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message 1: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) Lily and Jace arrived at school. It was their first day as freshmen, and their first day at high school. They were kinda nervous about it, but they tried to remain confident

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments Liz walked up the steps after parking her car, sighing that this hasnt changed

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments Liz smiled as she saw her friends on the steps, she sat beside one of her friends and put her legs in his lap

message 4: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) Lily and Jace walked to three other students, two girls and a boy. They decided to make friends as soon as possible
"Hi, I'm Lillian Grace Watson. We're freshmen here."
"Hey, I'm Jason Stefan Watson. Nice to meet you."

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments Liz laughed having fun with her friends leaning against two of them "Come on I'll have a back flip contest with you" she said

((are they talking to us?))

message 6: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) ((yup. as they're freshmen they wanna meet new people :D))

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments Liz glanced back "Hi i'm liz im a junior, hold on while i prove my friend wrong" she says launching off into a back flip from the stairs "top that" she told her friend smiling
He smiled "fine you ask for it" he launched into a simple on and wobbled near the end
Liz smirked "FAIL" she singsonged

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Nice to meet you, Liz. Oh, by the way, you can simply call me Lily," she said brightly

"And you can call me Jace," he continued

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments "twins" she asked towards them still facing her friend as she was in a stare down

message 10: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Yep. We're twins, but we're not exactly identical. I have light brown eyes and Jace has golden green eyes, for example," Lily said

"Aaaand, I'm the old one. 5 minutes older!" Jace said with a grin and laughed

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments Liz laughed and broke her concentration "Well you'll have fun at this school" she says turning to face them

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Hope we will. It's kinda hard to make friends at a new school, especially high school. But seems like it's okay so far." Lily grinned

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments "well you guys are freshman so it some time" she says smiling

message 14: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Conscious of that, still confident that we'll be able to get used to all the older students," said Jace encouraging her sister at the same time

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments She nodded her head "well you guys are certainly eager" she says smiling

message 16: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Well that's a new start since we're usually shy when we don't know anyone," Jace said smiling

"Yeah, we were usually the quiet ones whenever we were among strangers. First day in primary school, or a camp where we know absolutely no one. Of course, that shyness usually lasts for about 3 days. But, today is a record," continued Lily

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments "Pretty nifty" she says hearing the bell ring "I'll see you guys around" she said grabbing her satchel

message 18: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "See ya, Liz," Lily said winking

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments Liz smiled back at them and walked up the stairs laughing with her friends

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon Jackson smirked at his little sister, she was bouncing her knees nervously, "You need to clam down." He said. "Starting at a new school isn't that bad."

"Maybe not for you! You can actually talk to people." Kendra pulled at her jeans then at her white button up and got out of his car.

"See ya!" He sighed and pulled away to park his car.

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) Lily said a new girl arriving so she decided to talk to her.
"Hi, I'm Lillian Grace Watson, but you can call me Lily. There's my twin brother, Jason Stefan Watson, over there. Nice to meet you, anyway"

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon "Um, hi." Kendra said being awkwardly shy. "...I'm.. Kendra. It's nice to meet you too... and my brother is parking the car...I hope..."

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "You're new?" Lily said, noticing the shyness in her voice

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon "Um, yeah... just moved here...actually."

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "I'm a freshman. And I used to be as shy as you are too. But me and my bro have already met some students here and we're more relaxed now," Lily said grinning. "What year are you in?"

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon "I'm a Junior." She laughed a bit.

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Oooh, two years older. Cool," said Lily and winked. "Look here's my brother. Jace, this is Kendra. Kendra, my brother Jace.
"Nice to meet you. I'm Jason Stefan Watson. You can simply call me Jace, though," he said smiling

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon Kendra smiled. "Hi. It's nice to meet you."

Jackson walked up. "Hi. Name's Jackson. You can call me Jack though." He said after realizing Kendra had been talking to people. "I'm her brother."

message 29: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Hi. I'm Lillian Grace Watson, but you can call me Lily."
"Hey. I'm Jason Stefan Watson, you can call me Jace though."
"And yeah, we're twins," Lily and Jace said in the same time, nodding once

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon Jack laughed. The sight amused him a bit. "Well I hope to see you two around but Kenny and I have to go get our schedules."

message 31: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Ohmy, I completely forgot about the schedules! And I really don't know where the office is. Well, neither of us four does, it seems," Lily said

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon "well, I kind of do..." Jack said. "I took a tour yesterday."

message 33: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Really?" asked Jace. "Cool.. err, can you show us?" Lily grinned behind Jace

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon "Sure. No problem." Jack smiled.

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Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Thanks a lot. We appreciate it." Lily smiled politely at Jack. He was a little cute, she had to admit this to herself. But she kept quiet
"Yeah, thanks!" Jace added, then looked at Kendra. She was quite... nice; older than him, though

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon He lead them down the hall he remembered and got to the office which had a long line. "Told you we should've come yesterday." Kendra said.

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

(Where can I come in?)

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon ((You can come talk to Kendra, Jack, Lily and Jace in line if you want. They are picking up their schedules))

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

(Alright, thanks)

Alex got in line to get his schedule with some other kids

message 40: by ♥Alyssa♥ (new)

♥Alyssa♥  (horsegirl1997) | 16 comments (is it too late to come in?)

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

(Nope (: )

message 42: by ♥Alyssa♥ (new)

♥Alyssa♥  (horsegirl1997) | 16 comments (Yay, where should I come in?)

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

(you could be in line with everyone waiting to get your schedule)

message 44: by ♥Alyssa♥ (new)

♥Alyssa♥  (horsegirl1997) | 16 comments ((Ok(: )

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments Liz waited in line with her earbuds in her ear, she sighed as the line moved only an inch

message 46: by ♥Alyssa♥ (new)

♥Alyssa♥  (horsegirl1997) | 16 comments Aubrey nervously clutched Nick's arm as they made their way through the crowded hallway for the first time. He was her best friend, and her shelter, and she always felt safe around him.
"I'm scared, Nick," she whispered as they made their way into line.
"Everythin' will be fine, Brey. Don't worry," he said in that sexy southern accent he has. He flashed her that reassuring smile that has always made her melt. Then he pulled her in for a hug as they waited. Standing under his arm made Aubrey forget all her worries, and daydream of how she wished he knew how she felt. Nick stood there with his arm around the one girl he's ever truly loved, and sighed wondering when, or if, she'd ever find out his true feelings. The line moved a few centimeters. They both secretly smiled knowing that the longer it took, the longer they would be in eachother's arms.

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♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments Liz moved up and removed an earbud. she tapped her foot in beat to the music as she waited

message 48: by ♥Alyssa♥ (new)

♥Alyssa♥  (horsegirl1997) | 16 comments Aubrey shifted her weight anxiously as she leaned her head against Nick's muscular chest.

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 27 comments Liz stepped back and bumped into someone as somebody seemed to have swung her backpack. "Sorry" she said

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♥Alyssa♥  (horsegirl1997) | 16 comments Aubrey took her head off of Nick and looked up. "Oh, don't worry about it," she said in her sweet southern accent. "I'm Aubrey. You can call me Brey if you want. Oh and this is Nick." she gestured towards Nick. "Hey, how ya doin'?"

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