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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen | 118 comments I am reading the first book by him and am pleasantly surprised.So far is is descent with no cussing or strong sex stuff.I had read an interview on here with him a couple months back, but was not sure. I just happened to grab Caught by Harlan Coben at Walmart when I knew I would have to sit and read waiting for a ride. It was an inexpensive paperback and I thought, "Why not?" I am really liking it, but I guess his books with someone names Myron so who knows what relationship I may develop with new author since I am planning on reading those also.

What do you all think on him?

message 2: by Vannetta (new)

Vannetta Chapman (vannettachapman) Harlan is a top-notch writer, so I do read him quite a bit. Honestly I can't remember how "explicit" his books are ... but I can guarantee he's a good read.

message 3: by Nike, Crime Fictionista (new)

Nike Chillemi | 211 comments Mod
I haven't read much by him. I'll have to put him on my TRL.

I read several gen market authors who are excellent writers. The ones I tend to like don't avoid profanity or sex, but also don't wallow in it or exploit it.

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