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Kelsey (kelseycrossing) Counselor: Haiku

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Dondre ~what in tha name of everything magical!?!~ (BanAna-MonSter) | 13 comments ((Counselor: Me))

((Can you make a "Death Realm please))

Haiku entered the newly built cabin for his father. "Looks likes I'm the counselor for these creatures of dirt that don't deserve to be my half siblings" he thought. Haiku promptly took the the master bed that said counselor. "Sigh* decorating isn't my thing but ill try."

((2 hours later))

The cabin was dark and large despite the look of it from out side. A chilly feeling always lingered inside and outside of the cabin. Black drapes shut out the sun light, beckoning intruders to come in toward their doom. A statue was made into Thatanos himself, clothe in black shawls that made a sleekly shine that illuminated the room., Haiku made his skin marble white and painted his eyeballs white with no pupils, that seemed to stare down at whoever came in, as if about to fell you with his smooth death touch.
The beds were elegant and pitch black sheets with silver trimming. The ends had a intricate design that for the girls dormitory, curled twist and turned until at the top became a black steel rose. The boys dormitory had beds that, did not curl elegantly like the girls, but had violent shapes, spikes and zigzags that ended up becoming a skull at the top. All beds had ancient carvings and drawings on the side showing the gods of Olympus and Thatanos helping Hermes guide the dead souls to the under world in gold and black stygian.

Dondre ~what in tha name of everything magical!?!~ (BanAna-MonSter) | 13 comments Haiku leaves the eerie cabin.

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