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Victoria (VLTRNJD) | 2 comments What a turn out for Thrillerfest 2011 - If you have a fav author and you want me to find them to ask a question let me know and I'll track them down if they are here. GO to the International Thriller Writers web page and look at the members list. Many are here - many are not. There are around 1000 atendees. It is also a time for unsigned authors to meet agents. So far Larry and I have visited with Sally Richardson, President of St. Martin's Press, she's a fan of Larry's and committed to his next three books. We've also visited with Steve Martini, Carla Neggers, John Lescroat, Alan Jacobsen, Michael Palmer, Heather Graham, Steve Berry, Gayle Lynds, Jon Land, RObert Dugoni and more...

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Lisarenee | 7659 comments Did you have fun Victoria? I couldn't think of any questions off-hand when you posted. When will Larry's next book come out?I loved his first one.

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Victoria (VLTRNJD) | 2 comments We had a great time! John Lescroat is one of the nicest guys. It wasn't the first time we've met him but he warm and friendly. Ken Follett and his wife were so gracious and dressed to the 9's, what an attractive couple. He talked with Larry about the second in the trilogy that he is writing. It will be about WWII and Larry's cousin/our late law partner, Tom Lorance was a triple ace in the European theater and left letters and diaries to Larry. Ken will get a copy of those to review the first hand accounts. R.L. Stine received the Thriller Master award - a bit too long winded but very interesting. We met Sally Richardson, president of St. Martin's. She is a real backer of Larry's work. Her husband was pres. of Doubleday when Larry defended his author brother Tommy Thompson and Doubleday in 3 libel suits out of Blood & Money and won all three. We really enjoyed it. Lots of readers there having a great time. Larry just finished the manuscript today ironically for his next one - we are told it will be aout in 2012 but we're just not sure if it will be spring or fall. Not allowed to talk about the title yet but it is a barn burner of a thriller and once again right out the headlines of real lawsuits in the US, Thanks for asking! So glad you liked The Trial. His radio interview circuit is heating up so you may hear him on talk radio near you soon.

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