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This is the second contest. Same rules, but you have to go by a theme in this one: Someone in medievil times. Yoiu can have the king and/or queen to be whoever you like, as long as the main character is in this time period. The contest ends at the end of July. Good luck!

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Artemis (artemisknight) | 54 comments Alright! Bring it on!

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Artemis (artemisknight) | 54 comments Wait, when does the contest end? I'm really more the reader than a writer so I tend to procrast...

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oh, ill put that. i forgot

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thses are in Medievil times right?

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oh, ok

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well, what u have is fine

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Kennedy | 108 comments i like it

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

me too

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what? its really good and u should accept the fact that it is

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Jade♪☠ | 1134 comments Mod
If no else adds a story, you automatically win.

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well, the contest ends soon, so soon we will vote

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time to vote:P

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message 17: by Kennedy (new)

Kennedy | 108 comments yeah, b ut what was the deal with Jade?

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