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message 1: by Laura (new)

Laura Pepper (laurapepper) | 2 comments Hi everyone,

As avid writers (and readers) I would love to hear your thoughts on a new critique partner matching site I am creating. is a completely free, critique partner match-making service, where you can find the perfect partner/ beta reader. The basics;

- Think but for female writers! Search others profiles, create your own, try as many times as you like to find 'the one'.
- Writers can search for other writers in their genre, and find someone with the right kind of experience.
- We will start with 5-10 genres, and expand to cover each and every genre possible.
- It's completely free for everyone!

Of course having a chick lit category was my own personal priority!! The site is still in it's beta stages, but I would love to hear your thoughts. And if you want to follow the progress of the site over on FB, please join me at . Or leave your email address at & you can be one of the first members.

- Laura

message 2: by Maha (new)

Maha Erwin (mahaerwin) | 1 comments Hi. Are you still running this blog site? I'm interested in participating.

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