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Hannah | 3223 comments Mod
Hey Everyone this page will be updated from time to time with the latest and greatest in our group. So check back if you are confused about a certain feature or want to learn more!


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Hannah | 3223 comments Mod
Hello Hello Fello Rehabians!

We are excited to introduce our new participation feature "Author of the Week". Such and original title, I know. :D

The concept it simple and I'm sure you've grasped it right now, all you smart people in REHAB. (Oh the irony)

Every week will spotlight/introduce and Author and their books, if they are a goodreads author send them some interview questions, and give you some facts about them. This is a fun way (we hope) to be introduced to authors you may have or have not heard of, and learn about them and their books.

We hope you will enjoy this. We'll have a topic for each author we do, and we hope to keep it up to date and on topic. We will have a discussion topic for those to talk about the author and/or their books. :D

We hope you will find this fun and enjoyable.

& Way-Chan

PS. You will be able to submit Authors names for consideration of this feature. IN other words. If there is an Author you want Spotlighted just post it in the suggestions box.

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