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This is a page were the normal non-mod members may make announcements. Please DO NOT SPAM. Please post here if you will be gone, or you are leaving the group.
Thank you.

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) ok every one i am going camping for 4 days see ya

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I was starting to wonder.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Same....

Icy(Night's Alt Account) (nightess) took longer then i thoght it would

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Won't be able to get on from tomorrow till the 8th

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Thank You!

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (vergeofinsanity) Won't be able to get on from the 8th to the 14th so when Longclaw gets back I disappear...

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I have a roleplay suggestion.

This roleplay will basically be based off the book, Fire Bringer. It's relatively easy to follow, to to join the play you don't have to read the book.

So, basically, it would be a deer roleplay. Here's the whole concept:

There are many different herds, with the lead stag known as the "Captain". They are addressed as, for example, Captain Bob.

The female deer are known and called "Hinds". They normally graze in the fields, and tend to their young.

The Captain doesn't father all of the young, but he doesn't like being challenged by younger deer. To control this, the other stags normally stay in a separate group, a few yards away from the hinds.
The stags in the herd don't just mull around all day. They are called Outriders, and patrol the area the herd is resting in for the night, and smell for fox, wolves, and man. If they smell anything, they report it to the Captain.

Fawns and calves aren't educated in a group. They are normally taught the ways of life by their mother, and once they get their first set of horns, their father's begin to know them better, and teach them how to defend themselves. They spend most of their time playing with other fawns.
During the spring, when fawn's are newly born, the herd moves to a single secure field for the next four-five months, so the calves can grow large enough to where they can run with the herd.
Deer call their birthing, "dropping". Example: "Elion was the last deer to drop her calf".

The highest stag in the entire general area is known as Lord of Herds. This stag has control over every deer in every herd, and is addressed as, "Lord Bob", or whatever his name is.
The Lord of Herd is not a lone stag, he has his own herd to tend too. It's made up of Outriders who have proven themselves worthy, and the Lord normally has a "deputy" type of stag at his side. The Lord can hold council meetings, where all the Captain come to discuss a serious matter.

When stags fight for their hinds, or their mates, the home valleys echo with the clatter and scraping of clashing antlers. After the victorious deer have chosen their mates, one or two of the younger deer may step in to claim the remaining hinds. But, very occasionally, a brave hind will come forward and attempt to choose a mate for herself. She risks being gored by fighting stags in the process.
When a male stag wins a hind, she female touches the base of each antler of his with her muzzle.

Elder deer are normally the story tellers, and educate fawns with tales of deer from long ago. Much like greek myths.

So, I've adjusted some things, but it's fairly easy to pick up.

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Sounds good!

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If we set it up, I have a bit more to add.

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You can set it up.

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (vergeofinsanity) Sorry but I will not be participating in the Fire Bringer RP... Wolves are hard enough without adding deer to my long list of role plays...

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