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message 1: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
Hi, I'm the founder of the group and I'm a bibliophile

Anyway, introduce yourself here

message 2: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
Feel free to create new topics, everyone

Rick-Founder JM CM BOOK CLUB  | 1 comments rick here- great sounding group!!!!

message 4: by Robert (new)

Robert Clear (robertclear) | 5 comments Hi Knowledge Lost and Rick, my name's Robert and I'm a writer from London. Looks like I'm getting in on the ground floor here! :)

message 5: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (Nicole88) | 1 comments Great group! Looking forward to the exploring! :-)

message 6: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
We have read some really great books so far, I'm so happy to see so many new people joining. This will be fun :)

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello, I'm Claudine from Singapore. Looking forward to meeting you all here!

message 8: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
Welcome Claudine

message 9: by Kim (new)

Kim I'm Kim. I mainly read fantasy and sci-fi but KL is forcing helping me expand my reading horizon and partake in some more varied literature.

message 10: by Mary, Quiet Observer (new)

Mary (fruity) | 128 comments Mod
I'm Mary. I'm married to Knowledge Lost. Our bookshelves are overflowing.

message 11: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
And it's making you a better person Kim

message 12: by Robert (new)

Robert Clear (robertclear) | 5 comments I know what you mean about overflowing bookshelves. My sofa has become a 'temporary' storage space for my excess literature. I need a bigger flat!

message 13: by Kim (new)

Kim That's why I've moved on to ebooks. All the books, zero space.

message 14: by Brad (new)

Brad (judekyle) | 19 comments I'm Brad. I read everything. I'm a e-friend of Kim's.

message 15: by Robert (new)

Robert Clear (robertclear) | 5 comments Kim wrote: "That's why I've moved on to ebooks. All the books, zero space."

I'll be doing the same thing in a couple of weeks when I get my Kindle. Can't wait.

message 16: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
Brad wrote: "I'm Brad. I read everything. I'm a e-friend of Kim's."

Welcome, I've been told i need to read Existence Costs, I guess I will have to, if you now if you are here :P

message 17: by Brad (new)

Brad (judekyle) | 19 comments Wow. Thanks, Knowledge Lost. I'm flattered. Your group looks like an excellent place. I am going to try to track down your current book and join the conversation.

message 18: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
You don't need to be flattered, it was on Kim who told me :-p but it does look really interesting, I'll read it when I find it

message 19: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel Jeyasingham (GKJeyasingham) | 1 comments Hey everyone! I'm Gabriel. I actually just joined GoodReads today, and this group caught my eye. I like the idea of a book per month - it seems doable in light of all my schoolwork. So yeah, I'm looking forward to this!

message 20: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
Welcome Gabriel, hope you enjoy Goodreads and this group, we don't force everyone to read the books, but it is a nice way to try new books

message 21: by Heather (new)

Heather Hi everyone, I'm Heather. Just joined Goodreads today and I can't believe it's been here all this time when I have been looking for something exactly like this. The group sounds great, off to get started reading right now!

message 22: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Dayman (tagesmann) Hi. I'm new to Goodreads and thought I should join a few groups. I couldn't resist this one and hope to join a few reads each year.

message 23: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
Glad to have you here

message 24: by Lou (new)

Lou Ureneck (LouUreneck) | 10 comments Hello, fellow readers,

I'm a writer and teacher in Boston. I'm inspired by the the interest in good books that I see in the group. Best wishes to all.

message 25: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Hello. I am a first year teacher for Language Arts (Special Education) at a high school in South Dakota, U.S.A. I look forward to expanding my literary knowledge and having great discussions that may carry over to the classroom.

message 26: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Jaq | 3 comments Hi! I just joined. My name is Caroline and I'm a senior at Vassar College

message 27: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
Welcome Lou, Kevin and Caroline

message 28: by Chelley (new)

Chelley | 4 comments Hi,
My name is Chelley, I am from NB Canada and I am looking forward to meeting new friends through books!

message 29: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
Welcome Chelley, I think most people here are friendly

message 30: by Lessa (new)

Lessa (lm2k3) Hi everyone,

My name is Lessa. I recently joined Goodreads for the purpose of expanding my literary horizons and was delighted to find this group! I look forward to reading and discussing with you all.

message 31: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Baughman Hello. I live in a small town in NE Ohio.

message 32: by Kim (new)

Kim Wow it's crazy how fast this group is expanding. Welcome everyone and don't hesitate to jump into any discussion even if it's for an old monthly read :)

Discuss and be merry :D

message 33: by Carycleo (new)

Carycleo | 28 comments Hi, everyone - I joined this group to get out of my reading rut. The past and current books of the month look like a nice variety. And, so conveniently, I have already read the July pick. I live in central California.

message 34: by Liam (new)

Liam Hi, living in Kent, UK, looking forward to discovering new books and having a set time frame to read them in!

message 35: by Booksy (new)

Booksy | 96 comments Hi, I am Booksy. I posted comments in this group (I was attracted to this group by the choice of books you read, the "theme park" and the name of the group, so please don't change it) and only now saw the "Introduce yourself" thread.
I live on Sunshine Coast (Queensland, Australia) and it's winter here now - the ultimate time for a cup of coffee, a fantastic book and not going to work.
I was unable to find a real book group for my reading taste in our area and turned to a virtual one and I am enjoying it.
Thank you for a wonderful reading group experience.

message 36: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
Nice to have more Australians here

message 37: by ♥Xeni♥ (new)

♥Xeni♥ (xeni) | 220 comments Heya everyone. :) I'm Xeni, and Kim just invited me to this group. Now I understand why Kim and Brad popped upwith One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest on my updates!

So far, it looks like a fun group! I'll keep an eye on things and post here and there. I will probably spend way too much time reading and talking about the books, but hey, that's what makes GoodReads so super fun!

Anyway, I'm a medical student in Budapest right now, and when not studying (or partying, but shhh!) I read. =D (Also also! My boyfriend just gifted me a super cute little kitty, so she takes up a lot of my reading time now. Attention hog that she is!)


message 38: by Kim (new)

Kim Welcome Xeni :) Good to have you here. The more book discussion the better :D

message 39: by Michael, Mod Prometheus (new)

Michael (knowledgelost) | 1255 comments Mod
Try not to spend too much time here, we all need to read as well. But Goodreads is too addictive.

message 40: by Viktor (new)

Viktor Wow! The membership is growing fast. Looks like someone has been doing lots of advertising…

message 41: by Kim (new)

Kim We're as amazed as you. It's great

message 42: by Mary, Quiet Observer (new)

Mary (fruity) | 128 comments Mod
Where did everyone come from? It's been like magic. Great to have so many new people contributing!

message 43: by Melki (new)

Melki | 205 comments It was me! I have very powerful brainwaves - I convinced all these great people to join! (If only they would work on Michele Bachmann. I keep telling her to stay home and keep her husband locked up in the attic. I guess you have to actually have a brain to receive my brainwaves...)

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi, I'm Whitney. I used to read all the time, but then college happened and I no longer had the time. I did start reading a lot more after I graduated, but then I got a job. I now have a Kindle, so I'm planning to take more advantage of it and start reading more again.

message 45: by ♥Xeni♥ (new)

♥Xeni♥ (xeni) | 220 comments Hey Whitney. :) I have a feeling that I know wht you mean. XD during school time (not holidays like now) I'm reading while walking just so I have some time!

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm planning to go back to grad school in a year hopefully, so I'm hoping to get the most out of the time I have while I still have it.

message 47: by Parsa (new)

Parsa | 68 comments Hi, I am Paras. I joined the group a week or so ago but never actually introduced myself. I used to read a lot when I was doing my undergrad and then reading got lost in the midst of countless other things that one can do. Recently I got into an accident and since I have a couple of months of doing nothing I have decided to read as much as possible till I can :)

message 48: by ♥Xeni♥ (new)

♥Xeni♥ (xeni) | 220 comments Ouchies, Paras. That doesn't sound like fun. Still, at least you make something good out of it and turn to reading! Nice to meet you. :)

message 49: by Lori (new)

Lori (lori_redman) | 4 comments I'm Lori, a recent graduate in Library Studies (though without a job in this wretched economy). I stumbled upon your group and discovered that you've read some of my favorites and also are reading books I've always wanted to read! So I'm very pleased to join and participate in your book club. Feel free to add me as a friend- I love getting to know people and their book tastes/habits :) I am getting married in 3 weeks so I will be somewhat absent for a while... but I promise to come back! I make reading a priority in my life- there must always be a book in my purse. I look forward to reading with all of you!!! :)

message 50: by Sonali (new)

Sonali V Hi I am sorry I didnt properly introduce myself before starting to comment, but I was so excited at all the book discussions that I forgot.I have been a teacher teaching English as a second language for the past 30 years.I live in Calcutta(India).I love reading all kinds of books and I like to know about new ones.

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