mind having him repopulate the earth - those kids would be full of wit and words like: shuck, shank and klunk. Niiice.

5. Finally, I gotta throw in another girl right? Even though I would prefer a guy because they just seem to be better. So I guess....the last invite goes to Annabeth from Percy Jackson. So she may not be a party-animal and she might not dance. But I'm thinking with her brains and looks - there'd be an awesome generation to come. And I think she'd be pretty good at organising this party o' mine. Aaaand she could design the whole new world with her architectorial skils and everything would run veeeery smoothly.

So yeah. Bring it on, 2012.


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Chris (necaros) | 26 comments Okay, I'm game.

Ender Wiggins - Ender's Game - Why wouldn't I want the greatest military strategist ever? * I am kinda pushing it genre-wise having him, but hey it's my list. *
Shogo Kawada - Battle Royale - Prepared and resourceful, ideal team-mate
Katniss Everdeen - Hunger Games - Ultimate team-mate for Shogo. Probably on every-one's list, natural survivalist.
Cyborg Mr. T - Zombies and Sh*t - Cyborg Mr. T! 'Nuff said.
Hell Tanner - Damnation Alley - Ex-gang leader turned post-apox driver. Natural survivor, and the best man to travel with across the wasteland. Knows when to get the job done, and when to party.

I guess my list is more about staying alive as we tear across the wasteland, we'll just have to let the rest of the survivors repopulate.

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