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message 1: by Jane (new)

Jane | 3 comments Hi- I M semi retired lawyer. I still practice part time. I like the days off, not having big cases on which I feel I must spend ALL my time, not having to stay late and answering motions unless I feel like it but still doing what's fun for me - solving problems, legal research, learning!!!
I have always read a lot. I purchased "Welcome to the Goon Squad" to up my reading challenges (mostly mystery) and the Garden of the Beasts (?) - about early Nazi Germany. Haven't started either but I plan to read a chapter of the Goon Squad a day. That way I'll still have time for the easy reads I sadly prefer.
I generally don't like reading about the law, its too depressing. Always the poor and unrepresented are ground down, jerked around in court, done dirty by ag's (who are never reprimanded by the bar for withholding evidence, etc.)

message 2: by Sherri (new)

Sherri I am a retired due to health issues attorney in south central Florida, who after 10 years went back to work as a paralegal. I have always read anything and everything so the ecletic choices here drew me right in. Who could imagine the same people reading a novel written from the dog's point of view at the same time they were reading a history of Berlin in 1933. Hope to join in on lots of good discussions in the future.

message 3: by Erica (last edited Jul 28, 2011 11:39AM) (new)

Erica M (ermohai14) Thought I would introduce myself... I've been a part of the group for a little but, but my participation has been sporadic!

I graduated from law school in May 2010. I work for a bar review company and have been running the Michigan operations for a year now. I'm licensed in IL and crazy me, I just took the MI bar this week!

I attribute my sporadic participation to getting used to the job, wedding planning and as of recently, studying for the bar again.

BUT, most wedding stuff is all set (wedding date is Nov. 5), I have a complete handle on my job (took a year, but I've seen it all now!) and NO more bars for me! So I should be good to go! I'm excited for the August selections! WOO!

message 4: by Erica (last edited Aug 01, 2011 07:08AM) (new)

Erica M (ermohai14) Thanks Jill. And I totally realized I have a million typos in post - thank goodness there is an edit button. Guess I shouldn't try to work and post at the same time :P

message 5: by Christine (last edited Jul 29, 2011 11:04AM) (new)

Christine (c-mac) | 96 comments I try not to let law take over my life, mostly by making fun of the law and myself every chance I get. And I like books! Yay books! The thought of sinking in to some fiction on the train home keeps me sane during the work day. I'm looking forward to August picks, and I really hope it's The Art of Racing in the Rain, my dad's been bugging me to read that for over a year :)

message 6: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (crazylilcuban) | 3 comments Just joined so I thought I'd say hi and introduce myself. :)

I'm a 1L right now, a Californian through and through but living in Connecticut nowadays and trying to fend off the cold weather. I'm finding it hard to follow Rule #1 of the group so far, but am definitely working on it. I have absurdly eclectic reading tastes, so this group seemed like it would be fun, and reading with others will give me a good excuse to make sure I am doing plenty of non-law school reading once in a while.

message 7: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (the_senator) I joined a while ago, but I haven't been really active until now. I'm newly-barred in Georgia (graduated from law school in TN last year), but I'm not working as a lawyer right now. I'll read pretty much anything I can get my hands on, but I really like popular SciFi and Fantasy stuff and YA. I also like nonfiction books about military history.

I'm hoping that this month's nonfiction is The Bloggess's book.. I'm holding off on reading it just for you guys. ;)

message 8: by Alexis (new)

Alexis (runagaterampant) | 7 comments Sort of a new member! Every once in a while I forget about Goodreads, sorry :D I've been an avid fan of Jill since (oh god it's been that long) our 1L year. Just passed the bar. Unemployed, future prosecutor. Mommy to a labrador (possibly the dumbest dog in the world) and 2 cats. Queer and Jewish. Seattleite. And that's about it! I mostly read science fiction, though not what you think - I'm an avid fan of Asimov and his contemporaries. Otherwise, it's historical fiction for this girl. <3 So glad I joined!

message 9: by Elena (new)

Elena | 5 comments Hi, just joined. I have two boys, ages 8 and 5, and two labs. I graduated in law school in May 2010, barred in NV, VA, and D.C. I've been unemployed for about a year my family transferred to D.C. from Nevada due to military orders. I tend to gravitate towards genre fiction -- mostly mysteries, science-fiction, fantasy (though the occasional western makes an appearance) -- and memoirs.

message 10: by Michelle (last edited May 25, 2012 10:52AM) (new)

Michelle (actionflikchick) Huh...I thought I had introduced myself when I joined...guess not. Most of you know me from twitter (actionflikchick), for those of you who don't, I'm an attorney in LA working at a small firm. I'm mom to the Dingo (which is how everyone knows my dog Baxter). I'm a pretty avid reader and love pretty much any genre; I'm just trying to find more time to read. :)

message 11: by Barb (new)

Barb | 1 comments Hello,

I am currently studying for a little three day test at the end of July to get my license in CA. I keep telling myself it's not like it's the Olympics...but I am nervous. Any last minute suggestions?


message 12: by JudgyK (new)

JudgyK Barbie wrote: "Hello,

I am currently studying for a little three day test at the end of July to get my license in CA. I keep telling myself it's not like it's the Olympics...but I am nervous. Any last minute sug..."

Check out the test site beforehand. Get there on a weekday at the same time you'll have to get there on test day to see how traffic is and figure out timing, parking, etc. Scout out the location as much as possible (the room you'll be in, bathrooms, drinking fountains, etc) as well as the surroundings (get a lunch plan). Knowing what you're going to be facing as far as timing and physical surroundings can help your nerves.

And, of course, don't talk about it. Don't listen to anyone else talk about it. Don't break any rules (e.g. cell phone, etc). Then, take a deep breath, and do your best on the damn thing.

message 13: by Traci (new)

Traci (tracidejure) | 1 comments Hi Everyone! I'm a recent law school graduate and bar exam survivor. I'm looking forward to catching up on classics I've never read.

message 14: by Sara (new)

Sara | 1 comments Hi all - I'm also a recent law school graduate and a bar exam taker. Now that the awful exam is over I am excited about actually being able to read some great books again. I currently live in Colorado Springs.

message 15: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Rose | 1 comments I practice in Colorado and read. A lot. My wife is a librarian who also reads. A lot. I'm a big fan of non-fiction, the classics, American lit, Russian lit, and (due to my wife's recommendations) YA. John Green is now in my top five favorite authors list.

I'm looking forward to expanding my reading options and having some good discussions.

message 16: by Bhavna (new)

Bhavna Bhasin | 1 comments I just spent the last 10 mins frisking through those introductions and realised not one of you shares the same background as me!

I'm 22, thankfully only a year till I recieve my llb degree! Phew! There's nothing more I love than diving into beautiful rusty pages endlessly..

Most of you here are practicing law, I'm not just the only student but also the only one from India!

Hope to learn from you all :)

message 17: by Corey (new)

Corey (coreyhuffman) Welcome Jeremy & Bhavna, glad to have you. The group has needed a bit of a resurrection, sorry for the delayed response. I hope to see you in our group read discussions.

message 18: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (katatvandy) | 5 comments I'm going to try to participate this time around (I joined back in the very beginning) because I simply need some more mental stimulation outside of work. I am Kat (katatvandy for the twitter folks) and I an a labor and employment attorney in Chicago and a 2008 vanderbilt law grad. My literary interests vary, but tends towards historical fiction.

message 19: by Bryson (new)

Bryson Shaw Hi everyone, I just joined recently to find some new reading material. I am currently a sophomore majoring in pre law. I hope to attend Texas Tech for my law degree and after that try to join the JAG program for the Air Force.

message 20: by Corey (new)

Corey (coreyhuffman) Welcome back Kathryn, I look forward to seeing you join us for discussion. I recently read Life after Life which could be considered historical fiction, have you perchance read it? I thought it was well done, even if a bit repetitious in parts.

Bryson, welcome to our little law group. Those are some good goals, I hope to see you join us in some of our book discussions, also don't be shy to give us a nomination should you get a great referral.

message 21: by Doug, Co-moderator (last edited Mar 19, 2014 06:49AM) (new)

Doug Cornelius (dougcornelius) | 169 comments Mod
Bryson - Those are great goals. When I was sophomore I was pre-med, majoring in biology and wanted to go to veterinary school. Pre-med, pre-law, "What's the difference."

message 22: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (katatvandy) | 5 comments Corey, I have life after life on my Kindle, but keep putting other books in front of it. I'm sure I will enjoy it once I sit down to it as I know it has had fabulous reviews. Anyone else realize just how much they read judging by the size of the refund?

message 23: by Jamie (last edited Mar 26, 2014 08:25AM) (new)

Jamie (ahealthyjd) I recently read Life After Life too...I had mixed feelings about it. I think Kate Atkinson is crazy talented, it had to be hard to make such a frenetic, repetitive story line remain cohesive. There were parts that dragged for me though, mainly the war and bombing sections and probably because they are depressing and hard to read once, let alone multiple times....even if the perspective changes a bit each time. I'm glad I read it, though it was more challenging to read than I anticipated.

message 24: by Pranusha (new)

Pranusha Kulkarni | 1 comments Hey everyone! I am a final year law student from India, and will be graduating in two months! It's so refreshing to find this little group here! Looking forward to benefit being in it! Cheers!

message 25: by Doug, Co-moderator (new)

Doug Cornelius (dougcornelius) | 169 comments Mod
Sorry about that spam commenter getting in. I kicked him out.

The Scrivener's Quill | 8 comments Jill wrote: "This little book club is just growing and growing! Feel free to introduce yourselves here if you want to. I look forward to reading and discussing with all of you!"

Around 2006 I attended an Inns of Court meeting where a retired judge talked about lawyers as wordsmiths. I am a double English and History major. His comments were all I needed to hear. I have been studying literature and the law intently for six plus years. It's been amazing. A lawyer in Atlanta and I were discussing groups on Goodreads and she encouraged me to join some. I did a search for literature and the law and this group popped up! I'm so happy it did. I look forward to being involved.

message 27: by Jamie (new)

Jamie (ahealthyjd) The Scrivener's Quill wrote: "Around 2006 I attended an Inns of Court meeting where a retired judge talked about lawyers as wordsmiths. I am a double English and History major. His comments were all I needed to hear. I have been studying literature and the law intently for six plus years. It's been amazing. A lawyer in Atlanta and I were discussing groups on Goodreads and she encouraged me to join some. I did a search for literature and the law and this group popped up! I'm so happy it did. I look forward to being involved."

Your non-profit organization sounds really interesting! Welcome to the group :)

The Scrivener's Quill | 8 comments I notice there is an event option. In that the group has lawyers in it, and I don's see any current events, could I add the group to some of the CLEs that I do so the group gets some press? Or is there that kind of interest in being more public?

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello my name is Rachel ^ as you can see and I am not a lawyer YET. I've wanted to be a lawyer ever since I was in the third grade and I plan on doing it. So that is why I am here. I love reading and debates. Wait no scratch that, I'm OBSESSED with reading and debates. Can't wait to get to know the group here better!

The Scrivener's Quill | 8 comments What do you like to read?

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Um I like to read about Greek Mythology and Romance-y type things. I am what they call a hopeless romantic.

The Scrivener's Quill | 8 comments Welcome!

message 33: by Vikki (last edited May 04, 2014 04:33PM) (new)

Vikki (silverstarz) This group has been showing on the groups page so I finally decided to join.

I've just skimmed through the other intros but it looks like I might be the only Brit here? Even more likely that I'm the only one from Northern Ireland. I'm a practicing barrister, called to the Bar Of Northern Ireland in September 2011. So still fairly early days in my career. I mostly do criminal defence or education cases, but will take anything that comes my way. Prior to taking my Bar exams I spent a few years working as a legal executive in a solicitors office where I dealt with conveyancing/re-mortgage cases. I also have a masters degree in criminal justice.

Reading wise, I like a variety of genres, including crime and legal.

message 34: by Lynda (new)

Lynda Allen | 4 comments I am a retired pro se litigant in Graham, WA.

I have written a book documenting my experience A Rose of Robert's Journey Thru a Darkened Valley

Reviews can be found here:

Thank you

message 35: by Joy (new)

Joy (Joysfavbooks) | 1 comments Hi, everyone! I just discovered this group because I had to shut down my neighborhood book club. Everyone was simply too busy (including me). I thought I would try an online version.

I am an elder law attorney who is in "mommy retirement" for the most part (still work pro bono here and there). I have a young child, and I cannot/will not juggle both; so, not letting law take over my life is not a problem for me now. I am also an adjunct prof and online business owner.

I look forward to interacting with the book club!

message 36: by Doug, Co-moderator (new)

Doug Cornelius (dougcornelius) | 169 comments Mod
Welcome new members. Grab a copy of Sycamore Road and join in this month's book discussion.

message 37: by Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ (last edited May 05, 2014 04:26PM) (new)

Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Hi, all! I'm a part-time attorney practicing in the IP field (primarily software licensing and trademark registration). My tastes run to SciFi, fantasy, Mary Stewart-type romantic suspense novels, and YA literature, with a smattering of anything else recommended to me or required by my English major years ago. :) I also freelance as a proofreader since I have a good eye for spelling, grammar and continuity errors.

I like the group rules here. Looking forward to interacting with you all.

ETA: I'm a BYU law school graduate. I worked at a large firm in Phoenix for a few years, then came back to Utah and worked in-house at WordPerfect (I've just aged myself) and Novell. I've been with a Salt Lake City law firm since leaving Novell.

message 38: by Doug, Co-moderator (new)

Doug Cornelius (dougcornelius) | 169 comments Mod
(Dating myself) I remember the battles and tears when my old firm decided to move from WordPerfect to MS Word. Few liked it, but lawyers were an island in a sea of Microsoft-using clients. You couldn't email a WP doc attachment to our clients, so we relented.

message 39: by Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ (last edited May 06, 2014 03:30PM) (new)

Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Yeah, I think lawyers were among the last holdouts in switching from WordPerfect to Word. Our firm was using both for a while; I switched over because my clients all needed me to email them their contracts in Word form. I was a little comforted when I realized how much better Word's track changes feature worked than WordPerfect's. I live and breathe that feature in contract negotiations and drafting.

Unfortunately WordPerfect Corporation held off on switching from DOS (does anyone under 35 even remember what DOS is?) to Windows back in the day, and it all went downhill from there. It was hard for them to fight Microsoft's bundling and marketing might. MS was the 800 pound gorilla.

message 40: by Kim (new)

Kim | 2 comments I am a practicing attorney who feels that my work gets in the way of my passion for reading. :) Can't wait until I can dedicate hours a go to reading. I am excited to read and discuss some of the suggestions.

message 41: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessicajd_msw) Hi! I just passed the February bar and am now officially a licensed attorney (I'm sure that someday I will tire of saying that, but for now it's still shiny and new). I'm a big reader...I actually just finished Sycamore Row a few weeks ago and I'm looking forward to next month's book.

message 42: by Doug, Co-moderator (new)

Doug Cornelius (dougcornelius) | 169 comments Mod
Congratulations. Passing the bar was the last hazing ritual.

message 43: by Selassie (new)

Selassie Mensah | 1 comments Hiya, my name's Selassie Mensah, an 18year old and a freshman in University in Ghana, West Africa.I am here to learn and to have fun with you guys. thanks for accepting me! :)

message 44: by Lucia (new)

Lucia Hi Everyone!
I'm not a lawyer...yet. I've worked in law firms for the past six years and staying up to date with anything law related has always been a passion of mine. I went back to school, almost done with a degree in International Affairs and a minor in Law and Public Policy and hoping to attend law school in the future.

message 45: by Beenish (new)

Beenish Hello, everyone. It's so good to see that there is a whole group dedicated to book lovers who also happen to be affiliated with Law in one way or the other. As for me, I am a second year Law student, currently studying in England. I am very much looking forward to engaging in discussions about the books that we will read, and I would also love to give suggestions as yes, I am that girl by whose bedside, you will find at least two books (one of them a coursebook and the other a very special one). Stay blessed, everyone, and good luck to all those who took/passed their Bar exams. Well done!

message 46: by Teresa (new)

Teresa (teresaburrell) | 4 comments Hi,
I practiced law for twelve years in San Diego, primarily in the Juvenile Division working with abused children. I also did some delinquency law. I am now in retirement. For twelve years law did take over my life, but now I'm free!

message 47: by Beenish (new)

Beenish Oh wow. That is quite interesting. I want to go into intellectual property dealings and commercial practice. I worked on a pro-bono case for a year and a half at university. And yes, must admit that Law has pervaded over everything in my life.

Teresa wrote: "Hi,
I practiced law for twelve years in San Diego, primarily in the Juvenile Division working with abused children. I also did some delinquency law. I am now in retirement. For twelve years law did..."

message 48: by Vikki (new)

Vikki (silverstarz) I guess I've been quite lucky that law hasn't dictated everything else in my life. For some crazy reason I decided it was a good time to start learning an instrument just as I was starting studying for my postgrad diploma (our Bar exams in Northern Ireland that turn us from law graduates to qualified lawyers). Survived juggling both :o)

message 49: by Teresa (new)

Teresa (teresaburrell) | 4 comments Does it take a while to post on here because I left a post yesterday and I don't see it.

message 50: by Doug, Co-moderator (new)

Doug Cornelius (dougcornelius) | 169 comments Mod
Teresa - I see your post 3 messages up. (There is even a reply.)

Teresa wrote: "Does it take a while to post on here because I left a post yesterday and I don't see it."

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