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Frida Fantastic (book blogger) (fridafantastic) | 1 comments Man, there's so many urban fantasy fans who are tired of looking for UF and ending up with paranormal romance. Urban fantasy is a setting, paranormal romance is a plot/character type... but so much PR masquerades as urban fantasy, which unfortunately is why I find this subgenre name a little suspicious sometimes.

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Yeah, unfortunately about 90% of the genre is absolute crap. In reading "Midnight Riot" and taking a look at the sample of Lauren Beukes' "Zoo City" I'm seeing how good the genre is capable of being if people do it right.

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Cristindadant | 2 comments Lets see, some favorites are: " The Roaches Have No King" by William Kotzwinkle, anything by Terry Pratchett and as for graphic novels , I love " Preacher" by Garth Ennis. Anyone have suggestions for books I just HAVE to read?

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