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message 1: by new_user (new)

new_user | 755 comments Has anyone heard about this one? What do you think?

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Gilmore I plan of moving heaven and earth, calling in sick to work, skipping class, and whatever else I have to do to watch it! LOL! Seriously, it looks like it'll be a good show, and I'm excited to see the premiere.

message 3: by new_user (new)

new_user | 755 comments It does look good with all the money they're pouring in, LOL. I expect good production values, LOL. I guess Spielberg is getting into TV now.

Stacia (the 2010 club) (stacia_r) I'm looking forward to it. Let's hope that the story moves well. So far, the film quality looks impressive.

message 5: by Pauline (new)

Pauline (paulinebairdjones) | 345 comments When does it start? Saw all kinds of teasers on my flight, but had no sound. LOL! It does look interesting!

message 6: by Amy (new)

Amy I'm looking forward to it. Looks a little like Land of the Lost and maybe Lost combined.

♥Book♥YouVeryMuch (bookyouverymuch) | 3 comments Seems interesting, nice refreshing change with all the police/law/csi/doctors... shows =)

message 8: by new_user (new)

new_user | 755 comments I was thinking the same thing, Amy. LOST with dinosaurs, LOL. Begins in September according to Wiki.

message 9: by Laura Lulu (new)

Laura Lulu (lauralulu) Yep, I just saw a commercial tonight--September 26th.

message 10: by Pauline (new)

Pauline (paulinebairdjones) | 345 comments Cool! (I wonder when new shows started starting the end of Sept instead of the 1st? When I was a kid, they started right at beginning and lasted--with NEW shows--until the end of May. Reruns were only for the summer. Yeah, I'm old. )

message 11: by Amy (new)

Amy Probably depends on what's on before it and when other shows are starting.

message 12: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Gilmore I'm watching Bob's Burgers (one of the best shows ever!), and just saw the previews for Terra Nova again. Of course, I'm getting more excited about this show as we approach Sept 26th. I just hope those of us who watch won't be disappointed. There's nothing worse than feeling like the previews are the best part of any movie/ television program.

message 13: by Jody (new)

Jody Wallace (jodywallace) In one of the recent TV Guides, it said they wanted to be a "family drama", focused on one family, while oftentimes these shows have a more ensemble cast with hot singles looking for love. Or at least finding it when they aren't looking! I am a little less enthused by the 'family drama' aspect for some reason. I don't know why -- I guess because I like knowing a show is going to have a strong romantic subplot or two and I don't want to see a romantic subplot involving half of a married couple! Nor am I as interested in romantic subplots involving minor children.

I don't know. I liked Falling Skies quite a bit and it was arguably family-based, too. But the dad was a widow. Maybe I'm just less interested in Terra Nova because it's going to be on Fox? *laugh*

message 14: by Jan (new)

Jan (janoda) | 226 comments It's going to be on Fox? That's just asking for early cancellation!

I'm looking forward to this a lot though. Lost with dinosaurs sounds about right. And is it just me, or is that guy that was the best about Avatar being typecast lately? I really like him though, so I don't mind.

Since we're talking about dinosaurs... Who else is looking forward to Planet Dinosaur?? I always love the BBC documentaries, and this one looks as awesome as always.

message 15: by Jody (new)

Jody Wallace (jodywallace) I think some of these sf/f shows and SyFy movies will deliberately cast people from cancelled or sf/f shows and movies in hopes their fanbase will travel to the new show with them. Either that or that's just who is hanging around Vancouver :)

message 16: by new_user (last edited Sep 08, 2011 07:00PM) (new)

new_user | 755 comments Family drama?! I just feel like that will be sanitized then. :( I got the impression of "gritty" from the commercials, which is what I think most SF fans are looking for...

message 17: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Gilmore new_user wrote: "Family drama?! I just feel like that will be sanitized then. :( I got the impression of "gritty" from the commercials, which is what I think most SF fans are looking for..."

I was think it'd be a gritty show too. Hmmm.....

message 18: by Jan (new)

Jan (janoda) | 226 comments I think we can expect Lost levels of grittiness? And something can both be about family and a gritty drama (Game of Thrones for instance, features loads of family drama).

We'll see I guess.

message 19: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Gilmore Don't forget Terra Nova premieres tonight. I'm looking forward to it.

message 20: by new_user (new)

new_user | 755 comments Yay! Me too!

message 21: by Jody (new)

Jody Wallace (jodywallace) So what did you guys think?? I kind of hated the teenage son enough that it put a bit of a pall on the episode. I also wasn't too impressed with the way they chose to intro the story. I mean, we KNEW the protags would get to Terra Nova with their whole family, so the drama was not that dramatic for me. I guess the lingering effect the jailtime separation had on the family will be an ongoing thread.

It wasn't my favorite. Glad I didn't let my kids watch, that's for sure.

message 22: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Gilmore I didn't realize that the premiere was 2 hours long. I was exhausted so I recorded it, and will watch it today. I was talking to a friend of mine that watched it last night, and she said pretty much was Jody did. I have to see what this teenage son did to make you guys hate him, LOL! I'll post as soon as I watch it.

message 23: by new_user (new)

new_user | 755 comments It was really slow, so I sort of stopped watching it. Maybe I'll give it another shot when it reruns.

message 24: by Jan (new)

Jan (janoda) | 226 comments It was slow? How can a show with time-travel and dinosaurs manage to be slow? I'll check it out tonight myself.

message 25: by Kiki (new)

Kiki | 5 comments I completely forgot about this. I'll interested to see what everyone else thought about it as well.

message 26: by new_user (last edited Sep 27, 2011 03:33PM) (new)

new_user | 755 comments Jan wrote: "It was slow? How can a show with time-travel and dinosaurs manage to be slow? I'll check it out tonight myself."

LOL. You would think so, but there wasn't any of that in the first twenty minutes, just a ton of nonsensical dialogue.

ETA: Or maybe not nonsensical so much as tedious, LOL.

message 27: by Pauline (new)

Pauline (paulinebairdjones) | 345 comments It's free on iTunes right now, so downloaded it to watch later.

message 28: by CaliGirlRae (new)

CaliGirlRae (rae_l) | 67 comments I loved the beginning but then again I'm a cyberpunk and PKD fan so any dystopia where there protags buck the system catches my attention. As soon as they got to Terra Nova is started to die down a bit but I still watched toward the end. I loved the fact that the show is diverse and I would love to watch a show around Mira and the rebellious outcasts because she would be a kickin' heroine in her own story. (I'm getting ideas already lol).

I agree with Jody about the teen son. He was annoying and did rather put a damper on things. :-/ I'll keep watching though.

message 29: by AnnaM (new)

AnnaM (annamc) | 1111 comments Finally got to see the premiere. I liked it. Loved the special effects in the beginning--the backdrops and art.

I agree about the teen son. I haven't seen the second ep but I will when I can find an hour alone.

message 30: by Jan (new)

Jan (janoda) | 226 comments The teenage daughter is so much cooler, I wish she got more airtime. I liked this weeks episode, but did someone see the trailer for next week? It's so over the top! And stupid! I mean, you've got time-travel and dinosaurs, you don't need more awesome, and then you come up with a memory eating virus? Why, oh why?

message 31: by Jody (new)

Jody Wallace (jodywallace) Yeah, I'm having some issues swallowing the over the top hokiness of it, plus some of the bad acting. The commander guy pains me when he's on screen, almost as much as the teenage son! At the same time, they are revealing clues to the various mysteries. I don't know. If they keep focusing on the teenaged boy and make every single episode be about OMG THE COLONY IS GOING TO DIE!!! I may have to give it up. I'm also not liking the "family" aspect of it, but I already predicted I wouldn't. I guess I'm just a romance reader at heart and would be more interested in a show with more adult singles and chances for long, involving romances :)

message 32: by AnnaM (new)

AnnaM (annamc) | 1111 comments I don't know. I'm pretty mellow. So far I enjoy it. I haven't really sat and "concentrated" on it to notice all the little things. It's pretty much just entertainment for me. And, with all other SF that I watch on hiatus--except for Warehouse 13--I'll take some SF where I can get it.

I did think it was a little cliched to have the wife's ex-boyfriend be stuck back in time with them. I mean, out of the billions of people they could choose, really? But then, at least in my life, that does seem to be the way things happen.

message 33: by Jody (new)

Jody Wallace (jodywallace) Well, I'm rarely mellow *heh* But you know what? I probably don't enjoy TV as much as I would if I could chill out about it, haha.

message 34: by AnnaM (new)

AnnaM (annamc) | 1111 comments Hi!

So, was it just me who thought there was a giant plothole in the ep on 10/17?

(view spoiler)

Maybe I'm just overthinking it.

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