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These are Paul's scraps of papers he leaves behind for the ministry, mostly to keep his sanity as he tracks down the death eater who killed aurorers, his parents, and foster.

month into school, winter formal's comming up, I hope Diana gets a date, though I'm sure her boyfriend will take her. I say they should be happy together, who would want a killer, dabbler in dark arts. Besides, I wouldn't be able to take her knowing the three whom I love died and the killer is still around. I hope Snowstorm will get fed, I can't take him, too dangerous. Oh, by the way, ministry, you just got punk'd (lolz at punk'd)

Found in his dorm

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Day later

Found lead on the killer, not telling where, this is one time I won't stun an enemy

Found at Diagon Alley

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Today, I did a wrong thing, Daily prophet, please put this in. Diana, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Mr. Fenwick, I'm sorry for making you and your arurors chase me, but I must find him.
Found at a muggle toiletry.

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Found him! ministry meet me at wall street, NY, NY, USA

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