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"hey wats ur name? im roxy." i said trying 2 keep the headmistress happy.

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Shelby | 114 comments Mod
Rin stepped out of car and smiled as she saw the acadamy, happy to be back for anothor year. Truth is she had nothing better to do at home. "I'm Rin nice to meet you." She finaly said.

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MizziQ Trevor walked up the hill. About a mile away from where his Mom had dropped him off and sped away doing well over the speed limit. He sighed and trudged towards the gate. The first people he saw were three girls uneasingly making small talk.

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MizziQ Trevor slowed down figuring, they too, had just arrived. He attempted at a smile, dismally failing and waved.

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MizziQ ((Hey I gtg. I'll be back on at around 9:00 or 9:30 sorry. :))

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Shelby | 114 comments Mod
Rin walked forward a few steps and took a big breath trying to find words to say, but none came so she just said "Hey I'm Rin." Again another year and she didn't really recognize these people, so she smiled ant tried to ack friendly.

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MizziQ Trever said hi to the others shortly and turned away to gaze at the mansion like school he was now expected to attend. He stood there for a moment and then wondered why there was no one in the courtyard. He asked the girls.

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Shelby | 114 comments Mod
"Not everyone has arrived yet, but other than that I don't know. Rin replied to Trever.

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MizziQ "Hmmm" he sighed. He leaned against the gate's wall and slid down. Trever pulled out a notebook and started scetching something.

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Shelby | 114 comments Mod
"What are you drawing?" Rin asked peering into the book.

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MizziQ "Nothing!" Trever said, a little to loud to be casual. He quickly stood up and started pacing. As if only to himself he started muttering about how they were late.

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Shelby | 114 comments Mod
Man I always say something wrong when trying to make friends, Rin thought to herself.

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MizziQ Eventually after much muttering uttered by Trever a small lady waddled up the path. She waved to the kids and started talking too fast to hear. When she realized they were all staring at her she explained she was on her bluetooth. "Hello children!"

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Shelby | 114 comments Mod
"Do you know when we star classes?" Rin blurted out trying to find out what Trever was saying.

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MizziQ ((Am I allowed to do teachers. I coudn't do it any other way. :)))

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Shelby | 114 comments Mod
((Yes there is a teachers tab under characters.))

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MizziQ ((THANKS))

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Shelby | 114 comments Mod

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Shelby | 114 comments Mod
Rin waited for the teacher to replie but then got side tracked by a butterfly.

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MizziQ ((I'll make one real quick. Then I've got to go.))

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Shelby | 114 comments Mod
"Oh shut up." Rin said to her sister. Then looked back up at the butterfly watching as it swiftly moved through the air.

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Shelby | 114 comments Mod
As the butterfly flew away she set her gaze on her sister and wondered why they always acted rude to one antoher.

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Shelby | 114 comments Mod
As silence fell upon the group she wanted to break it so bad but had no words. "Sooo... what do we do now?" She finaly said.

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MizziQ The woman finally realizing she had forgotten about the kids turned back to them. "Follow me right inside and I'll show you to your dorms. Pick up your bags. quickly! Quickly!

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Juliet and James jumped out of the car, rushing to follow the woman. Juliet turned to charm her bag so that it followed behind her.

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MizziQ The woman scrambled for the keys to the front gate and finally got it open. As they made their way inside, Trever examined the building. "Maybe it really IS a mansion." He thought to himself.

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Joanna (lafleur) | 67 comments George snuck in through the gate into the desserted courtyard, inwardly cursing herself for being late on the first day of school. "That ougtha make a lasting impression." She thoguht to herself. She quickly ran to the front door and sneaked inside.Praying she wouldn't be caught.

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