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message 1: by Satia (new)

Satia I found this list of the cast of characters and thought it might be helpful to those of us who are reading.

Cast of Characters
Rahel (girl) and Esthappen Yako (Estha):
fraternal ("two-egg") twins.
Ammu: their mother, born 1942. Married to "Baba" ("father": his real name is never given) and divorced.
Baby Kochamma (born Navomi Ipe): Rahel and Estha's grandfather's sister--their grand-aunt. "Kochamma" is not a name, but a standard female honorific title.
Sophie Mol ("Sophie girl"): the twins' cousin, daughter of their Uncle Chacko and Margaret Kochamma. Throughout the novel, "mol" is "girl" and "mon" is "boy."
Margaret Kochamma: daughter of English parents, former wife of Chacko, then of Joe, mother of Sophie Mol.
Mammachi (Shoshamma Ipe): blind grandmother of Rahel, Estha, and Sophie Mol, founder of the family pickle factory. "Mammachi" simply means "grandmother."
Pappachi (Benaan John Ipe): late abusive husband of Mammachi. ("Pappachi: of course means "grandfather.")
Chacko: son of Mammachi, divorced first husband of Margaret.
Joe: second husband of Margaret, died 1969.
Kochu Maria: "Little Maria": the tiny cook of the household.
Larry McCaslin: Rahel's American husband.
Velutha Paapen: Paravan untouchable around whom much of the action revolves.
Vellya Paapen: his father.

message 2: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (barbarasc) | 168 comments This is awesome, Satia! Thank you for this list -- it's incredibly helpful.

For Velutha, what does "Paravan untouchable" mean???

message 3: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (barbarasc) | 168 comments By the way, I think Chacko may be my favorite character so far, just because he's a smart-ass. He's smart and funny and he seems to be nice, but who knows??? As it says on the back cover of the book "Everything can change in a day."

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