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Mike | 509 comments (( This is where we will start the roleplay, anyone, feel free to start it off.))

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Michelle (nocturne_13) Rhea watched the others leave for the lake without an ounce of unhappiness. Idiots. Following that Sam when he had no idea how to be a leader was pure insanity. As some of them glanced back at her warily, she glared back, flexing her hands, causing the claws to come out and retract. It was a sight that many would be made uncomfortable by. The girl standing there with pure hatred in her gray eyes was short. Her black hair waved in the slight breeze, and her long, gray, knife-sharp claws slid smoothly from the tips of her fingers when she willed them to. A boy trailing at the very end of the group stared rudely, and Rhea narrowed her eyes at him maliciously and flexed her claws.

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Orc (orcgoth) | 2055 comments Maria let her gaze wannder the group as they left her brother trailing behind her. she turned back and scowled that rhea girl how dare she, maria made a rude hand sighn at her and turnd her brother away.
as they walked she stared around looking at deka her glace shifting from her 2 brianna and back wat had hapend they were friends wernt they......

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Mike | 509 comments Darren Solace let the steady beat of everyones moving feet drown out his thoughts. He didn't want to think about Max, his brother who had been a victim to the deadly Plague. He did'nt make it. As if that was'nt bad enough, he had to started to develop powers. He could control an electical current throught his body, at his own will.

No one knew about his abilities, and no one could know. If he just laid low at the lake, he could continue living a normal life. Well, as normal as it could get in the FAYZ.

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Renn(: (rennfairbanks) | 53 comments Jayma looked back at the ghost town of Perdido Beach. A few kids who had chosen to stay in the town watched the group of lake kids start their journey toward Lake Tramonto. She was feeling slightly hopeful, and with her friends beside her as they walked, she couldn't help thinking that maybe things could get better in the FAYZ. Sure, the Darkness was still around, Drake was unkillable, and Caine was king, but Jayma wasn't too worried. Soon she would have nutella and water and life would be good. And she had her force fields to protect the people around her if anything attacked. "Things are starting to look up," she thought.

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Michelle (nocturne_13) Good riddance, Rhea thought as Sam's followers gradually vanished from sight. She'd had enough of the staring and the rude hand gestures that girl had given her. Soon enough they'd all be back and begging for Caine to help them. Rhea obviously thought Caine should let them starve or get eaten by wild animals or whatever went wrong in their "perfect" little lake. But she knew Caine would help them on the condition that they'd do his dirty work. And she knew he'd give his Diana special treatment. Harsher or a bit more lenient, she didn't know, but Caine did not like being left, abandoned, or betrayed. That much she knew. For Katherine, she thought, running her fingers across the scar on her neck. She hoped Caine would punish them since they killed her sister. Especially Sam.

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Orc (orcgoth) | 2055 comments Woah wats up with tall dark and gloomy over there maria thought "nice" remarked samanther noding at the boy "you wat,dont tell me another one"maria skwauked staring incredulesly at her friend "yep,tall srong mystirios defenetly a cute 1"
"oh god sam!?" cried maria "youve fancied more guys than jono has teeth"
"oh c'mon maria look at him look at that hair!"
"cant say i care mutch" maria said cooly lie-ing thru her teeth

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Mike | 509 comments Darren could always feel electricity running through him. Always. He looked down at his hands. How could they generate electricity? Well, that's the FAYZ for you.

His dark hair fell into his eyes, he brushed it to the side. He had stop giving himself haircuts a month ago. Partly because they always came out bad, and partly because he didn't care anymore.

Darren noticed two girls talking among themselves, looking over at him. He wished he had a friend, but he had lost all of his friends when the FAYZ wall had come up. When his little brother had become his top priority, he didn't have time for friends.

He would'nt need to worry about that aanymore, Darren thought coldly. His brother was dead.

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Michelle (nocturne_13) The last of the people going to the lake were gone now, so Rhea turned around and started walking back to town. She sighed. Maybe it would have been better to go to the lake. But she couldn't stand to see all of Sam's supporters when they killed her sister. The worst would be seeing Sam every day.

She could remember so much from before the FAYZ, it was like a headache every time she thought of it since she missed it so much. She missed sending letters to Danielle, her pen pal and best friend from Arizona. She missed having cold ice cream melt on her tongue and listening to popcorn pop in the microwave. She also missed her dog, Bellatrix, who was probably eaten by some other kids. Rhea had kept Bellatrix a secret, walking her late at night when not many other people were out and teaching her to stay quiet in the house while she went out. But one day when she came back to eat dinner after a day out, the door was wide open and Bellatrix was gone. Another friend lost, but did anyone care? Did anyone ask? No.

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Orc (orcgoth) | 2055 comments "sam do you even know his name" asked maria
"ummmmm i think its darren"
"DARREN! oh god sam wake up you've got no hart"
"watdya mean" asked samantha obviosly confused
"he had a brother who died a few weeka ago"maria wisperd so only samantha heard
"oh god" samantha gasped "how do you know"
"i notice things" maria awnserd watching her brother terror in her eyes

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Mike | 509 comments They walked for a good 2 days, resting at night and eating what food they brought. On the third day of walking, Darren, being in the back of the crowd noticed a lot of exciting talking, and then some kids broke into a run. They reached the lake.

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Renn(: (rennfairbanks) | 53 comments Jayma heard the excited cries ring out as half of the group began sprinting toward the lake that she could just make out behind the trees. Filled with relief to have made it, and excitement to have water again, she hustled down the slight slope to the fresh water and dove in. The cool water calmed her sore feet and scraped legs, and she gulped mouthfuls of the refreshing drink. As she treaded water, she watched the kids running and splashing around her, ripping off shoes and shirts before diving in, and exploring the boats and camps along the shore.

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Mike | 509 comments Darren forgot about his brother, he forgot about his hunger, he forgot about te FAYZ. He ran towards the lake, the sparkling water shone from the reflection of the hot sun. Darren ripped his shirt of and dove into the lake. He stayed under water for as long as he could before coming up for air.

The cold water surrounding him seemed foreign. He went back under water, drinking in all that surrounded him. The water felt great. That was a first for him in the FAYZ.

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Orc (orcgoth) | 2055 comments "ITS THE LAKE" shouted jono
maria stared sparkeling clean cold water
"me first" said samantha kicking off her sandels and running to the lake she practicly fell in to it as maria carring jono ran after her she jumped in leting go of jono who was shouting with exitement the water seemed like some sort of mirical as it surrounded her tendrills of her long brown hair swirled round her head as she gulped the water she felt other people jummp in to the surounding water she rose to the surface grinning at samantha who looked druged
"water" jono yelled over the sound of splashing
"water" agreed maria
"and my day just got better" said samanther slyly
"how" asked maria staring incredulessly at her friend
"while underwater i saw darren shirtless" she grinned
maria dident know wat to say to that but she felt a slight twinge of jeloussly...

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Michelle (nocturne_13) "Hey Rhea, whatcha doing?"
Rhea's best friend, Claire, from both before and during the FAYZ, approached. After the people going to the lake had left, Rhea had made her way to her favorite place to relax away from the others. Behind the tall fence that surrounded her home, there was a hammock strung between two trees. The area was so dark and gloomy, people avoided it because they thought nothing of value was there. But here was where you could find Rhea when she was sad, stressed, angry, or just needed a break.
"Nothing...just wondering," Rhea replied, gazing up at the tree branches.
"Wondering about what?"
"Should we have gone to the lake?"
Claire laughed. "Gone to the lake?" she repeated. "With those idiots and the guy who can't even make a decision by himself? Come on, Rhea! I thought you were smarter than this!"
Rhea grinned. That was the reassurance she was looking for. "I am. I'm glad we stayed."

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Mike | 509 comments Darren swam to shore, finding his shirt and pulling it back over him. He picked up his bag with a few extra set of clothess in it and headed off to find a place to live before everyone got out of the water. He examined a small boat house, that could fit maybe 2 or 3 people. This should do fine.

He walked in hesitantly, not knowing what to expect. People hadn't been there since the FAYZ wall had come up. The boat house had a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Nothing fancy, but thats all Darren needed.

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Abi (abigail-but-you-can-call-me-abi) | 97 comments Vicky walked along the dock, it was quieter around here, most of the kids were still swiming. She didn't know many people here, her friends stayed behind, if she could call them friends, if they knew about her..... She shook her head, "no don't even think about it, your free from them, from James, they stayed behind"

Vicky had kept her powers a secret. She knew there was a girl who could tell if you had powers, Diana. She just needed to avoid her and she'd be ok.

She walked to the ended of the dock where a small yacht was bobbing in the water,she knew it was empty, she felt nothing there. She stepped gingerly onto it not wanting to fall in. She wondered whether there were adults in here when the FAYZ went up. She stepped inside, it was nice and small, nothing fancy but she liked that, it ment no one would want to take it from her, hopefully. She walked back on deck and sat down, looking out at the lake, feelng safe for the first time in months.

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Mike | 509 comments Darren spread his belongings, which wasnt much, on the bed. An old wooden bureau sat next to the bed, with dust collecting on it. He slid open one of the drawers and met a welcoming sight. fresh clotes, that hadn't been used in a while sat neatly in the drawer. He checked that size. A little big, but much better than the salty clothes that he had been wearing. Down at Perdido Beach, you could only wash your clothes in the ocean.

He packed his own clothes into the drawer and tucked his hunting knife into it's sheath, whitch hung at his waist.

He figured he'd better stay in the boat house for a few hours so no one else would come in, thinking it was vacant. He decided to put on the new clothes he had found and chose a black t-shirt and khaki cargo shorts. The clothes felt great. So soft aand clean. The best feeling he'd had in a long time.

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Orc (orcgoth) | 2055 comments maria swam to the shore jono and samanthe trailing behind her
"slow down will ya!" whined jono
"yea slow down" samanther chimed in "my arms are tierd"
"fine you guys can slow down down but i wont im tryin to get to that boat house before anyone else takes it"
they reached the shore clamberd out and headed for the boat by the jetty maria knocked on the door
"helooo this one taken?"
no one replied
"ok wel welcome home i guess" maria said grinning she held open the door as smanther steped inside folowed closely by jono
maria looked around people swimming,laghing,playing she smiled and walked in samanther was siting on a bunk bed watching jono try to decide witch bed he wanted
"luck huh" samanther asked "imean fancey finding one with 3 beds 1 each"
maria smiled"i saw them thru the window"
maria and samanther had been friends since they were 4 years old when they both ganged up on cookie for stealing there toys afterthat they were near inseperable, though they looked compleatly difrent samanther tall thin dark skined short strait black hair maria curvey tanned long wavey brown hair
when the fayz came they shared a house 2 friends looking after jono
"maria look at this!" squealed samanther
"huh wat" said maria snapping out of her trance "wat is it"
"maria i found tins tins of pudding!"

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Michelle (nocturne_13) Rhea closed her eyes while she lay on the hammock. She remembered life before the FAYZ when she was always busy and active. She definitely missed that. All of this downtime and boredom was driving her crazy. She was Asian, and her parents reflected the demanding stereotype of tiger parents. Rhea really didn't mind at all though. She loved how busy her life had been. After all, that was how she met Claire.

From an early age, Rhea began gymnastics, piano, violin, and Chinese lessons (Cantonese and Mandarin). She could read from a young age and understood multiplication in kindergarten. In first grade, she began karate lessons. In second grade, she began taking circus arts--aerial arts, like the trapeze. She was always expected to have A's as her grades. Her parents would even be ashamed if she even got an A-. But she never did. Rhea prided herself on how quickly she learned and memorized.

By the age of twelve, she was at a gifted school in the top classes. She had gymnastics every day for two hours, Chinese on weekends for four hours, violin and piano three times a week for two hours (though she still had to practice for more than two hours every day she didn't have piano, one hour on days she did), circus arts on weekends for an hour and a half, and karate on weekends for two hours. Rhea grew up feeling accomplished and motivated.

One downside to her busy childhood was that she rarely had time for friends. Until Claire came along. Rhea met Claire in karate. Claire had moved to Perdido Beach and was on the same skill level as Rhea, so they often fought each other during classes. Over time, the two girls and their parents became friends, and Rhea's parents said she had enough time on weekend afternoons and evenings to hang out with Claire. Claire was pretty much the only friend Rhea had.

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Abi (abigail-but-you-can-call-me-abi) | 97 comments Vicky looked out at the lake longingly, it just looked so..... clean. She remembered seeing a key inside the boat, getting up slowly, trying to stretch away the stiffness in her legs, a 3 day walk wasn't going to be easy on anybody. She walked inside, the key was lying on the kitchen counter. She took it and tested it on the door, yup she was right, a key to the yacht. She put the key on her leather necklace, her Brother James had given it her for her 14 birthday,it used to have a little silver heart on it she traded it for food a few months back. The key fit perfectly.

She walked back outside, locked the door, it wouldn't keep people but it gave her long enough to get back if they tried.

She walked to the bow, it was facing away from the other boats, out towards the lake. She took of her boots and dove in, allowing the cool, clean water wash over her.

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Brandon | 2015 comments Chet was ready to get going. Water! He couldn't wait to get to the lake. The walk was very hard for him. He brought all his weapons. His baseball bat and nail stick hung from his belt. He also carried a gym bag full of air soft guns and BBs. 2 mini-Uzis, 5 large pistols, 10 small, a shotgun, a rifle, and a fully automatic machine gun. + 50,000 rounds. 10 pounds at lest. some people here thought he was crazy. But his passion for air soft was not un-common from where he came from.
He missed Holland. And the great lakes. He hoped he could be happy at a lake he could see across.

The lake! He could see it! He jumped in and let the water rush over him. As he sat there he could hear others jump in and come back up. He could stay there because he was use to the fresh water. Eat that surfer dudes! He could also hear people rushing for a spot on a boat house. He didn't care. As long as he had a boat as big as his bed room he'd be happy. The feel of fresh water and the squirrels to shoot at. Shoot... His air soft guns! He quickly swan to the surface and found his bag and belt. Then went off to small abandoned boat floating in the water.

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Renn(: (rennfairbanks) | 53 comments Jayma had found a small camp near the dock and unpacked her backpack of possessions. The camp was clean, and comfortable, but kind of lonely. Jayma wondered why she hadn't decided to live with other people. She loved company, but maybe after everything they'd been through in the FAYZ she just needed more space.

Jayma stepped outside of her new log house, and tested putting a force field around it. A purplish semi-transparent dome began to expand from her hands and spread out over her house. It shimmered as it grew, and reminded her of the FAYZ wall. Except her wall didn't shock people if you touched it.

The force field could just cover her entire little camp, so she lowered her arms and let the force field drop away and disappear. She had wanted to know if she could keep her house safe in case some stupid kids tried to burn down the town again. Then again, if anyone tried that stunt again, she'd just keep blocking their way with force fields until they gave up.

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Brandon | 2015 comments Chet climbed into the boat. It was a cozy little thing. Like the speed boats out in on the great lakes... No, stop thinking about it. He went under. It was about the size of a large bathroom. Perfect. He trough his stuff in the corner and looked around. A small bed, and... No way! Fresh cloths! He quickly changed. He hated thous cloths. They felt like carpet-covered cardboard. Stiff and scratchy. He went up deck. There he found the keys in there socket. Impossible. He turned it. Yes! It had gas! He loved the feel of the spray in his face. For the first time sense the FAYZ wall went up he felt at home. He parked the boat in the middle of the lake. He faced it tord the beach. He could almost believed he was looking at Michigan. Almost. As he was watching he saw a purplish dome form. It got bigger, stopped, and disaper. He must be seeing things. He went under for a LONG nap.

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Abi (abigail-but-you-can-call-me-abi) | 97 comments Vicky laughed, shaking water out of her hair, she was clean! She felt great, she had found some clothes inside, shorts and a black hoodie.
She looked around, although it was amazing to be away from her brother and his gang, she couldn't help but feel lonely..they were still people after all, walking, talking people even if they were cruel.This was the first time she was alone since the FAYZ...She didn't know if she like it yet, it was nice being away from people not having to avoid touching them in case she "heard" something she didn't want to.
Vicky sighed, lying down on the deck and enjoying the sunlight.

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Dani Henderson  (astridride) | 179 comments Demi saw the lake and rushed for it. She loved the water it reminded her of home, at their pool, in her house.
Demi sighed her parents had sent her off to Coates in the hope of getting rid of her. Actually being at Coates wasn't that bad she was smart and made straight A's.
It was the FAYZ she hated she had the power to turn completely invisible which was how she got away from Drake and being plastered.
Since then the FAYZ seems like an ongoing nightmare. But for now it seemed just a little bit more bearable being in the lake floated contentedly.

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Brandon | 2015 comments After waking up Chet went up on deck. He felt rested. Looking out over the water he wondered what boat Sam was on. He wondered if Astrid cam back. Chet use to respect Astrid. But lately she turned into a controlling jerk. Then she just disappeared. He felt the same about Albert. He was the reason Chet kept going. And he stays with Caine! Maybe Albert wasn't as smart as Chet thought. Maybe hunting would help Chet calm down. He powered the boat toward shore. He tied it to a dock and picked out his shotgun. Locking the boat on his way out he looked over his shoulder at the place he saw the dome. "Seeing things," he told him self "Just seeing things."

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Dani Henderson  (astridride) | 179 comments Demi found a boat perfect for her small but cozy one most people woul'nt notice.
"Perfect," she thought to herself. Demi liked it when she wasn't noticed, which made her power great. But it also made her socially awkward. She went for a walk mainly looking for food when she noticed the dome near. The one thing it seemed she would never get pass, never escape.
"I have to," she told herself "I have to get out of here, back in the real world".
She looked at a nearby tree only to see a small squirell she realized would be her dinner. "with real food she said " I will someday"

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Mike | 509 comments (( now that every one is settled in at the lake, should we skip forward a month or two and let the action start? what does everyone else think?))

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Renn(: (rennfairbanks) | 53 comments ((yes! We need some action))

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Mike | 509 comments (( yeah!! okay il start t off))

Darren woke up, the sun shining through the window onto his face. It was hard to beleive they had already been at the lake for 2 months.

Yesterday, Darren had seen Bug and Penny walk to Sam and Dekka's boat house. Apparently things were not going too well down in Perdidio. They had asked for some spare food and gas. Sam gave them a few jars of nutella but that was it.

Darren knew that Caine had sent Bug and Penny, and he was afraid of what would happen if Caine totally ran out of supplies in Perdido. Would he attack?

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Abi (abigail-but-you-can-call-me-abi) | 97 comments Vicky walked along the dock, the place was restless, people were regreting staying with Caine, a few had shown up here, they never lasted for long, nobody wanted them here, they had chosen their side they should stick to it. At least thats how the boy at the food reserve felt, she hadn't meant to but their hands brushed. She hated when it happened it felt so wrong, it was none of her business after all. To her it wasn't a "gift", being able to shoot light out your hands, thats a gift. No she was cursed.

She had learnt so many things she didn't want to know, like how the boy today had gone out with a group last night and beaten up the latest newcomers. Whats worst is they made sure their targets didn't have power first, if your going to be an jerk, she thought, might as well be a brave one.

She had been so angry at him, she almost gave herself away. He was pathetic, if Sam found out about the group...What would he do? She couldn't tell him without revealing her powers, that wasn't happening. She couldn't lie to him thanks to the boy, she hadn't seen him but she heard he could tell if your lying.

She had to avoid Sam , unless he was alone which was never, Diana and that boy were around always. She wasn't going to risk everything she had here.

She shivered, that group reminded her of the Human Crew, of her brother James.

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Dani Henderson  (astridride) | 179 comments Demi woke up to rustling by her boat. She saw a group of guys chasing one of the new comers. She turned invisible and silently followed only to wish she hadn't they beat the poor kid up badly. She couldn't believe it, she knew that most people hated the newcomers cause they were from Caine's group, but this was just wrong they were no better than the Human Crew, the kid didn't even have a power.
Demi wished she could do something as she made her way back to the boat. "No she thought, "Better to just mind my own buisness and leave things alone. Stay invisible" That was the best option. but as she tried to sleep it didn't seem like the best option anymore.

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Brandon | 2015 comments Life was good. Chet had been living in his boat for 2 months. He had all the squirrels he needed and if had 2 meany he sold it for fuel. There was enof for him to speed around the lake once a week. Now this was what he was expecting when he came here for vacation. From what he herd it wasn't the same in Perdio Beach. Some of Caine's people had come for supplies. Some people said Caine might attack. He still didn't have any friends. This was upsetting. People always avoided him. He didn't no why. He tryed to make friends with Sam but he's always busy. He went to the place where he saw the dome. there was a girl there but she acted like she just wanted to be left alone. Maybe he'd talk to the Darren dude. He hoped he could find a friend but right now it was just him.

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Renn(: (rennfairbanks) | 53 comments Jayma didn't think Caine would attack. She thought Caine would think that attacking the lake would show he had failed at being a King. "He'll stay in town and keep ruling, probably until things get really bad," she thought.

She'd heard about how the town kids were getting beat up. A year ago Jayma would have thought that was horrible, but after the Human Crew and Caine, that was only kind of troubling. Still, it made her mad, and she decided to patrol around a bit at night and make sure no gangs were forming. That was not what they needed right now.

Jayma wondered who the boy was who had come by earlier. He'd said his name was Brandon, but she hadn't really paid much attention to him. Now she wished she had. She could use some friends now. She didn't care that he was younger, she just wanted someone to talk to.

((I'm guessing it was me you were talking about with the dome :p))

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Mike | 509 comments It was 11 at night when Darren heard the knock on the door. WHo could it be this late at night? He got out from his bed which he had just gotten into, hoping to get some sleep.

Opening the door, he found Sean. The red haired boy had been talking to Darren a lot, trying to become friends with him, but Sean was not the type of kid Darren wanted to hang around with.

" Put a shirt on and get out here" he said " we're having some fun tonight."

Darren reluctantley obeyed, putting on his black t-shirt, keeping the on his shorts he slept in. He followed Sean out the door and onto the dock where two other shadowy figures were lurking. There was a girl, her name was Megan, and a boy who he did'nt know.

They led him and Sean around the lake outside a tent.

"This kid came from Perdido two days ago" Sean said. His dark eyes and mischevious smile gave Darren a bad feeling.

The other boy with them pulled out a long knife and sliced an opening in the side of the tent. He crouched and went into the tent fast, dragging a boy out who looked to be thirteen. Sean grabbed the boy, who looked shocked and confused, being just woken up. Sean landed a punch into his face. Megan went over and started kicking the kid in the ribs, repeatedly.

This was there idea of fun? This kid had done nothing to harm them.

"Stop" Darren murmered quietley, at first, bu then raised his voice : I said stop!"

Sean, Megan, and the other boy paused and looked at him with a questioning look.

Sean stared at him, accusingly. " Come on man, he's form Perdido, with Caine. You're defending this kid? This traitor?"

Megan glanced at the other kid in the group. he nodded and started towards Darren.

" Sean, Darren is gunna rat us out! Lets take care of him." Megan said unsheathing a knife.

Darren backed away, getting ready to defend himself. He felt the electrical current surging through his body. His hand's glowed blue, streaks like lightning shooting across his plam and finger tips. He would not stand for this.

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Mike | 509 comments ((omg sorry for making it so long guys, i didnt know it would be that long))

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Abi (abigail-but-you-can-call-me-abi) | 97 comments Vicky walked along the shore, it was quiet, too quiet. She looked around, something flased in the corner of her eye, lightning? She looked up at the sky, it was clear, no clouds, only stars. Then how?

Vicky groaned at her stupidity, this was the FAYZ nothing made sense here. There was another flash.

Then she remember that boy, Sean? Shane? it didn't matter ...what if? What if they had recruited people with powers? Was someone electricuting newcomers right now?

Not on my watch, she thought. She ran towards the light.

She was getting closer, she patted her leg, making sure her knife was still there. She wasn't planning on stabing anyone but just in case.

There was a tent, it was slashed and a terrified boy lying on the ground, badly beaten. She saw them, Sean and some others. One of them, a girl was carrying a knife..
But they weren't hurting the boy anymore, Why? She crept behind the tent to get a better view, their backs were turned to her, facing a boy.Sparks of lightning glowed at his hands.

It was obvious this guy wasn't with the gang. Vicky was relieved, at least Caine's people weren't getting electricuted.He was outnumbered, powers or no powers. She had to help, but how?

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Mike | 509 comments Darren had never used his powers in front ofanyone before, in fact, he barley used them at all. But now he felt powerful. Power surging through him, he loved it!

He shot a bolt at the boy who was still un-named to Darren. He fell to the ground, twitching, blue electricity flowing through his body. Darren felt like he could do anything.

That's when Sean tackled him, knocking the breath form Darren. He felt a sharp pain in his side, at his rib cage. Sean pulled a bloddied knife from Darren and punched him in the face. Megan moved towards Darren, ready to help Sean.

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Abi (abigail-but-you-can-call-me-abi) | 97 comments This was her chance. The girl was about to help Sean. She had to stop her.She knew she could do it, she'd done it before, all she had to do was touch her.

Vicky crept up behind her, but she was too loud. The girl turned to face her, a shocked expression on her face. She sneered at Vicky, pointing her knife.

Vicky supressed a laugh, the girl was holding it all wrong, she kicked it out of her hands. It was now or never, she grabed the girls wrist. She could feel her mind, this girl was full of hate. Vicky willed her to shut down. The girl's eyes widened in fear before rolling back into her head, she fell to the ground, unconscious.

"What the HELL!" Sean screamed, "You killed her!"

Vicky sighed "I didn't" thats when she saw the lightning boy, he was beside him, bleeding pretty bad. Crap, that jerk stabbed him! She knew she couldn't get to Sean on time to stop him, not without risking this guy's life. "But you will be if you don't let him go" she bluffed.

Sean glared at her, "Why should I? He's a traitor, your a traitor! If I'm going he's going with me" he pulled his knife back, aiming for the killer blow.

Insinct took over, she took a step forward , her hands aimed towards him. "STOP!" I yelled, her hands felt weird, tingly? She'd never felt so much energy before. She was just so mad. This guy thought that hurting people was ok, he needed pain, punishment. He needed to be stoped, permanently.

Sean droped the knife, yelling out in pain. He bent over, his hands clutching his head.
"stop, what are you doing! STOP!" he screamed. He rocked back and forth, moaning in agony, his hands pulling his hair.He collapsed onto the ground, silent.

Vicky pulled back her hands, horrified. What did she just do? She only wanted him to stop, didn't she? She gasped, remembering what she was thinking at the time, she hadn't meant it.

She was woken from her daze by the sound of moaning, at first she thought it was Sean but then remembered the guy he stabbed. She ran over and knelt down beside him.

"Is it bad? Where did he get you?" she asked.

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Abi (abigail-but-you-can-call-me-abi) | 97 comments ((Sorry it didn't seem that long ))

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Dani Henderson  (astridride) | 179 comments Demi saw the flashes of lightning then heard moaning as she got closer she dissappered when she got there but hid carefully behind a tree just in case.

Is it bad? Where did he get you? a girl asked.

Demi looked at the ground and saw a a guy the ground possibly unconscious and a girl on the ground who was definitely unconscious.

She gasped and the girl helping the boy looked in her direction for a split second but didn't see her of course.

Demi headed back home. What happened she thought. And most importantly what should she do. What could she do.

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Mike | 509 comments Darren sat up and looked at his rescuer.

He coughed " In the ribs, I'll be okay."

It hurt to breathe, with the wound on his side.

" W-what was that?" Darren studdered. " What did you do to them?"

He looked at Megan and Sean, who could be dead for all he knew. And then he looked at the other boy who he had shot with lightning. Was he dead? Had he killed him? He had been stabbed for a random kid he was trying to save. The kid he'd saved had run away during the action. Your welcome.

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Michelle (nocturne_13) Rhea lay on the hammock, feeling thinner and hungrier than ever. She had heard Caine had caved and sent people for food from the lake, even though most protested, including her. Food was running a bit lower than usual. Quinn's fishing didn't catch as much as it usually did, and most kids were a bit too lazy to even look on their own for any food at all.
"Rhea, you have to go hunt or something. You're so thin already, the last thing you need is to be even skinnier," Claire urged. Rhea hadn't hunted in a while. She supposed something small or simple would do, but she was very much out of practice.
"So are you!" Rhea retorted. "If I go, you're coming with me!"
Claire shuddered. She had seen Rhea hunt before, and even though Rhea considered her hunting clean and relatively bloodless, Claire had still almost lost her lunch. "I really don't want to..."
"Come on, your power is useful!" Claire could breathe underwater and plus had undiscovered abilities.
Claire rolled her eyes. "Yeah, if we were hunting fish, and you can barely swim."
"Okay, okay, fine, you won't be much of a help. Just come. Please?"
Within minutes, Rhea had spotted a fawn. Carefully creeping up on it, Rhea extended her claws and pounced. The fawn, taken by surprise, kicked out, but Rhea easily dodged and clawed it. Weakened, the fawn slowed, and Rhea struck the final blow.
Rhea and Claire dragged the fawn back to the house. Claire was a bit uneasy, seeing the fawn bleed while it bumped limply along, but she helped all the same.
"Hey!" A voice yelled behind them, and Rhea turned quickly. A couple of boys ran up, looking excited. "Can we have some of that?"
"No," Rhea answered stubbornly, and she turned around to keep moving.
One of them grabbed her shoulder. "Just a bit! We're not asking for much."
Rhea snarled, "Don't touch me! I said no!"
Extending her claws, she slashed at the boy's face, leaving long, narrow scratches. The boy yelped and jumped back.
"What the hell?" He and his friend, quickly scampered away.
Rhea watched them escape with satisfaction.
((Sorry for lack of double spacing, I know it makes it harder to read, but it's extremely long and single spacing makes it not take up the whole page. I will add in the extra spaces if you want me to. Also sorry for long length.))

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Mike | 509 comments (( haha its okay long lengths are good(: ))

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Abi (abigail-but-you-can-call-me-abi) | 97 comments Vicky was relieved, he was ok. She looked at him, ok maybe not ok but not dead. Her eyes drifted to Sean. She sighed, but not dead is good enough for me.

He sat up, wincing.
" W-what was that?" he stuttered. " What did you do to them?"

Vicky froze, letting fear creep over her. Why was she so stupid? How didn't she this coming? She should never have used her powers but without them he'd be dead she told herself.

She stared at him, unsure of what to do. A voice kept telling her to run, get away, escape, he didn't need to know. She sighed, he didn't need to but it wasn't fair, he should know.

He was staring at the bodies.
"She's unconscious" She said pointing to the girl.
"He....wasn't so lucky" She said quietly, I believe I killed him, she thought. I can't believe I killed someone, it was an accident. Wasn't it? she asked herself uncertain.

She took a deep breath, she had never told anyone this before.
"I influenced them" she said, keeping it as vague as possible.Hoping it was a good enough answer.

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Orc (orcgoth) | 2055 comments maria had stayed shut up in her house all night with jono and samanther((ok this is anoying im calling her sam now)) watching it she was crying jono was asleep sam was shocked
"hes hes a moof" she said staring "screw him thats scary you have him im goin to bed" samanther got up and wallked off. maria dident kno why but she got up and left the boat she wallked towards the sceene staring she dident kno why she said it but she walked towards darren
"how the hell did you do that i thuaght only my brother could that"

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Mike | 509 comments " I influenced them." Said the girl who had just saved Darren's life.

" Influen-" Darren started to question but was interupted by a girl walking towards them.

" How the hell did you do that I thought only my brother could do that?" Asked the girl, demandingly.

" Me? I don't know!" Darren explained " it just started happening recentley. I can't help it!"

He looked at the new girl and then to his mysterious rescuer. " I did'ny ask for this." He added, looking down at his hands.

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Abi (abigail-but-you-can-call-me-abi) | 97 comments Vicky smiled, grateful for the interuption.

"I think she means you, I don't have any powers" She told him, her eyes pleading for him to play along.

" Me? I don't know!" he explained " it just started happening recentley. I can't help it!"

She sighed full of relief. He hadn't given her away, maybe she could trust him after all...

He looked at her, pain flashed in his eyes.

"I didn't ask for this" he said quietly, looking at his hands. Vicky sighed inwardly, she didn't need her power to know how he felt. It was the same feeling that tortured everyday.

She knelt down beside him, wishing she could tel him she felt the same, that he wasn't alone. But she couldn't, letting him know about her was risky enough.
"Nobody does" she said with a sad smile.

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Michelle (nocturne_13) "That was a bit much, wasn't it?" Claire asked reproachfully as she watched the boys run.

Rhea shrugged. "I told them no."

Claire sighed. "Let's just hope there's not an angry mob outside the house anytime soon."

After Rhea prepared the fawn, Claire cooked it, and they enjoyed a plentiful meal for the first time in months.

A few minutes passed, and Claire asked Rhea something that was bothering her. "Rhea?"


"Does Caine know that you could help provide food?"

"Why should he?"

"Well, for one thing, this all traces back to the angry mob thing...I mean, kids are starving, and we are eating well. Don't you think Caine would take advantage of anything if it means he'll stay in charge and a horde of stampeding kids won't be at his door begging for food?"

"Yeah. It's Caine."

"What if those kids ran to complain to him?"

"It's their fault. Pretty much everyone in the FAYZ has a weapon of some kind, and those kids were just too lazy to use their weapons."

"I guess...," Claire murmured uncertainly as she finished eating.

"Trust me. If he wants to use us, he better make us a pretty good deal. Otherwise he'll have more to worry about besides dwindling food."

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