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John McLain's The Reckoning is a deadly serious novel of violence, revenge, and sharply clashing personalities. A young would-be thug from New York gets taken to the Wyoming cattle ranch of the man he tried to mug, and there becomes embroiled into a melting pot of human emotions that near boiling point. The Reckoning is fascinating and highly suspenseful book and would make the basis for a terrific Hollywood movie.

B. Cox, Managing Editor
The Midwest Book Review

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The Reckoning is one of the better historical coming of age books I’ve read in a while. An 1800s Wyoming rancher, Will Sherman, visits his sister in New York to cope with the death of his 19-year-old son from a horse accident. He is accosted by a young Irish street thug in a robbery attempt. After coldcocking the young man, he suggests to the judge that the young man, Tom Callaghan, be sentenced to work on Will’s ranch for a year. They depart New York for the wide open spaces. Tough Tom finds more than he can deal with between Will’s headstrong daughter, Ellen, and a developing range war. The reckoning comes between Tom and the range war enemies of his benefactor.

The author is a very competent writer. The plot was excellent, leaving the reader hanging until the very last sentence. The pace moved quickly and setting, characters and dialogue were most descriptive and unique. This is a good book for lovers of westerns, historical novels, and especially young adults who learn how it’s possible to rise above an abusive past and a life of street crime. We rated this book a high 4 hearts.

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McLain deftly describes the sights, sounds and even the smells of this odd couple’s turn-of-the-century odyssey from the big city to the Wild West in a narrative style reminiscent of Caleb Carr’s tense, gloomy murder mystery, The Alienist. McLain’s characters are multi-dimensional and interesting, especially the baseball-card-collecting Crow Indian Albert Redwolf. The Reckoning should appeal to those who enjoy plenty of action, romance, traditional plot lines and historically accurate fiction with an Old West flavor.

Nick Klasne, Assistant Managing Editor
Daytona Beach News-Journal

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The Reckoning is a beautifully written novel with a strong sense of place and complex characters. A good read for a winter’s evening.

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John Mclain AUTHOR PAT MULLAN, Ireland Chair of International Thriller Writers, Inc. and member of Mystery Writers of America, County Galway, Ireland:

“When I was in my teens in Ireland, I devoured every Zane Grey western that I could find. When the movies came to town I was there: riding, in my imagination, alongside Hopalong Cassidy, John Wayne, Rory Calhoun, Alan Ladd, Roy Rogers, Guy Madison. Later in life my reading interests changed. I haven't read a western in years until The Reckoning. I won't reprise the story or the plot in this review. No, I just want to convey my satisfaction to John McLain for a most absorbing read, for a Western better than those of my youth, for a real story of The West, truly of the America of my youth and of my imagination...enough then to have started my romance with America, to lead eventually to my pioneering journey to America, to lead to becoming an American. Yes, The Reckoning is totally believable, superbly well-written, absorbing to read, a classic of the genre.”

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