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Entry 1
Dad's gone now but mom is feeling better. She got a dog named saul. I've been bored and I need some adventure. No boys I'm into at the moment. Neal was kinda cool but we never speak to that s bye , bye. Ever's in love and is so sappy. But she's great so I can't help but be happy for. I really want to make something explode with this new potion I made. Do guys like explosions? Ah! who cares.

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Entry 2
Played some qudditch and it was fun before I hit the dirt. Ever's right I'm not boring and my cousins can stow it! Ever is in LOVE. But she's in total denial. I then went swimming in the prefets bath. It was fun until this Prfect from Slytherin came in but I flirted with him a little and he let us slide. He was sort of cute but whatever. Now paul is missing possibly kidnapped. I really wish stuff like this would stop happening to him.

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Entry 3
Ok I am feeling so weird right now. Ever has been a great friend and told me just relax about Mark who I now can't stop thinking about. Today he said I was Beautiful! Can you believe that. Not only that he asked me to the Yule ball! I wasn't even going to go but then poof! it happened.I'm really happy and I don't want to mess this up. Uh I sound like Ever. Ha! well I guess I finally know what she means.

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Entry 4

Today was amazing! I can not believe half the things that happened. I feel like I'm living someone else life. The best part is that I'm not. I am in love! Yeah I said it and Ever can say what she wants but I'm in love. Ever is going to be beyond upset when I tell her.Now i really get how this emotion feels. The Feel is great but real love is nothing like it.

I love Mark. I have really joined the dark side.

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