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((When ready start here talk normally like this. have fun :]))

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Rini walked around the park, bored.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Tori slowly walked down the street towards her new home, the orange colored glow of the setting sun causing her own reddish hair to flicker like flames and her pale skin to seem white like snow, a combination that suited her perfectly.
Pausing for a moment the young woman closed her evergreen eyes and sighed in contentment, 2 years in a jail had taught her to appreciate her freedom, and now that she was out she could appreciate it for a good amount of time.

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Natalie lay on the couch of her home.Her eyes closed and her black hair up in a bun.She opened her eyes and sat up

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Rini slowly headed to her home.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Kiyoshi seemed to be waiting in darkness as he waited for the sun to go down, he felt like some type of vampire , like one ,the light hurt, and he hated it, it frustrated him in so many ways, and like a vampire the darkness was his friend, but of course he knew he wasn't such a fairytaleic thing, he was bound to this place.He sat in a dark corner his back to the wall,his legs sprawled out in front of him. he breathed out, then back in taking in what he could even though he really didn't need it,his head looked to the side, looking at the little light that came from with window.

Adam moved in the huge dark house, silent and his eye's sorrowful,his gaze staring straight ahead, his hands handing to his sides, his lip seemed to be trembling, from thoughts that passed as he looked to things in the house, he bit it slightly, before mumbling something under his breath and touching a old black piano that seemed to still stand.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Sighing the fair girl began walking again, a small smile painted across her lips as the large old house she had bought came into veiw, "Woah...its larger then they said..." she murmured under her breath as she approach the front door, taking in the fact that it was definately old, alittle run down and would definately need repairs "Fun fun fun..." she sighed, pulling out a key as she set down her bag and worked on getting the slightly rusted lock to open. After nearly 10 minutes of working on it and having to resort to picking the lock and grinned as she tugged the door open "Wicked awesome..."

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Natalie sat up when her front door opened.She glared at the girl and stood up

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Rini entered her home and threw her purse on her ground.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Adam heard noises in the house, he turned from the piano in the darkness, Vanishing for a moment before appearing in the hallway. looking down it for a moment to see the girl. A pain hit his chest, as something felt familiar.Not sure if he should walk away or go forward, he just stared before finally disappearing.

Kiyoshi heard the noise of her footsteps, but continued to sit there, looking off into space wondering to himself, before turning his head to look at the door of the room. then moving slightly so he could stand.

Aki yawned and stretched as he walked down the sidewalk from his job. putting his hand in his pocket, humming to himself as he walked past a street lamp that was coming on.

Park hyung seok moved around in the cafe,he was working a bit late today, everyone had gone home so he was told to lock up. after finishing doing somethings his boss told him to do he moved turning off some lights and grabbing keys so he could lock door's.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Tori looked around feeling a shiver crawl up her spine that she had come to associate with the spirits she sensed or saw and bit her lip, suddenly having the urge to run and definately not be alone, laughing nervously she murmured to herself "Wow...being locked up has seriously messed with your head Tori..."
Moving slowly she walked forward and flipped a lightswitch, pleased to find the lights still worked in the old house and it appeared much more homely in the light "Well, definately going to need to clean!" she stated brightly outloud as she pulled out the phone she had been given and dialed her bestfriends number by heart and waited for him to reply, absently wondering if he had heard she was out or not.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Aki's phone went off with the song Secret Letters by Hyde . He looking to the bag that was hanging from his shoulder for a moment before letting in slip off to his hand to open it. Then taking it out and opening it."Hey Riri." He said a Smile spread across his face.

Adam kept his silence as he stayed in a room upstairs, wondering who the person was ,why he felt pressure where his heart would be. He looked to the door of the room, his face sorrowful, this women made him think of one particular person, it made his heart weary.The feeling of longing was there as well, he looked to his hand for a moment thinking.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Tori sighed in relief as she walked further into the house "Aki!!! So glad you remember me!" she chimed, turning on lights as she moved further into the large house, her bright eyes shifting around as she took in the feel of it and attempted to ignore how cold she was becoming "Great news! I'm out!" she giggled as she began singing "Free at last! Free at last! Lord almighty, I'm free at last!" under her breath.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Aki laughed as she cheered."Finally! how can you leave me for so long?" He joked, pulling his bad back over his shoulder and started down the road again.

Park hyung seok locked the door and started down the road, wishing that his car didn't break down, since he had he lived quiet a long way from work, he had to hurry to the bus stop before it left, since it was the last bus.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Tori froze and frowned "Hey! You know it wasn't my choice!" sighing again she hopped up on the counter in the kitchen and swung her legs back and forth like a child "Anyway! I have a new place if you wanna come over and stay with me again." pausing she took on a thoughtful expression "You still work at that Cafe or diner or restruant thingy right? Its not far from there! Its that giant old mansion down the street."
Hopping off the counter the fair girl headed for the stairs, curious as to how many rooms the place had, her eyes widening as her body began to shiver "Damn..." she murmured, pausing as she reached the top step to pull on her jacket again.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) He laughed again at her reaction." I was joking Riri, and sure sounds like fun haha." He remember the mansion she was talking bout, he had seen it many times on walks from work."Yes." he thought bout some rumors about it but he didn't think any of them were true, even if they were, like he'd care...

Adam moved from the room, hearing her foot steps on the creaking stairs. He felt he should stay hidden until he was fully sure on what he should to, he ignored the feeling to go see her, even though it was diffidently strong.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Shivering again she grinned and laughed "Alright! Doors unlocked and I'm exploring, feel free to claim a room!" she said, laughing some more "Love you Aki! Can't wait to see you again!" she said before hanging up and slipping ehr phone into her pocket and looking around "Now where is that damn ghosty! I'm sick of feeling cold..." she murmured, shivering again and wrapping her arms around ehr thin body as she continued walking, hell bent on finding the damn 'ghosty'.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Rini looked at her house. Her parents were on a business trip, so she was alone. She walked to her sofa and sat.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Kiyoshi stopped moving as he heard her foot steps seize. he had a questioning look on his as he appeared on the other side of the door moving to the stair's looking down them, not taking another step.

Aki smiled as he put the phone back in his bag, only stopping a moment to do so before moving again, remembering quiet well were the mansion was.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Tori froze and sneezed in her cute way that had always gotten her teased before scunching up her offending nose and nearly shouting "Damn it!"
Rubbing her arms, the fairly annoyed redhead looked around again "H-here ghosty! Come out come o-" she sneezed again and scowled "O-out where ever you are!" peeking into another room she saw it actually had a bed and a smile crossed ehr lips "W-well they said m-most of the origni-"another offending sneeze "I better not get s-sick...." she murmured through her chattering teeth as she backed out of the room adn continued her search.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) In her lap was her large guitar. She gently rubbed the strings. "You are my only friend." Rini sighed as she picked it up. She gently began to play.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) He stopped, hearing her shouts and sneezes, frowning a bit to himself knowing how cold he must be making it. He then moved a bit down the hall again, wishing she'd give up.

Kiyoshi sat on the top step, looking down to her watching as she started to play like she usually did. He pulled his knee's to his chest.

Aki walked up the stairs of the porch looking to them as they creaked, then moving to the door, knocking on it soft,before opening it, hoping not to freak out tori

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Tori paused as she heard the front door creak and smiled "Huh, that was fast..." she murmured, biting her lip and looking down the hall, curious to how much longer it was and where the ghost could be. Sighing she continued moving and peeking into rooms, glad her sneezing had stopped as her body became more used to how cold it was, "I wonder why it wont come out...usually they like it when people can see them..." she muttered with a pout as she reached the end of the hallway and turned back to greet Aki.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Adam stopped, turning and watching as she walked back down the hall. kinda hurt to see her walk away, something about her seemed so familiar.He watched for awhile before moving again.

Aki frowned." Little stuffy in here Riri." He said looking around a bit with his eye's and walking to a window to open, which he had a bit of trouble opening.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Tori walked down the hall and peeked over the railing to see where her friend was, and frown alittle when she couldnt find him. Moving down the stairs she noticed Aki at the window, and imidiately ran over and tossed her arms around him in a hug, a huge smile painted across her face, how cold she was forgotten.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Aki jumped as her arms wrapped around him and the window shut after he just about had it up."Riri."He pouted, looking at the window.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Tori nuzzled her face into his back, still smiling "Sorry..." she muttered as she breathed in his scent, over joyed to see him after nearly two years of hearing almost nothing from him. Ignoring her slightly shivering body she shifted back and let her arms fall to her sides while watching his back, her eyes shifting up and down his form "You don't seem to have changed much..." she murmured, noticing that he was still much taller then her causing her to frown alittle.

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Angel Degrass/Darkness (angelofdarkness) Rini kept playing.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) He moved so he was facing her and laughed."Same to you, your still short." He said and stuck his tongue out before stopping after he noticed her shivering." Cold?"

Kiyoshi stayed in his spot, knowing she's never noticed him, which he found good. He did really want her to know he was there, it would cause so many problems.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) "Ah? Oh, well..." she laughed slightly, almost nervously as she htought up an excuse "Well, jail is kept pretty warm, ya'know? With those tacky outfits and all..." she replied, smiling widely and stuffing her hands in her pockets, attemting to force her shivering to stop, unsuccessfully.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) He frowned and shook his head, before setting down the bag and shrugging off his jacket and holding it out for her."Here, take it."

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Her eyes widened alittle, but she took it with a sigh a small sigh and a grateful smile "Thanks..." she murmured, glad he hadn't asked anymore questions as she pulled on the warm jacket, reminicing silently in the warmth and his scent, plus the familiarity it brought with it.
SHe grinned up at him and bounced on her heels cutely "On a different note that has nothing ot do with me or jail! All the old stuff is still here! There a piano, an old bedroom full of stuff, tables, vases with dead flowers! Its so cool!" she practically squeeled, beaming at him.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) He smiled." Sounds like fun."he put his hands in his pockets and looked around him."hm seems we might have to clean up a bit. First we should look around." He said looking to her.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) She clenched her fist slightly and placed her fists infront of her chest, beaming and squeeling like a child "Oh! I know! Its so dirty and dusty!" she laughed, grinning and flitting to the stairs, "First we need to get you a room, not look around silly!"

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) He laughed and followed her." Alright."he said softly, looking around with his eyes as he walked, thinking of things that he could do to make it look better.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Tori squeeled like a little girl and flew up the stairs, pausing at the top to wait for her friend, bouncing on her heels and singing softly under her breath, her eyes shifting from the man she was waiting for the the hallway that seemed to be colder then running around a winter's night in a bikini.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) ((Changed her name? : O))

Aki unlike her walked up the stair, they made a bit of a creek of course he was expecting that. it was pretty old, he yawned a bit then looked to her as he reached the top."why's it so cold in here?" h said with a laugh."It's colder then outside."

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((Eh? ......Oh, oops! Gomen! Fixed!))

Tori paled alittle, but quickly shrugged her petite shoulders nonchalantly "I dun know, its an old house, maybe its haunted!" she replied, skipping down the hallway and pointing out which rooms had beds, her long hair falling out of its ponytail and bouncing against her back.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Aki watched as she started off."Haunted? funny..."he said with a small laugh and smile before starting after her,running a hand threw his hair for a moment, knowing i was probably sticking out cause of the long day.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Tori turned slightly and smiled over her shoulder ast him "Yupp! Lots and lots of ghosties to discover here!" she chirped, giggling and skipping further down the hall and into the room with a piano, her eyes seeming to glow brighter as she slowed her pace and walked to the large piano near the window in the larger room.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Aki hurried after he, chuckling to himself at her comment, before turning into the large room"hmmm"

Adam stood in a dark corner out of view, he let out a deep sigh, for some reason he had this feeling around this girl. He looked to the boy who was now in the house, biting his lower lip.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Tori carefully ran her fingers across the dusty key guard before lifting it and running her pale hand across the keys "Y'know...I almost forgot how to play in jail? No one really cared much for more clasical music..." she murmured, sitting down and playing a few cords.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) "Of course."He said with a nod before moving to the piano she sat at, he touched the top before looking to his hand."So dusty in here"He muttered to himself before stopping and listening as she played something.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) She played few acouple practice peices before shifting into more difficult songs, closing her eyes partway through to make sure she could still actually play, a smile slowly spreading across her lips.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) He smiled as well as he listened to her play as she did before the big problem."hmm Still sounds the same Riri."He said with a chuckle.

Adam felt a bit light headed as she play, he felt the need to walk over to her and push her from the piano, but he held it back.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Pausing after finishing her peice she felt a shiver crawl up her spine and sneezed softly, blinking and glancing around herself, her eyes lingering on the spot where Adam was for a moment before she looked back up at Aki with a smile " lets check out the rest of the house!" she chirped, hopping up and quickly leaving the room.

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