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Fault In Our Stars (KingdomHeartsII) Atlanna sat next to her mother, Queen Mabh.

Fault In Our Stars (KingdomHeartsII) Atlanna and Aerebell wandered around the Unseelie Court.

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((Lyeta's next in line to the throne. :D So she's gonna take over soon.))

I storm in and look at my sister. "Atlanna! I need to talk to you!" ((I forget is Aerebell also Mab's daughter?))

Fault In Our Stars (KingdomHeartsII) ((yes))

"Yes?" she asked.

Fault In Our Stars (KingdomHeartsII) ((g2g soon))

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"I want you and Aerebell to have a large part in my court. Will you?" I ask, hoping that my sisters would have my back.

Fault In Our Stars (KingdomHeartsII) "Yes, of course," Atlanna said and Aerebell smiled in sign of agreement.

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Sammi wrote: "((g2g soon))"


Fault In Our Stars (KingdomHeartsII) ((g2g right now. I haven't slept and it's 5:30 am))

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Sammi wrote: ""Yes, of course," Atlanna said and Aerebell smiled in sign of agreement."

I grin and pull them into a hug. "Thank you!" I laugh.

I slowly walk down. "Good choise Lyeta. Good choice. Only a few more weeks and you will be in charge."

Fault In Our Stars (KingdomHeartsII) Aerebell said, "My I ask for my leave, Mother?" she asks

Atlanna asked the same of their mother.

((okay so this is my last post))

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Sammi wrote: "((g2g right now. I haven't slept and it's 5:30 am))"

((Oh ok... Byes then...))

Fault In Our Stars (KingdomHeartsII) ((bibi))

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I nod. "Of course children. You don't have to ask me."

I smile at them. "Thanks for helping."

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I stand tall and proud, waiting for the Summer fey to come in. Hoping that Beesma would be in amoungst them, and hoping he wouldn't.

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Sammi | 1216 comments Desicate.
Desi walks in, followed by Oberon, Beesma and a large amount of the Seelie fey guards. "Lyeta." She smiles, nodding slightly. She adds a hint of warmth to her smile as she notices the sudden stiffening of Beesma at the sight of her.

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I gulp, but try to keep my gaze locked firmly on Desi. "Hello Desicate. May I call you Desi?" I ask, wanting to keep the peace between us. My eyes can't help but dart to Bes and I struggle to keep back my hurt...

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Sammi | 1216 comments "Of course! As you know by now, I'm the Queen of the Seelie Court. So, we will be going into this next era together. The era of peace between the courts, I'm hoping." She smiles at the other Queen, letting as much warmth escape her, but not enough to be harmful to the Winter Fey.

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I grin, and see what she was doing. I put out some cold to combat the heat, to keep my own fey comfortable, and to let her heat herself and her own fey up. "Good. Now... shall we go inside? Or do you wish to dine out here. While we talk?" I pointedly look away from Bes after that first glance. But my heart was breaking. I had to keep telling myself that he wouldn't have been feeling the same and to just get over him.

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Sammi | 1216 comments Beesma.
He watches Lyeta as she talks to his sister, Desicate. He lets out a slight sigh as he notices her looking at him, but keeps his face composed.

"Oh, that would be wonderful! I've been looking forward to coming here recently. But, may I ask one small favour?" She asks sweetly, but not too sweetly.

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I nod warily, but make sure that if she wanted a favor to make it known that she would be in my debt. We may be at peace, but, it mightn't stay that way forever. "Of course."

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Sammi | 1216 comments "If we are to talk, that all guards from both courts, except two, wait outside? Since I have some rather private things to discuss." She asks, hoping that Lyeta accepts it, knowing it will benefit her as well.

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"Oh, sure. I was planning on that anyway." I smile, but inside. She wasn't going to give me anything.

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Sammi | 1216 comments Desi calls on a guard and Beesma, which some of those left would guard Oberon back to the Court.

Desi waits for Lyeta to sit down somewhere inside, knowing that you never sit down before the Queen/King of the Court you are in at that current moment. "I do hope we can bring peace between the courts, I find that our...parents ways of dealing with things didn't quite work out in the end."

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I laugh and sit at the head of the table. Inviting her to sit on my right. Highest honour of the unseelie courts. Letting someone sit at your right arm, blocking your stronger hand, equaled trusting them. "True true." My eyes lock on Bes and I barely keep in the groan. Why did she have to choose him!? "So... what was this personal stuff you wanted to talk about?"

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Sammi | 1216 comments She sighs quickly, knowing that she will most likely be in her debt once she says this. "My daughter, Luna, has been taken from us by a...spirit of some sort. If she's not found and returned, I'm afraid of what will happen to me and the Court. Somehow, I'm wondering if you would be willing to help find her? If not, that's fine, but I just thought it would help show both courts that we're working on a peace settlement." She smiles, her eyes prickling with tears as she speaks of her baby. "Sorry, I'm a little emotionally weak currently."

((Gotta go, night!))

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I look at her and I too become sad, tears sparking in my own. Then I chuckle weakly. "Don't worry. I am too..." I giggle softly. Then nod. "Of course. and.... since this is too personal... I... I will start collecting debts AFTER we rescue her. And by 'we' I mean myself and one of your court. Your best fighter. I feel like kicking some butt. So... Let me do it all." A feirce anger had overtaken me. "In fact... I can start today if you wish." My eyes were blazing and I looked, feirce, wild, absolutely stunningly beautiful. At that moment I wasn't even thinking of Bes, just of how there was no way I was going to let a child be taken away from someone.
Awww... Ok...)

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Sammi | 1216 comments Desi nods appreciatively. "Thank you. I'll gather our best fighters, and they can battle each other to decide who is the best." She smiles.

Fault In Our Stars (KingdomHeartsII) Atlanna and Aerebell stood in the background.

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I smile gratefully. "Good...." Then I notice the thank you. "Don't or you WILL put yourself in debt to me..."

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Sammi | 1216 comments "My bad. Living amongst others and out of this world for so long has made me somehow forget so many morals." She says, shaking her head. "The fighter has been chosen. But, I'm not sure if you want him there..."

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"Oh crap..." I already knew who was going to be sent. When I requested the strongest fighter, I knew it was going to be him. I sigh. "I'm fine with it... can I have a brief talk to the fighter first?"

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Sammi | 1216 comments "Of course." She nods, ushering Beesma over. "Shall I leave you two alone to talk or...?"

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"Please" I smile at her before my gaze locks on Bes.

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Sammi | 1216 comments Desi walks over to the other guard, quickly making him flustered and turning bright red.

"Lyeta. Or do I have to call you Your Majesty?"

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"Your Majesty would be prefered." I just look at him, my eyes cold. "I wish to talk to you about our tactics." But if that was why I wanted to talk to him, why did I ask for Desi to walk out.

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Sammi | 1216 comments "Of course, Your Majesty." He bows, suddenly becoming tense. "I personally believe they're should be at least two more fighters, if this is to work." He says sternly, business like.

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I shake my head. "This will be a stealth mission. Another fighter will make it too hard to sneak in. I'm my suspicions are right I know exactly who took Luna."

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Sammi | 1216 comments He frowns slightly. "That's not the point, Your Majesty. If one of us gets injured, or both of us get injured, there is no one else to get us help. If let's say, you get severly injured, I can't come back here and to get help without risking you dying whilst I'm away. We need two other fighters, who can stay back as resources." He shakes his head at her, already frustrated.

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I just look at him. "You said yourself that you were a Summer Fey. You shouldn't care if I die. No... if I get injured then keep going, get the kid and get out. I shall do the same" No I wouldn't. I would stop and make sure he lived.

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Sammi | 1216 comments "If you got injured or died and I did nothing to help, what would that say about the relationship between the courts?" He says slowly, making sure his point gets across.

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"Before we go I will let it be known that I gave you these orders. I am your superior, even though you are a Summer Fey. I am still Queen, and you are still just a foot soldier." I glare at him, my hear slowly breaking even further.

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Sammi | 1216 comments Beesma looks around the room quickly, making sure no one is watching and that Desi is keeping all the guards busy. He takes a step in towards Lyeta, towering over her. "Lyeta. I'm not going to pretend that what happened between us, didn't happen. I'm not going to let you belittle me like that, just because you're a Queen. I may be just a guard to you now, but remember, I'm a bloody good fighter who killed your brother. Do not, I repeat, Do not, get in my bad books." He says quietly and harshly. "If there was ever a chance of us getting back together, you just ruined it." He snaps, letting the last words fall heavily in the small gap between them.

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I smirk meanly at him, as if I didn't give a damn. "And you forget... my brother was only a prince." I giggle, then wrap a hand around his throat, softly, almost like a lover's caress. "Don't think your power is anywhere close to mine." The air turned to freezing, but only around them, not reaching Desi or the guard.

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Sammi | 1216 comments He shivers slightly. "He would of made a better King than you will Queen."

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I feel the shiver and smirk, pretending that that didn't send me cold inside. "Well, I guess we'll never know the real truth because you were the one that murdered him." Everything, every single word was sending a spike of pain through me.

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Sammi | 1216 comments "And did I enjoy every minute of it." He says sadistically. He didn't enjoy it, he hated it. But whatever would make her upset or pissed off, he was willing to say.

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I kept a straight face, but barely. I was so close to snapping. The only thing that gave me away was my hand tightening around his throat. "The soldier I knew wasn't like that... but who knows. The soldier I knew was probably just some facade..."

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Sammi | 1216 comments "You must of known the wrong soldier." He says cooly, happy that he didn't stutter. He brought his hand up and tugged hers away from his throat. "I'll meet you back here in half an hour." He turns his back on the Queen, and walks away.

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I gulp and force myself not to run after him and turn him around to apologise and kiss him, of to kill him. I look at Desi. "We are done..."

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