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Salam Perkenalan & Pengumuman > hi all,i'm new here..

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message 1: by szasza (new)

szasza (sachaV) | 3 comments dear all awesome goodreaders,looking forward to join this club:)

message 2: by Kataklicik (new)

Kataklicik | 714 comments Helllllloooooo Sacha!

(yes I ngaku awesome, tu yg jawab cepat tu teeheeheeheeheeeee)

Join our 50 books a year challenge?

message 3: by szasza (new)

szasza (sachaV) | 3 comments hello kataklicik,awesome yo,hehe.of cos wud love to join the challenge,but i kind of slow reader huhu.took almost a month to finish the davinci code-dan brown *embarassed* that one yg i put on the read shelf, books yg i dh read starting last year dh kot:(and i read mostly fictions

message 4: by Najibah, Penterjemah yang mencintai kata-kata (new)

Najibah Abu Bakar (najabakar) | 2843 comments Mod
Sacha, welcome to Goodreads Malaysia. Happy reading always!

message 5: by szasza (new)

szasza (sachaV) | 3 comments thanx najibah :)

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