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All New-Bees Come Here!!

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message 1: by Alex (new)

Alex | 142 comments Mod
Welcome to Thentra Academy. All new-bees come here to start.

Amyacrescientia | 3 comments (hi)

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)


message 4: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments Hello!

message 5: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments Hola! :D

message 6: by Alex (new)

Alex | 142 comments Mod
okay and if you haven't already and want to you can make characters..... :)

message 7: by skye (new)

skye  monte verde (cieloskye) | 4 comments hello!

message 8: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments I haven't.

message 9: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm Hi guys just joined :)

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

i also just joined and havent made a character

message 11: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm same :D

message 12: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Hello

message 13: by M'n'm (new)

M'n'm hi hiz! :D

message 14: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments I just joined, and I made a character! :D

message 15: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Yea!

message 16: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Don't you think you should slow down? You have like a bunch of RP's.... Just a thought... Nobody is doing anything in Pandora... :(

message 17: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Haha! Well do you think we should abandon Pandora?

message 18: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Okedokee. Well then I will continue to ponder what will happen. :)

message 19: by Megan (new)

Megan Hi!!!

message 20: by Alex (new)

Alex | 142 comments Mod
Heyy!!! Hola!! Bonjour!! 'Ello!! lol :) make characters!!! :) please :)

message 21: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments Ok

message 22: by Megan (new)

Megan I have to say, this is the Best. Group. EVER!

message 23: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments Wheeeeeeeee!

message 24: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ YEA!

message 25: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments Whoop dee doo!

message 26: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ I really like it. I was kind of overwhelmed with RP but this is really fun. :) And I haven't even done much yet. Haha

message 27: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments That's what a good group is supposed to be. :3

message 28: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Exactly. :)

message 29: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments *nod*

message 30: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ *purse lips in agreement*

message 31: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (last edited Jul 09, 2011 07:48PM) (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments *looks at banana sidekick, Peel*

message 32: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Intresting. No idea what it means...but intresting. :)

message 33: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments :) Peel is my sidekick. He's a banana.

message 34: by Alex (new)

Alex | 142 comments Mod
I'm glad everyone likes it....I kind of thought no one would. :)

message 35: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Got it...sorta. My sidekick is a beanut butter jar. I open her

message 36: by ℋɑƞƞɑℎ (new)

ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 59 comments Mod
Hi hi

message 37: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments TikiPaws12 wrote: "Got it...sorta. My sidekick is a beanut butter jar. I open her"


weasle boy thomas | 12 comments hallo I' m neu und i-Englisch, die ich schwöre

(a.k.a...hi I'm new and I English I swear)

message 39: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments Hi, Thomas!

weasle boy thomas | 12 comments sup do you have a roomate????

weasle boy thomas | 12 comments do you have a roomate??????

message 42: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments I have Jay. He can be your roommate.

message 43: by Tori (new)

Tori Hi

message 44: by Alex (new)

Alex | 142 comments Mod
hey :)

message 45: by !ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ (new)

!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments Hi!

message 46: by Meaghan (new)

Meaghan Hi :D

message 47: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ hi

ß®ï:Dģε₮  *The Gothic Nerd of Revenge!* o.O | 62 comments hello. I just joined and made a character.

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

hello im **star** as you can tell

message 50: by Sir Arthur (new)

Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) Oh right, I missed this topic through the insantity of trying to caught up XP!

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