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message 1: by Vorlady, ImpSec Tech (new)

Vorlady | 285 comments Mod
This series is amazing. LMB created a rich and fascinating world in the Chalion books. This is the first in the series.

message 2: by Vorlady, ImpSec Tech (new)

Vorlady | 285 comments Mod
One of my favorite things about this series in particular is the rich religion that LMB has created. The Five-Fold Path.

message 3: by Kiri (new)

Kiri (kirious) | 147 comments Mod
I thought the first one was brilliant, and in some ways the second even more so. perhaps in part because of the heroine - I love her for casting an older woman as heroine. But the moral and religious complications in the second book seemed even more compelling to me.

The 3rd book didn't do as much for me... and apprently that was true for others. It was fine, but...

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