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That was deep.

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Why, yes. Yes it was. ;D

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You know... That 70's Show is actually pretty cool. Funnier than I thought it would be.
"Jackie: Hyde we need you to settle an argument. I'm sure you know by now that we're throwing you a party.
Hyde: What party?
Fez: Okay. I'm sure you know by now , that we're throwing you a party."
So... has anyone else seen it? Let me know what you think! :D

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Rosie (heckos) | 208 comments Mod
:D ^_^ <3

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Okay... Nightwing is mah home boy. :D And because I just LOVE quotes, I shall include them. Because, as I have previously stated, Nightwing is mah home-boy.

(Batman:Under the Red Hood; 2010)
Nightwing: Packs quite the punch for a toaster on steroids, huh? Need a hand?
Batman: No.
Nightwing: Okay, well, how about I just stick around and watch?

(Batman:Under the Red Hood; 2010)
Nightwing: He's got some moves, huh? And as much I hate to belabor a point...
Alfred Pennyworth: And still that is often exactly what you do.
Nightwing: I'm chatty. It's part of my charm.

(The New Batman Adventures: Animal Act (#2.4);1998)
Robin: Nightwing! What are you doing here?
Nightwing: Oh, just following a pattern of obsessive behavior instilled on me at an early age.

And Terry McGinnis? He's pretty cool, too. Not as awesome as Nightwing, of course, but I think you get my drift here...

(Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker - 2000)
Terry McGinnis: Get a clue, clowny! He's got no sense of humor! He wouldn't know a good joke if it bit him in the cape... not that you ever had a good joke.

Terry McGinnis: I mean, joy-buzzers, squirting flowers, lame! Where's the "A" material? Make a face, drop your pants, something!

Wow... sorry this is so long, I just really enjoy quotes. ;)

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