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message 1: by Ivana (new)

Ivana (ivanaerny) | 21 comments Could someone, please, help me?

I have three copies of Murder on the Orient Express, but in different languages. Two of them were bought in the state I live in, one not. The problem is that here, on the goodreads, it's shown that the purchase location for all of them is the same, but they weren't bought in the same country or even on the same date. I'd like to have a different location for every one of them, but can't get it. Does anyone know how to do it? Please?!

Thanks for the advice

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23738 comments Sorry, Ivana. When you say purchase location what do you mean? Where are you seeing this?

message 3: by Elizabeth (Alaska) (last edited Jul 08, 2011 07:04AM) (new)

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 6659 comments Ivana, perhaps the problem is that you have only one edition shelved. I'm assuming that these are different editions since they're in different languages. You can shelve multiple different editions of the same book if you wish - and it looks like in this case you definitely wish to!

message 4: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 392 comments Sandra wrote: "Sorry, Ivana. When you say purchase location what do you mean? Where are you seeing this?"

It shows up after you check the I own a copy box on the review page.

message 5: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 392 comments Elizabeth is right, you need to add each edition to your shelves.

Find the editions you own by clicking on other editions from the book page. You change editions by clicking on switch to this edition and you can add an additional edition to your shelves by clicking on review this edition.

message 6: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23738 comments Ahh, that's why I didn't know. Unless you are in the US you don't use that box as its for Bookswap.

message 7: by Darkpool (new)

Darkpool It doesn't have to be for bookswap if you live outside the US. I've used it (down here at the bottom of the planet), but most of the time I can't be bothered

message 8: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23738 comments Darkpool, I'm down here near the bottom too. I don't use it cause I have a shelf called owned. I found in the beginning that check box just didn't work for us antipodeanians. LOL

message 9: by Ivana (new)

Ivana (ivanaerny) | 21 comments hmmm, thank you all for your advices, but it seems that the best option, and the easiest one, would be to create an I own shelf, just like you, Sandra.

about the editions, I did add them to my shelf, actually I added the books to the goodreads myself, but I just wanted to have a correct name of the town / state I've bought them in, an not to have one town for all of them

message 10: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23738 comments :)

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