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Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 116 comments Mod
((I just realised we don't have one of these, so... Start.))

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 265 comments ren walked down the street with his drawing pad under his arm

kat sat on top of a building her feet danglin over the edge

message 3: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) Alex walked down the street.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 265 comments ren accidentily bumped into alex "sorry..."

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 116 comments Mod
Brielle felt her phone buzzing in her pocket. Immediately, she took it out, annoyed. It was from her mom. She answered it.
"No, Mom, I'm not coming home."
"But--" Her mom was cut off by Brielle hanging up.
"I'm not coming home until you apologise," She muttered to no one in particular. She grabbed her bag of Skittles and paid quickly before walking out of the gas station, popping the rainbow into her mouth.

message 6: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) Alex smiled at Ren. "Its cool, no problem."

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 116 comments Mod
Brielle's phone went off again. This time, she ignored it completely. Let her mom call the cops or whatever it was she wanted to do. Brielle was fed up with her house and wasn't going home anytime soon.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 265 comments kat jumped into and ally and hid her wings in her back and put on her light jacket she walked out onto the street

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Mal (malxox) Alex held out his hand to Ren. "Im Alex."

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 265 comments ren shook it "ren... nice to meet you"

message 12: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) "You too." Alex smiled.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 265 comments ren looked around but then back at alex and smiled back "so how goes it?"

message 14: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) Alex smiled, "Not bad, you?"

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 265 comments ren shrugged "as good as it can get"

message 16: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) Alex nodded.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 265 comments kat walked by glancing at them

ren looked at alex "so do you like to art?"

message 18: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) "Yeah, although I'm not a great artist, are you?" he glanced at the drawing pad Ren was holding.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 265 comments ren pulled it out and flipped to a detailed drawing of a younge female angel "im ok i guess"

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Mal (malxox) "Jeez, your really good."

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 265 comments "thanks" it helps that i had actualy seen her ren said then thought

message 22: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) Alex nodded.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 265 comments "ive drawn for a long time... basicaly since i was old enough to hold a pencil..." ren smirked

message 24: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) Alex smiled. "Nice."

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 265 comments "so do you have any hobies?" ren asked

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Mal (malxox) Alex shrugged. "I'm pretty good with the guitar."

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 265 comments ren nodded "could i hear a few songs some time?"

message 28: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) Alex smiled. "Yeah."

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