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Wuxia fiction anthology announced

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message 1: by Wuxia (new)

Wuxia Wanderings (guanzhong) | 8 comments Hey everyone. I hope it's okay to post about this. I'm trying to put together a wuxia fiction anthology to showcase the genre to English-language readers and hopefully grow the fan base. I am currently open to submissions. You can find out more by going here:

Basically, I'm looking for wuxia stories 2,000-30,000 words in length. Previously published stories will be considered. Full submission guidelines are on the site.

Sound like a good idea?

message 2: by Jim (new)

Jim Lee | 4 comments have you ever looked at the site wuxiapedida? There are a lot of translated works there.

message 3: by Wuxia (new)

Wuxia Wanderings (guanzhong) | 8 comments @James: I can't publish stories that have been translated without authorization, which those works are. And anyway, this project is looking for works that were originally written in English, not translations.

@Dutch: As the submissions guidelines state, previously published works are welcome as well as unpublished works. Yes, anyone can submit something, but it has to be wuxia.

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