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Is Hammer the imprint which could revitalise the horror publishing market. Some of these titles sound exciting, others decidedly dodgy. What do you think?

"Hammer’s new publishing imprint releases three classic Graham Masterton novels in July. Following on from the launch of Hammer Publishing in March with a reissue of The Witches (by Peter Curtis) and The Resident novelisation (by Francis Cottam), Hammer have obtained the rights to Masterton’s Mirror, Family Portrait and The Pariah. Repackaged with distinctive new covers sporting Hammer branding, Masterton’s novels are the latest in Hammer’s ongoing publishing programme; bringing horror back to the forefront of the market.
The Hammer imprint schedule will continue with three more novels in October. Karen Watkins pens the novelisation of Wake Wood, accompanied by new novelisations of classic Hammer films: Kronos by Guy Adams (based on Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter) and Twins of Evil, which has been adapted by acclaimed author Shaun Hutson in the first of a three-book deal.
Several titles have also been announced for 2012, with more to follow.
Jeanette Winterson’s (Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit) original novel based on the true story of the Pendle Witches trial of 1612 will be published in February, while in March there will be a new novelisation of Hammer’s cult classic Vampire Circus by Mark Morris.
Helen Dunmore’s original ghost story The Greatcoat, about “the power of the past to imprint itself on the present, until the present is possessed by the past”, is published in April"

message 2: by Leigh (new)

Leigh Blackmore (frhekal) | 2 comments Great idea - but the quality of the authors ranges significantly - from hack (Shaun Hutson) to literary (Jeanette Winterson). And Graham Masterton's novels are no great shakes in my opinion. But at least it's a start.

- Leigh Blackmore
President, Australian Horror Writers Assocation

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Adrian Chamberlin | 12 comments Novelisations of classic Hammer films will be interesting - although the quality will vary without a doubt. Mark's Vampire Circus and Guys Adams' Captain Kronos sound like crackers, but Shaun Hutson...Shaun f*cking Hutson? For Christ's sake.

I'm not overly impressed by this idea of reprinting classic novels. Yes, Masterton's a big draw, but surely it would be better to get original novels from him? Okay, reprints are cheaper...but why go for his weaker novels?

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Leigh Blackmore (frhekal) | 2 comments Who is the actual publisher who will be issuing these? Does Hammer Films have its own imprint now, or they subcontracting to an existing publisher?

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The books are published by Arrow books who are part of Random House, that is one reason why i think this could be important, a big publisher with a dedicated horror imprint.

I agree with previous comments though, the quality is variable to say the least and while there is nostalgia value in reading a novelisation of Captain Kronos I hope this is just a first stage and the publishers will start to look for new work from some of the better authors out there.

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James Everington | 20 comments Shaun Hutson....???


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From Shaun Hutson's website an ominous portent of what is to come :-

"Gillian Holmes has acquired 3 books by Shaun Hutson for Hammer. Shaun will be putting his own unique twist on three of Hammer's classic films, starting with Twins of Evil.

Holmes said, 'If ever there was an author who embodies Hammer, it is Shaun Hutson; his flair for the dramatic, the macabre and the bloodthirsty are second to none, and he is a fabulous author to have on the list. I am thrilled to be working with him.'

Simon Oakes, CEO and President of Hammer Films said, 'I'm hugely excited that Shaun will be joining the Hammer list; he has a true passion for all things Hammer, and I can think of no one better to do justice to some of the classic films.'

Hutson said, 'Hammer have always been a great source of pleasure to me as a film fan and a tremendous influence on me as an author. If you wanted shocks, tension and power you knew Hammer were always going to deliver. These books will be the same.'

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