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((When ready start here talk normally like this. have fun :]))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jazz closed her eyes out of sheer exhaustion and jabbed her sword into the dirt, leaning on it as she panted, attempting to catched her breath. She had been practicing for hours now, a past time she usually didn't part take in for her dislike of violence, but she had made an exception when someone from the Ares cabin had told her that her being a pacifist was the reason her mother had died.
This led to the result of said person laying in the dirt with a broken jaw and Jazz with a sword in her pale hands, and multiple training dummies torn to shreds scattered around her "Bastard..." she murmured, ripping the sword out of the ground and swinging down violently on the dummy, cutting it neatly in half, her own sword humming on her back in its sheath.

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Noticing Jazz in the distance .. Kiana ran up to Jazz who was in the middle of practice grounds.."whoa..Looks like this place was destroyed by one pissed off cat..You okay?...[then noticing Dave from the ares cabin on the floor moaning in pain..]ah, shit.. not again.. i'll go get the nurse..

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jazz raised a delicate eyebrow at the girl, stopping her sword mid-swing and relaxing her stance "Nah, I think he looks better this way." she replied softly, her grey-black eyes shifting to glance at the large boy laying in the dirt before returning her gaze to Kiana "Cat? No, just working on my neglected swordplay."

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments "Well might i just say your neglected swordplay.. does not actually looke necglected..[smirks..then laughs] So do you know what time where suppossed to start Capture the Flag???"

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MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 13 comments Aaron Walked outside, Hearing some of the other girls talking. He walked out of the Hephaestus Cabin and looked around. Noticing the other 2 in the distance, And shreds of dummies laying everywhere else. He walked over to the 2. "Well, I see someone had a little fun.." He said looking at the 2. wondering which one of them destroyed the training yard.

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Kiana noticed Aaron and said, "If your wondering which one of us completely destroyed the Training Grounds...[Kiana points a dainty finger in Jazz's direction] It was all her! [then smiles at Jazz].."

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jazz shook her head and stabbed the sword into the ground " Nah, I have no idea 'bout the Capture the Flag thing, and yeah i destroyed the Training Grounds; I'll clean it up..." she muttered, pulling her hair back into a high ponytail, her grey eyes appraising Aaron curiously.

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments "Dang.. I dont wanna miss this next Capture the Flag , I heard the Heremes cabin was gonna slaughter...Did you want help Jazz?"

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Natalie walked onto the training grounds and raised an eyebrow.She looked at the boy on the ground and smirked

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jazz paused in kicking around part of one of the dummies and glanced at Aaron "Well...I didn't...I wasn't really gonna take part..." she murmured, her eyes sliding to Natalie with a hint of curiousity and amusment as she also looked back at the Ares kid still lying on the ground where she had left him.

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Attica walked into the training area, saw it was croweded, hissed, and turned to go back.

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Kiana looked at Jazz and started to help her pick up, She didnt want to be a bad friend by leaving her alone tonight., " Well If you want so your not alone we could hang or something instead of going to C.T.F..? I really wouldnt mind.."

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"You guys are going to skip C.T.F.?"Natalie asked,alittle shocked

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments "Well , yea i guess.. i mean i herd this one was gonna be the Shit,, But, Jazz..She's a lover not a fighter.." Kiana looked at Nathalie

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"Oh"Natalie said.She kicked part of the dummie

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments " Yea.. were you gunna go?"

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"Ya,i have to learn how to work my new sword"She said pulling out her blackish/blue sword

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Kiana gawked at the beautiful sword layed before her eyes..then looked up at Natalie smilling "Dude where'd you get this its amazing! [She gushed] Seriously your making me jelouse.."

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"Oh its a gift from my father"She said smiling

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments "Niiiice Gift!{laughs]"

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jazz shook her head and sighed "Pretty, hows your swordsmanship?" she asked absently, picking up the remains of a dummies head and tossing it up and down, her eyes trained on the girl.

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Natalie shrugged"I only used it like twice and that was when i was coming to C.H.B."

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments "Figures..I havent been using my swords either.. Last time i used them it was when i had to fight off a couple of bitchy furies.." Kiana smiled at the thought of how badly she had slaughtered them..

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Natalie smiled"Ya,so whos your parent"

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Skyler (skylernight) | 150 comments Kiana , Looked around,, "Mine?.. Zues..Head honcho of olympus, but not head honcho when it comes to being a dad..Thats probably the one con about being a Demi-God.

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"Oh,ya mine to"She said shurgging

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jazz easily slipped away from the new topic of conversation and consentrated on cleaning up her mess, quickly finishing since she had kept it all to one area of the training grounds. Retreiving her sword and shield and putting them away as well she turned and left, heading towards the beach and away from the small crowd of the field, still not completely un-enraged from the comment from the Ares child.

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Savannah walked through the camp borders.

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Natalie looked at the new girl but shrugged

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jazz paused and glanced at the new girl, deciding whether or not to welcome her, instead just watched her, checking from a distance for wounds.

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Natalie sighed and looked at her sword

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Savannah had scratches all over her arms and blood dripped from her forehead.

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Natalie looked over at the girl again and saw her wounds.She walked over"Hey,welcome to Camp Half Blood"She said smiling

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Sighing, Jazz shoved her hands in her pockets and approached the new girl "Hey, your new right?" she asked boredly, assessing the damage to the girl as she got closer.

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"So I'm at the right place." Savannah said and looked around.

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Natalie shurgged"I guess,so what or who did you have to fight on your way here"She asked

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♫The Quiet One♫ wrote: "Sighing, Jazz shoved her hands in her pockets and approached the new girl "Hey, your new right?" she asked boredly, assessing the damage to the girl as she got closer."

"I guess you can say where's Chiron?" she asked.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) "If your looking for Camp Half-blood." she stated, raising an eyebrow and smirking just slightly "Come on, the Apollo kids need a new subject for their new healing potion technique crap."

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"I need Chiron." Savannah said.

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"Hes usally in the big house"Natalie said twirling her sword

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jazz looked at the girl again, crossing her arms "Wh- you know what, nevermind." she stated, shaking her head and heading towards the Big House.

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Savannah looked around and spotted the Big House. She walked over to it.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jazz watched her enter the Big House and shook her head again "Hn." she murmured, turning and heading back towards the ocean.

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Natalie put her sword back in its sheath and walked back over to the training grounds

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Savannah looked around for Chiron. She finally found him and tapped him on the shoulder, he looked shocked to see her.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jazz flopped down in the sand and stared up at the sky, her own srowd and sheath thrown in the sand beside her.

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Natalie sighed and left for the lake.She dove in and swam to the bottom

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Savannah talked with him for a while before coming out of the big house.

((Is there minor god/goddess cabins yet?))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((Yea, I mean they were gonna make them at the end of the last book.))
Jazz sat up slightly at the sound of someone jumping into the water, and sighed before laaying back down.

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