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(Roommate wanted)
Olie waited for his master to return

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Myst leads Tristan into her dorm.

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"Nice place"Tristan said looking around

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Myst laughs. "Yeah, I hope it is," she says. She pulls out the langeré. "So..." she says mischievously.

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Tristan looked at her and grinned."You look hot"

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Myst laughs. "I better be hotter when I put this on or I'm taking it back," she says, pulling of her shirt. "You don't mind do you," she says, tossing her shirt at him.

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Tristan shook his head catching the shirt."No go ahead"

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Myst strips down, and puts on the piece, and turns to him. "Well?"

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Tristan looks her up and down slowly."Hot would be an understatement"

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Myst smiles wider, and walks up to him. "Have you been a bad boy, Tristan?"

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Tristan looked down at her."I'm always bad"

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Myst laughs. "I think we should do so.ething about that," she says.

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"What would you suggest"Tristan said mischievously

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Myst pushes him down onto the couch. "This," she purrs, getting on top of him and kissing him.

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Tristan wraps his arms around her pulling her close

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Myst kisses him deeply, unbuttoning his shirt.

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((Where'd you go?))

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((sorry had to help my mom))
Tristan moves his hands down her back

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((Oh well it's okay then :P))
Myst moves away from his lips and starts kissing down to his neck roughly.

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Tristan leaves his hands at her waist and groans

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Myst pulls back slightly. "Something wrong?" she asks in a seductive voice.

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Tristan shakes his head"Nope"He said before kissing her hard on the lips

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Myst kisses him back just as hard, slipping his shirt off the rest of the way.

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Tristan didn't hold back. He held her tight not wanting to let her go.

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Myst moans slightly. "I think your still wearing too much clothes," she murmurs.

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Tristan nods unzipping his pants

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Myst pulls his pants off the rest of the way, still kissing him.

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Tristan pressed into her not leaving any space between them

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Myst puts her hands on his chest, still kissing him, only coming up for air when needed.

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Tristan rubs her legs kissing her still

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Myst kisses him harder.
((When did you become evil Stephanie? I mean dirty naughty hell evil?))

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((I think It's a virus that I caught from reading posts lol))

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Tristan felt his energy draining but didn't want to stop kissing Myst

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Myst pulls back an inch from his lips. "Are you sure you're okay?" She asks, breathless.

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Tristan takes a breath."I think so"

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Myst smiles slightly, but sits up, still on him. "I'm sorry," she says quietly.

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Tristan takes her hand"Don't be sorry babe"

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"Yeah, but it's my fault," she says, feeling horrible.

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"Hey stop saying that"Tristan said hating to make her feel bad

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Myst sighs. "Who's the Succubus here?" She says.

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"I know but...I don't want you to be sad. I...really like you"Tristan said kissing her cheek

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Myst smiles slightly. "Are you okay?" She asks.

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Tristan nodded."When your around I am"

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Myst laughs. "You are so sweet and sexy," she purrs, kissing his cheek.

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Tristan smiles holding her close."You are too"

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Myst laughs, and looks at him wearing only his boxers. "Oh you are so tempting."

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Tristan laughs."I don't think so"

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Myst groans. "I swear when you get your energy back you are mine," she teases, going to lay on her bed.

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((This is the dorm))

βεℓℓα のαωη ((Thank you! So are they in there now?))

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