Specials (Uglies, #3) Specials question

Would you rather be a stunning pretty or a breath taking special?

I would rather be a breath taking special with powers and pretty but not bubble head

i'd rather be a special :) by the way, does anyone know who is on the front cover of 'Specials'?

Kate Sam: I always assumed that it was Shay on Uglies, Zane and Tally on Pretties, Tally on Specials, and Aya Fuse on Extras
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I think I would prefer being a special, because they get to do all the cool stuff haha :)

SPECIAL! I love to have fun every now and again but pretties are so much more dumb and specials so much more bad ass.

Hmm, I would maybe be a cured pretty. Either that or a special that is not completely evil.

In all honesty, I've had so much trouble with my own mind, I'd actually welcome the vapid boring life of a pretty. Safety over skill. I'd rather be content than like I am, always twisted and my brain never working right.

I'd TOTALLY be a special. Minus the pointy teeth and cruelness, but it would be awesome to be superhuman and really pretty...and special. ;)

I prefer Specials because Tally still rewire her way back to her normal self. If I was a Special, I can turn myself back tomorrow if Tally can.

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Special! I'd love to have the strength and reflexes. It'd be great to be indestructible! There's so much more adventure and excitement, too.

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A special like Tally is at the end of "Specials" when she has a mind of her own but could still single-handedly take down an army. I would want to have these awesome white flash tattoos of a dragonfly wings on my back that flutter with my heart rate, and a ton of little ivy-looking ones that twist with my heart rate as well

I think I'm the only one who'd want to stay ugly!
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.

Melissa I feel the same way
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Special, they are breathtaking and eye capturing.

I would rather be a Special, they can do things the average person couldn't do and they practically have minds of their own, where as the pretties were just partying freaks who didn't know who they were anymore.


I would want to be a special. :)

Specials because they are kickass. Pretties have no brains and just party all the time. So, that'd get old pretty fast.

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special for sure !!

Special. Totally ninja, dude.

Specials because their badass! and cool :P

I'd want to be a special because they seem more bad ass. And smarter.

Special. They're not bubbleheads, and I don't want to be a happy person 24/7. That and specials are pretty cool.

Special!!! They are so awesome!!!!

I would much rather be a Pretty. Yes, of course Specials can do a lot more amazing things, but people fear them.

I'd rather be brain dead and bubbly but actually be liked and accepted in a group.

Plus, if you are a pretty ... more opportunities to wear lots of beautiful clothes (See. Turning into one already).

I'd rather be Pretty.

I wouldn't want to be a scary, horrible Special. Both ways have brain alterations, but I'd rather be happy all the time than manically angry.

I would rather be a Special. They're just so darn COOL! Wouldn't be awesome to be just a myth to most people, something to get the kids to behave XD not to mention being super fast and strong! I can just imagine the eyes, too.... I could scare people out of their pants!


I'd prefer to be a special but maybe with less frightening features... yeah, a pretty's looks but the strength and power of a Special

Totally Special!


I would rather be a Special because I find the bubble-head life of the Pretties petty and mundane. It seems that they take everything for granted and don't give anything back. I don't like the way they seem so shallow. I'd rather have a more purposeful life than an easier one.

SPECIALS!! I would make a mean Special


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I would also pick pretty. I would want to take the pill so I wasn't a bubbly-head, but I think there'd be more people and I'm a extremly social person.

Special, they are ib control of their mind and have pretty awesome skills.

I would love to be a special. I think they are so awesome with their speed and power.

I would rather be a special. Being a pretty would get boring.

I'd want to be a Special and smell fear. And there's also the whole not many Specials thing that makes me want to be Special.

so special


i think that i'd want to be a special but only the tally sort of special because there's something to be said about being 100% in control of what you do which is something that's taken away from you when you're just a pretty but the 'regular specials' or even the cutters had different motives. tally was a pure type of special in my eyes.

Both are brainwashed but I guess a special.

I would be a special.

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I wouldn't want to be a pretty because they are all looks and no brains. They live their life to party, which isn't really my style. So yeah, I'd rather be a Special.

I completely agree with everyone just picking the socially acceptable answer, but I disagree about being happier as a pretty. True, as a pretty, you're carefree and happy, but I think that takes away a lot of what it means to be human. Humans aren't meant to lead a happy and carefree life. We're supposed to work hard to figure out our way in this world.

SPECIAL! how cool would it be to be special... sigh. this might sound a little weird but i'd swap myself now to become special, especially with those abilities or what not :P

Special!!! your stunning and still have your mind intacked

Here's the thing: if you were a pretty, you'd be happy. Happily bubble-headed. You wouldn't know to be unhappy with your stupidity. You know what they say... ignorance is bliss.

Specials may have extra abilities, but they don't have a carefree life.

I think you guys aren't thinking critically enough and are just going with the socially acceptable answers. I would rather be a pretty- not because of the appearance of specials or pretties, but because I would ipso facto be happier.

i would definitely be a special. just to have their amazing reflexes and senses and strength.

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The thing about being a Pretty is that you don't really care about anything:your a bubble-head. But when your a Special, your extremely fast, strong, and no one doubts a thing you say. But being Special means everyone fears you; and you would have to kill anyone if necissary. I think I'd rather be a Pretty, only becasue they may be stupid, but at least you're not doing your city's dirty work.

I would rather be a Special. Although they're frightening, at least they've got brains. Besides, I think I'm too mean to be a Pretty. xD

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