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Such a good book!

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Abigayle Meyer I love this book so much. Read ten chapters yesterday on my way to Oxford,NE! Which would be three and a half hours of constant reading.

Anne No...It was NOT a good book.

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The first one was freaking fantastic and captured me from the beginning, but I think it got a little worse as the series went on. Although I did really like Everlasting, the last in the series.

Kayla I agree, I really liked this series, no matter what anyone else says. I think it had really good themes and taught me some good lessons. I believe people need to atleast try reading it, look beneath the surface. Because once you do, you really understand what the author was getting at.

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yes! i agree with you this is a great series!!! who could hate it?

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katie i hated this book. i forced myself to read the first 3 books, hoping it might get better but it just got worse and worse

Laura haha I made a discussion about how the series got worse

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Geraldine (MissGee) Matiwane Anne wrote: "No...It was NOT a good book."

hey! u meannnnyyyy!

Geraldine (MissGee) Matiwane what'd yall takin about! dis book is one of d best!

Louise Annette Marshall i quite enjoyed the book not the best ive read but a change from my usual type of book.

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Amy I'm sorry but I hated this book.

ضحى الحداد the first book is just AMAZING

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Amanda I can't wait 2 read Blue Moon :)

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Shubhi Ahluwalia this book was nt at all worth reading. boring characters and uninteresting dialogues with a dragging story. infact there was nothing that appealed to me.

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Taylor Really?!?! i freakin loved this book!!!! But these are the type of books i always am reading... i have changed it up a couple times but always find my way back to these books... And this one is by far on of my favorite series i was really impressed!!!

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Alex Love can someone please tell me the social issue in this book? i really need help! thankss

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Sydney I borrowed the first from a friend, let me tell you! I was so glad I didn't spend the money! It sucked! Horrible plot, story, climax, everything else!

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Bluegravity I found it interesting, and liked it alright. Some parts were annoying, but in all honesty, the first book was good while the others just seemed to go downhill. I liked it enough to read the second and that was it for me. The second wasn't even half as good as the first, especially considering the end- can we say the epitome of the blond cheerleader moment? Though, I will admit that the irony from the first to the second book is fairly funny (those of you who know what always happened whenever he ran into her, and what never happened)

Bethan i've read it twice i think its a good book but not as good as twilight or shiver

Jessica Fritzen It was pretty ok, but I didn't really think it was all that amazing and I don't really like the sequels. But they're alright!

Margaret Ushman This series was awful! The first book wasn't that great, its bearable. Wait until you get to the second and next books. The same conflict just goes on and on and on. The main characters keep whining and complaining. I couldn't stand it. I wasn't that critical when I read this series and I couldn't stand it. My friend nearly threw the book out the window (the reason she didn't was because it was a library book and she didn't want to pay for it).

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Siobhan I'm chapter 16, should Icarry on
Is it going to end up like twilight

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Haidi No, it is not going to end up like Twilight, it's nothing like Twilight, it's not even comparable to it.

Tiffany Bolz I have read three books already in a matter of weeks! Its amazing! Sucks me in and and is so addicting! :)

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