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Please, cut Harry some slack!
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Harry has recently witnessed a crime and been through torture both physical and mental at the hands of Voldemort. His classmates are clearly buying the lies in the Daily Prophet very easily because, let's face it, many assume what is in the paper to be solid fact without bothering to delve between the lines, when they bother with reading the paper at all. He does not yet know how to interact with his crush, and even as he wants answers for all of the injustice, he is left in the dark in his point-of-view.

Would you honestly be okay going through all of this at the same time? Witnessing a death, particularly a sudden and violent one, really messes with your head. It's one of those things one has to experience to thoroughly and truly understand. Especially if you have never witnessed a sudden, violent death, think twice before you judge. Would you be any better?

Harry definitely has perfectly valid things to "whine" about, in my opinion, far less trivial than "OMG I don't know what to say to Cho!" though the trivial things do contribute to suffering especially in conjunction with far more serious matters

I TOTALLY AGREE. It always bugged me when people bitched about Harry's angst in book 5!!! I bet they'd be a little angsty too if they went through everything he had.

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