Simple Church: Returning to God's Process for Making Disciples Simple Church question

Is your church implementing "simple"?
Scott Hayden Scott Jul 07, 2011 07:17AM
I'd like to know if your church is putting this framework to use. Here are some question you can choose from to respond to.

1. Are you implementing it in a church just getting started or in a church already on the move?
2. How many people are involved in leading the "simple" changes?
3. How long have you taken to get your congregation ready for the changes?
4. How has your congregation responded to it?
5. How long have you been implementing it?
6. What results have you seen?

I am on a by-laws committee that is implementing Simple to a great degree. We have to resolve some structural issues, such as too many standing committees and such, but it will be a challenge. I can already see that the Senior Pastor needs to maintain focus throughout, or it will be easy for a staff to get bogged down with busyness.

I will post more as we progress.

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