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Katherine Katherine Jul 07, 2011 09:18PM
This sounds like a great book to read. Can I give it as a gift for a 12 years old old girl to read, or a 10 year old? Thank you.

15 or 16 perhaps, but not 10 or 12. It's not a young adult book.

Hello, to all-
I listened to the audio of the book and in truth there are several sexually explicit issues. And, the end portion about the sister, Minnie's pregnancy,and sadly the labor and the has very graphic descriptions,and horribly outdated medical practices, that I don't think a 10, 12 or, even possibly older girl(15-to?) would not find it disturbing. In a weird way it certainly could be considered a form of motivational birth control! My daughter is 24. I will definitely recommending it to her.

Katherine wrote: "This sounds like a great book to read. Can I give it as a gift for a 12 years old old girl to read, or a 10 year old? Thank you."

I agree with Susan. Like she said some disturbing scenes for a young girl or boy. But I enjoyed it. At first wasn't real thrilled with the story but it grew on me and I just had to finish to find out what happens.

I enjoyed the book but I think it would drag and be "boring" to a 10 or twelve year old. It really needs a certain maturity to understand th story I think.

To be on the safe side, I would say no. I loved this book, but enjoying it fully requires a certain level of maturity.

I enjoyed this book, but I think a young person would find it boring.

I would have loved this book as a 12 yr old. I think its on the safe side. I guess it depends on the maturity of the girl reading it. I loved this book and tell everyone about it, so I might be a little bias

Thank you Susan for your comment. I will try and read it myself first, then see if I will share the book with them or not.

Depending on the 12-year old's maturity level, it might be ok. There are some very hard scenes (view spoiler) that I think would be disturbing to her, not sure I could have handled it when I was her age. I think it is too mature for even a mature 10-year old.

Other opinions? I don't have a 10 or a 12-year old, so this is just my opinion.

Rachelle I have a 12 year old daughter who just read "The Help". I don't think she has the maturity to appreciate this book. I think she would be bored with it ...more
Nov 21, 2011 05:23PM

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