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Emo Dark de killer | 238 comments Mod
((When ready start here talk normally like this. have fun :]))

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Alejandra (alejandraporras) | 88 comments Casey was on her way to earth to hunt the fallen angels.

♥Sex Kitten♥ Carson sat at his desk, wearing a pair of dark wash jeans and a whit T-shirt that hugged the contours of his muscles. He took quick notes as the teacher lectured about the Revolution, but his attention was averted when he heard someone knock on the door of the classroom.

Carah knocked on the door of the classroom before walking in slowly, she wore tight black jeans and a red shirt and a black leather jacket. She smiled at the teacher and handed him a note,"This is our new student, Miss Carah, Watkins." She smiled at the class and waved, her electric blue eyes stopping on Naya.

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Alejandra (alejandraporras) | 88 comments Casey landed on earth and transformed into a human.

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments ((First like Chapter or soo lmao))

*Naya was quietly sketching in her note pad , when she heard the sudden slam of the classroom door.. sudddenly a warm feeling rushed through her skin.. something she hadnt felt in a long time..It was really familier...She then looked up to realize that her best friend was hovering right next to her setting her things down next to her chair, in the back of the class room..Immediatly Naya was filled with joy so much it was hard to contain she was now using all the power in her body to keep herself seated..

she stared at her best friend .. not bieng able to contain the huge smile on her face...
then she mouthed the words. "OMG..What in the hell are you doing here??"

*Carah smiled and sat down next to her best friend,"Well I couldn't very much stay away from my best friend now could I?" She asked in her light British accent with a smile. She looked around the classroom slowly then spotted angel.

She smiled, he was tall and blonde with captivating blue eyes, she could tell he was an angel by the way his skin seemed to glow. The thought of not being the only one here made he feel slightly safe.

*Naya Laughed quietly into her palm..
then whispered.
"God, I've missed that beautiful accent of yours im soo happy your here.."
Naya then smiled softly at Carah then reached for her hand .. Naya felt so much better when she had Carah around, and especially now considering the fact that school was not looking up for her.

Actually nothing was looking up for her , except maybe just one thing.. the one thing that was keeping her function-ing properly... Her Crush his name was Carson.. she had first seen him a couple of times around campus .. he seemed to take notice of her.. But she had never really talked to him... He was always constantly hanging out with one other person, who also had a couple classes with Naya..His name was Ty.. but she never paid much attention to him...

*Carah squeezd her hand gently and smiled,"And how I've missed that lovely smile, I'm happy to see you too," she said in a low whisper. She listened to Naya’s thoughts quietly as the teacher taught, she smiled when she heard about Carson but frowned when she heard that she hadn't talk to him yet. She couldn't wait till the end of class, she was going to get to the bottom of this.

Carson sat in his seat, his eyes fixated on the new girl, she was... different. She was beautiful but something else too he just couldn't put his finger on it, he leaned over and nudged Ty,"Hey did you see the new girl who is sitting next to Naya?" He asked him quietly

*Naya quietly shifted back into her fake "Im Taking Notes," position and continued to sketch..

ty was .. chilling and trying not to die of boredom from the speech the teacher was giving about the Revoloution, Considering thefact he had practically been there to see it take place...when carson interupted his thoughts...

_Carson's question_

"Yea, O yea, I saw her , shes beautiful,Huh?[Slowly turning around to gawk at the new girl]Why? what about her? "

*Carah pulled out some paper and began Taking notes in her lovely handwriting. She listened as the teacher spoke, But in the back of her mind hoped that the class would be over soon.

"Doesn't she look, different to you?" Carson asked him in a low whisper as he looked over Carah, seeing a glow to her tan skin.

*Ty: " Yea actually..She does seem to have like a sutle pink glow to her ski...n [ just then Ty realized what Carson was trying to hint at...then in a really low whisper said] She's an angel!..."

*Carson nodded,"I think so but theres only one way to find out, He said just as the bell rang. He picked up his Backpack and began putting his stuff away.

Carah smiled and stood up gathering her things & fixing her red pumps before looking up at Naya,"Come on, roomie. Lets go see our room," she said with a smile.

*Ty: you got a plan?"
Ty quickly piled all of his stuff into his back pack.. and started to follow carson..

Naya was just pleased with the Bell for lunch,smiled at Carah and said ," Roomie? u got us into the same room?? How? " she then grabbed her sketch book and her back pack, hooked arms with Carah and walked with her out the door..

*Carson nodded,"Watch," he said with a smirk as he began jogging to catch up with Naya and Carah. "Hey!" He called to them.

Carah smiled,"Of course cause I'm just that good," she said as she walked with her. She turned when she heard someone yell to them. She smiled when she saw Carson,"Hey!" She said back.

"wait. dont go over there..Damn."Reluctantly Ty follows Carson..

"Well, Im just really happy im not stuck alone..,"

That was when Naya heard Carson and looked back to see him and Ty running in Naya's and Carah's direction..She imediatly flashed Carah a look like "RUN." Then whispered to Carah..

",Carah lets just keep walking...I dont think what he has to say is THAT important..he can just catch us later, plus it's lunch and im REALLY hungry...."
[then Naya starts Breathing heavily..slowly starting to wheeze..[something she does when she gets nervouse]Suddenly Naya frantically grabs for her inhaler..and takes a couple pumps.

*Carah stopped and grabbed Naya’s shoulder,"Look at me," she said grabbing her attention. "You are going to be fine, now inhale & exhale." She said before she turned to Carson.

Carson smiled at the both of them,"Hello Carah, and Hi Naya," he said with a smile.

*Naya Looked into Carah's deep blue eyes.. that were actually seeming to get her to relax...She started breathing normally again..Then turned to Carson and Ty..
shyly she looked at Carson and said."Hi.."

thats when ty looked at Carah and couldnt stop stare-ing.. then said "Hi my names Ty.."

*Carah smiled at Ty and stretched out her hand to him,"Hello, I'm Carah," she said her accent light and sweet.

Carson smiled at Naya,"Hey, I came to talk to you, in science class we have a partner project, and I was wondering if you wanted to be my partner?"

Carah heard this and decided to do Tell Naya, Say yes! she said into Naya's mind.

*Ty: Grasping Carah's Hand sent a shock through out his body.. there was absoloutly nothing wrong wiht an angel falling into love with another angel.. but it had just been a while...for him. Thats when he decided to follow in Carson's steps "So,Carah , would you like to be my lab partner?"

Naya: [Thinking to herself*] Carah? or is this my conciousnce.. well anyways.. Now Naya was looking at Carson, who seemed to still be waiting for an answer,,"Uhm, Sure, Yes , I'd love to be your lab partner..well, not LOVE, but you get what im saying *ahem*[coughs and nervously looks at Carah]"

*Carson.chuckled,"I understand, and thank you." He said with a smile as he took her hand and kissed it softly with a charmingly.

Carah laughed, the sound light and angelic almost musical,"Well I.. yes I would," she replied with a smile. "Thank you, but we have to be going, buy we'll see you in science." She said with a smile as she led Naya away.

*Naya: Stunned by the softest touch of Carsons lips on her hand sent Chills all over her petite body.. She Wished and hoped that maybe just maybe this ... Partner project will lead to something more..Then suddenly she was being dragged away by Carah

Ty: Extatic with excitement for his and Carahs Lab project, turned to Carson and said, "Score! i cant believe she said yes! For sure i would've thought she would've told me no..[pauses] Heeey, Dude do you think she knows about us too like we know about her?and what about Naya do you think shes An Angel 2?

♥Sex Kitten♥ Carah smiled as she lead them down the hall to their dorm, people who usually picked on Naya just stopped and stared at them. "So hiw is my dutchess?" She asked Naya, using the nickname she gave her when they were little.

Carson shook his head,"No, she human an evolved human. But human none the less. And Carah is her guardian." He said with a smile as they walked to lunch.

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Alejandra (alejandraporras) | 88 comments Casey walked around town looking for any fallen angels

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments "Well, actually your dutchess..[looking around at the different bullies] seems to be doing good? And i cannot believe im gonna be LAB PARTNERS with Carson..He's such a dream boat" Naya says with a twinkle in her eyes..

Ty: "So Nayas human.Well thats cool right, and now your lab partners with her.. and for sure we know about Carah bieng one of us..[ty pauses and pictures Carah's beautiful laugh and smile in his head]So now what do we do.. just hang out with them like normanl humans.. i mean you still have to look for that one person for you to make a difference in there life.. or your not gonna get your wings back dude.."

♥Sex Kitten♥ Carah smiled at her as she led her into their room and shut the door behind them. "I'm glad yoir happy because I have something to tell you. By dutchess you can't get made okay." She said as she stood infron of her.

Carson nodded,"Yep she's a guardian angel," he said with a smile, he liked seeing his friend falling head over hills for someone. He smiled alittle more as he thought about Naya, she was cute and sweet.

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Now looking a little nervous Naya plopped down on her bed.. and looked at Carah "ok i promise i wont get mad at you,, What is it?"

Ty looked at Carson... and started grinning... "Your thinking about Naya arent you??"

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Carah took off her jacket and summoned her wings, she spread them wide so Naya could see. "Naya, I am an angel." She said as she looked at her hoping she wouldn't freak.

"Yes,"Carson smirked,"You were thinking about Carah weren't you?" He asked with a grim

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Justin Allen Zenith walked around town in his dark cloths. Taking in the sites of the ever changing living world in which he has dwelled for many generations now; pausing a moment to reflect on his past. Saying to himself "did I make the right choice?" looking around after a short pause " of course I did" going forth with his walk.

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Naya was in huge dis-beleif..."aheh...Am i sick please.. touch my forehead.. i think im hullucinating...THIS CANT be REAL ....rIGHT?? i MEAN sure you've always been really sweet&kind to me and you've always been there for me...when things got bad.. but...Angel??No.. No way. it's not possible..."

Ty: "Well no duh.. of coarse im thinking about her.. how could i not...You know... Do you even think they like us back...?"

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♥Sex Kitten♥ "Naya calm down," Carah said kneeling infront of her,"its true, its all true. I've been here fore you since we were kids, I've helped you and guided you. I'm your angel," she said softly.

Carson chuckld,"How should I know, their woman but I think they do." He said woth a smirk.

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Justin Allen Kickin his feet while walking along he felt a strange aura having the sense that things where going to get bad again " I've lost to many contacts over the years." Felling a light sprinkle to start "what am I to do, either way need to find some shelter here soon. He picked up his pace.

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Starting to slow down her running mind...Naya looked at Carah... This was her best friend. She was the one that stood up for her in 2nd grade when Kristie McCathers pushed her off the jungle gym,and in Fourth grade when Billy Callister started forcing Naya into doing all his work, and in 8th grade when Michael Tomas pinned her down behind the bleachers trying to makeout with her when Naya kept screeming no..Carah was there to save her.. And even now when her parents and siblings passed and she was ripped away from the only home she new to live in a strange place .. and yet here she was.. Carah.. standing before Naya in all her glory.., How could she turn away from the only person she had left in the world , the only person who still cared about her..."Okay..I beleive you...aand im completely shocked with it still but, how else could you explain everything thats happened with us over the years...??" Naya then stood up and hugged Carah..pulling back for a split second to wipe away some tears she hadnt even noticed were there.. then said"Listen. Carah. No matter what you are i still love you... and i think this is actually preety awesome that your My gaurdian angel.. i had only heard about them in prayers but now i know there real.."

Ty:" True, soo true...well... idont know but im looking forward to the last peroid of today , i think it'll be interesting in Chem.."

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Justin Allen Not knowing what the weather would become zenith stopped at the abandon house just down the street from the school resting underneath the balcony.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Carah laughed slightly and wiped the tears from her cheek,"Yes I'm real and I'm here til the end, so lets get you and Carson together," she said with a smile as she sat down next to her on the bed. "So hiw has your stay here been really befkre I got here?"

Carson chuckled,"Oh yeah Chem is going to be... something." He saod with a smile.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Molly walked on the streets, kicking a soda can. She knew she was missing school, but who gave a damn? She's been the local 'emo girl' forever. No one cared for her. Molly was muttering something under her breath as she walked.

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Justin Allen Hearing a sound coming down the street Zenith opened his eyes. It was a girl walking on the street he was on. Standing up to get a closer look he walked over to the short shabby fence. "wonder what it is but there's something strange about her" then waited as she walked closer and closer

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Molly suddenly stopped and smashed the soda can, mumbling "fuck you dad."

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Justin Allen Seeing her do that made his mind run " aghh never been to good with humans...let alone young ones" having a little hope to interact with her he stepped to the side walk and leaned on the street light. Zenith started to wonder what would happen.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Molly sighed and crumpled the can more. "Its your fault, mom." She tossed it down and kept walking.

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Justin Allen She was less than 10ft away now. As she got closer zenith decided that he would actually try to converse with this human, for some reason or another. She was near as he said " I rarely know how to start things off with people but are you ok?" ravaging his mind as he was trying to think what was to come of this situation.

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Naya Sat back down on her bed.. "Well, Is it really that obviouse i like him???....And honestly... things have sucked, i mean first chance i get to be near family after the accident and my aunt just kicked me off to boarding school.. Far Far from her, and school has sucked too.. Ever since my first day here its been a non-stop torture fest...Bully's Left and right.. It's a new face everyday... now lately i've just been expecting visits..That was Untill you showed up today old face, but needed visit [ Naya laughs happily]"

Now lunch was nearing to an boring Ty said, "Common.Ten till Bell...[Ty rolls up his sandwich wrapper and shoots it into the nearest trash can] Cant be late for Mr. Andrews Lecture, He's gonna be talking about the work of Poe today..As if we hadnt met him and known his work already[said sarcastically]"

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Carah smiled and wrapped her arm around her friends shoulders,"Well now that I'm here no one will put their hands on you. All you need to focuse on is talking with Carson, he is a sweet guy and not that hard to talk to. Just pick a subject and run with it." She said with a smile.

Carson chuckled and threw his trash away,"Yeah and I don't need anoher lecture anout the importance of being on time." He said iwth a laugh as they walked down the hll.

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Naya took a brief glance at Carah.."You know, Thank you for..Well, everything...and i will for sure try to keep my focus on Carson...It'll be hard. But, i think i can manage{Sarcasm} [Smiles at Carah]then takes a quick look at clock.."Bells gonna ring soon..we should probably get going..."

Ty: " Haha ..You can say that again..."

((Did you wanna skip through the last classses and jump str8 to Chem class??))

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Molly lookwed over to the man, wondering why he would talk to her. LWhy do you wanna know?" She sassed.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ ((Sure))

Carah nodded,"Okay then I'll buy yoi.dinner okay?" She saod as she got up,"and yoir welcome, I'm glad I picked up dutchess." She said with a smile as she hugged her then led her to.class.

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Justin Allen Lookin into her eyes " I don't know it's strange even for me. sometimes I can pick up on peoples emotions and how they are but there's something different about you I can't really tell. * scratching his head while he looked away for a second then turning his eyes to look back into hers*

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Molly rose her eyebrow. "Ok, then, I'm gunna go.." She mumbled, a bit creeped out. She turned on her heels and walked off.

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments "okay..Dinner .. Sounds good." Naya slowley picked up her backpack and followed Carah out the door..

>>Fast FWD to Chem.<<<

Ty was sitting on his stool in the chem room spinning in circles basically blowing bubbles with his own spit..when Carson threw a pencil at his head.. then he looked over to realize Carah and Naya Walked in..

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Justin Allen "wait. That's it? I've not been close to many people...since I lost everyone. You don't want to talk or anything. It's as if we both have similar sorrows." saying as she turned walking away

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Carah was laughing at Ty's behavior, before she pushed Naya over to Carson. She then smiled and sat at the stool across from him.

Carson smiled at Naya and stood up,"Here you can sit here," he said offering her his seat and moving to sit in a chaor next to him.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Molly turned back around. "Talking is just stupid, ok? I don't wanna release my emotions or shit like that. I can freaking deal with my life." She growled, looking away.

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Justin Allen " fuck!!!don't even know why I bother..." turning to start to head to one of his favorite scenic view of a grassy hill with trees and a stream it was only about a five minute walk.

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Naya Smiled at Carson ", um how was lunch?"
Naya was about ready to jump outta her skin.. she still couldnt help but stare..His muscles were perfectly hugged by his T-shirt...His hair wind blown..and his eyes just deep pools of blue...He made her tingle all over just bieng in his presence.

Ty realized Carah saw him acting dumb and decided to Steal a stool from the person behind him and gave it to Carah.."Here you go [Smiling] um your good with science right??" Ty shyly looked at Carah kinda smirking...God he couldnt help but think about how beautiful she was.. the glow of her skin , her could just get lost in them.. and her hair soft to the touch..then there was her lips...Gosh he just longed for hers and his to meet..

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Carah shook her head and gave the stool.back to the person he took it from before asking for one and grabbed it. "Yes I am good at science, I was there when they called it philosophy."

Carson smiled,"horrible as usual," he said with a smile. "Weren't you there?" He asked her.

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Justin Allen " I finally try something new and for what, nothing. I've lost track of what I'm doing" *sighs* "sometimes I can't help but wonder* he thought as arrived to the beautiful landscape with the back drop of buildings. Zenith sat on the grass and looked towards the stream to lose himself in his own mind.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Molly rolled her eyes and stormed off. But she soon ran into a group of girls who bullied her all the time.
"Oh lookie here!!" One said, "its the towns depression source!"
She growled. "Shut up, blondie."
Another one chuckled. "You always act soo strong, but you don't have the guts to fight us."
Molly rose her eyebrow. "Really?" She growled, her fist curling. Without warning she punched the first girl, Dani. She was the most bother to her.
"Omfg Dani!" they shirked.
Sadly, the footbal team saw the event. "Yo, dumbass!" They growled.
Molly stood there. "Bring it on, bastards."

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Ty: "Right..[he laughed a little bit, unsure of weather or not to confront her about who or what they both are] wait, are you saying that sarcastically?haha"

Naya: "Ofcoarse.. when is cafeteria food ever good.. & Well not exactly , me and Carah decided to take a detour to our new room..[Smiles]Soo we didnt exactly get to eat.."

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Justin Allen "well it's not like I didn't try" *leaning back to lay down zenith closed his eyes*

"nothing to lament over it seems it always turns out that way" *opening his eyes* he looked to the sky reminding him of a long ago past one he decided to leave behind

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Molly had a hard time fending off the football players, but she did it. They ran off in fear of her. She had lots of cuts and bruises on her legs and arms, not to mention the unmoving shoulder. She limmped off down the street, looking for a doctor or something.

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Justin Allen Sitting up as if he was getting ready to go zenith looked around realizing he didn't have anything to do, and this being one of his favorite spots he decided he would just stay there a bit longer

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Molly kept looking for anywhere to go. Suddenly, she fell over, the blood loss being to great.

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Justin Allen Walking Down the road where he had the encounter with the girl zenith noticed an odd object on the ground.

Finally getting close enough to tell what it is he realizes it is in fact none other but the girl who he had talked with.

He picks her up and takes her in the abandon house, mending to her wounds the best he can. Putting a splint on her arm and wrapping her cuts
to stop the bleeding.

When he finished he laid her down against the wall, then he went to sit and wait on the far side of the room on the other wall.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Skyler wrote: "Ty: "Right..[he laughed a little bit, unsure of weather or not to confront her about who or what they both are] wait, are you saying that sarcastically?haha"

Naya: "Ofcoarse.. when is cafeteria ..."

Carah laughed,"I already know so you don't have to ask me." She said pulling out her thing and setting in on the deack.

"Well that's not good, we could always go grab a bit when were done here, if you want too." Carson said with a smile as he looked at her.

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Alejandra (alejandraporras) | 88 comments Casey kept walking around twon

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Ty; " Ok good , you were making me soo nervouse[smiles] .. but its preety cool to know theres another angel here.. sooo, im guessing Nayas the person your watching over right.."

"Um, Sure that'd be great." Naya felt her face getting hott.. she knew she was blushing..."just me and you?" She stared into Carson's eyes her breath completely taken away..gosh if he said yes to it being just them and not a double date..But,Maybe it's a bad idea.. she wouldnt even know what to talk about with him if they were alone together...But, its just to go grab something to eat.. no big deal...

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Alejandra (alejandraporras) | 88 comments Casey saw a demon walking and followed it

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