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Danielle | 152 comments I read this book in 2005. It is about a girl named Abigail. She is in I think middle school or junior high. She likes to write poetry and reads horoscopes.In the story she was trying to be less, not really weird but, unusual because she would stop and sit down in the middle of the hallway when she had an idea for a poem and people thought she was kind of strange for doing that. She was taking home ec and I think she wasn't very good at it or maybe she just wasn't good at using a sewing machine. I remember her wishing that they would learn how to hand sew because then she would feel like one of the old poets like Emily Dickinson. I think she was a fan of Emily Dickinson's poetry. I remember one scene in particular she was using the sewing machine and really making sure she was doing it right but she was concentrating so hard that she accidentally started sewing her hair. I think she also liked a guy and another liked her to but i can't remember that part so well. Anyways at the end of the book she goes to the dance and gets to dance with one of the guys she likes. I kind of remember the cover as being purple, girly but not lavender purple. I know this all a bit of a jumble of info but hopefully someone can help figure out what book this is.

Danielle | 152 comments I think the main character has red hair and I think the author's last name is in the first half of the alphabet.

Danielle | 152 comments Bump :)

Danielle | 152 comments Is there a way to do an advanced search, because I am almost certain the name Abigail is in the title, but when I do a search for just the word abigail I get hits for books that have abigail in the title along with books that are authored by people with the name abigail. As a result, there are tons of books to scroll through and I don't really have the time or patience to do that. So an advanced search would be imensely helpful with this. Thanks anyone that helps. :)

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Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) | 1382 comments At google books you can key in words that are within the text of the book, but it helps to remember more than jut the name.

Here you can search by title only yes. But I'll bet there are MANY books with Abigail in the title:


This is what I got when I keyed in Abigail and then clicked on the "more options" option and clicked on title only and then clicked to search.

Good luck, Danielle. Hopefully someone here will eventually know your book, if the above doesn't help.

Danielle | 152 comments Thanks for your help! There were still quite a few books (370), but I have much more patience when I know I don't have over 1,000 to try to look at. I am more than half way through the list and I haven't found it yet so now I am beginning to wonder whether "abigail" really is in the title. Anyways it could be in with the books I haven't looked at yet so I can't lose hope just yet. Thanks again! :)

Danielle | 152 comments Finished looking through list none of those.

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Dylan (dyarch) | 139 comments Lizzie at Last by Claudia Mills is a good fit, other than the name.

Danielle | 152 comments Omg that's it! Not sure where I got abigail from :? Thanks so much!

Danielle | 152 comments I know now I got this confused with the main character, Abigail, from the book series The Amazing Days Of Abby Hayes: Have Wheels, Will Travel another red headed jr high student. Ha, ha :)

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