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Andrea (crazyniko) Thank you!

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Andrea (crazyniko) My musical and enchanting love life

Dawn:A tomb boy who loves music and friends and wishes nothing more then to sing, dance, act and have fun. And loves flying with her pixie friends and using magic.


Gender:female pixie/witch

Love interest:Austin Fox

Favorite Activity: Singing, dancing, playing an instrument and acting. And poofing gifts for her friends.

Features: she has glossy blond hair and is 5'6. She has blueish eyes with a hint of green. She is pail but not too pail. She has a curvy body. And when she turns to a mythical creature she has a red shiny dress with beautiful butterfly wings and make up that is part of her skin.

Lives with: Her mom, little sister Luna and twin brother Sky. When she leaves she lives with the contestants in the tour.

Chapter #1

"Dawn! get your dancing butt up her and help me carry YOUR luggage!" My twin brother Sky yelled at me from my room as he held my luggage in pain that was clear in his eyes.
I laugh at him and stand in front of him but don't help him at all. He glares at me and almost snarls at me (which made me LMAO.)
He puts my bags down and looks at me as if I have lost my mind.
"What's so funny?" he asked. "Your weak!...You can't even carry my shoes!" I answered laughing at him while I tried to regain my breathing.
"Your shoes! You must of packed some boulders here too because it is H-E-A-V-Y!" Sky yelled. Here's the deal: mom named me 'Dawn' because she used to always go out and watch the sun set and rise. She'd literally wake herself at 5am. to watch it rise and always go out to the beach when she could to watch it set. She named my twin bro 'Sky' because when she wasn't watching the sun, she was watching the sky; how beautiful it looked with clouds, no clouds and even its color. And since we were twins, she'd always say when we were little something like: 'Dawn, I want to see you set on the Sky.' meaning she wanted me to take a photo with sky. And "The sky fell!" meaning that Sky fell down and hurt himself. But other than that, she's a pretty rockin' mom. My dad, on the other hand, died of a shooting war when I was seven. Some guys were mad and had guns so they shot each other to death. But in the middle of the madness, two bullets were headed strait for me and Sky, daddy saw and took the hit for us both. He died saving our lives. He was a hero. And sometimes I miss him and bawl my eyes out from the memories but then get over it because I remembered he once told me that he didn't want us to cry and be week, instead, be happy and never to forget him. I've kept my promise.

So now that I'm done packing and hearing my bro's cheers of glee and him bragging about not having me around to bug him or annoy him anymore for a whole YEAR- yes, a whole year- I settled down and had my last few hours at my house with my mom and little sister, Luna. (Her name means moon in spanish.) And did I forget to mention that we're half puertorrican from our fathers side? Well... Si. Anyways, my mom was crying when she gave me her good-by present. It was the family necklace. I stared at the huge old diamond jewel in front of me.
"Mom, I can't take this. It belongs to our family. It has to stay here where it's safe." I said between tears.
"None sense. With anyone in the family with a pure heart, it's always safe." Mom responded. We hugged and continued to give me my many presents until my brother broke down crying on saying how much he will miss his baby sister. HA! I knew he was gonna miss all of this! So now I just wait until my ride gets here to take me away from my family and ex-best friends so I can start a life with my dreams and my goals.

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Andrea (crazyniko) CHAPTER #2

Nerissa, Marissa and Karissa got home at about 6:30pm. (They're triplets by the way-obviously.) They looked ready to party in there dresses. Nerissa has a brown and yellow strapless dress that's all the way up to her upper knee. She's wearing yellow and brown jewelry to match her outfit and gold heels to put it together. Marissa has a one strap dress on that is colored purple and yellow. Her accessories are also colored to match her outfit but her shoes are colored dark violet. And last but not least, Karissa. Her thin strapped dress is colored, you guessed it, yellow with blue! She is also accessorized with yellow and blue things. But her shoes are sky blue. They have a freaky love to yellow and another color. There not total fationistass like those popular girls you see at school, hell, they don't even like dressing up! There total tomb-boys. And so am I. I feel un-comfortable with my silky red dress. It's strapless and big and poofy at the bottom. In the middle is a black silk ribbon. And my make up is, yes, red and black. I feel like a clown!
"Hey good lookin'. You ready to leave and party harty?" Nerissa said while shimmying her hips and then giving me a pleading look that said 'please don't be ready to do something as stupid as that!'
I shook my head.
"No way, I feel like my heels are gonna break under me at any minute. And if you want to, you can go out without me to Laura's party tonight and be all seductive with your dress." I mocked.
She shook her head fearlessly making her curls bounce.
"Then let's get movin. But first..." I said as I showed them to the kitchen and showing them three yellow and sparkly boxes.
My treat for them for being such good friends and for going with me for a full year around the world.
"You didn't have to!" Karissa squield.
"Yea, we're already going with you around the globe. No more presents needed to get us to come with you!" Marissa said mockingly.
"Well, let's just call it sucking up." I joked as they giggled there buts off and opened there presents.

They gasped and hugged me fiersly. Big hugs just for a CD of Chris brown for Nerissa since she has a crush on him, Nicki Minaj for Marissa since she can rap like her to all her songs and T.I. for Karissa since she clames him as her future lover. What they don't know is that it also is a DVD with pics of us and our good old times. I realy hope they see how much they mean to me.
"No biggy. Now lets go, we're gonna be late." I said. We said good by one last time and our love and luck and bla, bla, bla.

While we were in the private jet with some other teens, I noticed that only 5 other kids had there own back up dancers and singers. And I also noticed that a big hazel eyed guy who is buff and pretty hot was grinning at me. It creeped me out though. I just settled for a friendly smile and drifted to my train of thought while the girls talked to other people.

"I can't believe you guys are against me on this after everything I have done for you. And to think you guys were my best friends." I fired as I was looking strait in the eyes of my many so-called friends. I got the opertunaty of a life time here to show the world my talent and what I'm made of and they all of a sudden, don't think I'm cut out to sing and dance on stage. How dare they! If I didn't know better, I'd say what crossed across there faces when I told them the news was jealousy.

"I'm just keeping you from embarrassing yourself, sweaty. Besides, you don't need them. You've got us, your best friends. And I'm sure you wouldn't want to disappoint us by leaving us for a full year and make us miss you and you miss us. I'm just doing whats best for you." Daniella answered. She had a hateful smile on her face that I just wanted to slap the hell off.
"Yea, I mean besides, you clearly will miss us and the fun times we have together," Laura muttered "And you also will have to suffer on trying to impress some random star who obviously will think that is to good for you."
"But it is my dream. I have to chase it or else I will be thinking of a what could have been." I complained.
Daniella and Laura looked pissed at me but I didn't care.
They must of sensed my reactions because the stepped tords me and looked so bitch-like, I didn't even think they could be my friends. I didn't think anybody could be my friend after this.
"Listen up, and listen good; if you want to hang out with us or be seen with us, you better not go and follow your pathetic little dream of yours which clearly wont come true." Daniella smeared.
"And if you have anythin else to say about it, tell us now." Laura practically snarled. I could int believe I thought they were my friends. I looked at every single one of them. The triplets were trembling but looked serious; Rebecca had her eyes narrowed at me and stuck up her tong, and Claire was arms crossed and looking ready to start a fight. Even though I could take them all at once, I still kept quiet and shook my head. I will still tolerate there crap like always. But not any more. I have a surprise for them in store. They can't tell me what to do. I will reach my goal whether they like it or not. So I went home after school and avoided eye contact with my family and went upstairs to start packing.
I couldint wait for today at lunch. Those witches don't know whats coming for them.

It was lunch and we sat on our usual table. I got up and told them the news.
"Hey bitches no one, and I mean no one, tells me what to do. If you don't want me as your friend, fine. Find some one else to bug. But I've had it with you. And I can make plenty of new friends in the tour. So I say, good day and good bye." I marched out of there as I heard Daniella's red face, screech in anger "Fine! Who needs you! I can have another bitch to take your place. And don't ever show your sorry and loser face again!" And with that I gave them all the bird and went to my next class as everybody congratulated me for standing up for myself and fought for my dreams.

That same day, the triplets knocked on my door as I was eating pizza and celebrating with my little sister our last moments together. They said they didn't want me to go because they would miss me. (As if I wouldn't of missed them if it weren't for the incident today.) They said they were sorry and they did it because the group pressured them into it. And finished with a big SORRY and bawled there eyes out. I forgave them. If anyone knows the girls better than any one than it's me. And they meant every word. Then my mind drifted of to the tie they got they're tickets and the excitement they had. But I recovered as the dude that was grinning at me introduced himself as Alec Fox. I smiled, not just because a realy hot guy was talkin to me, but because it is time for my new beginning.

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Andrea (crazyniko) CHAPTER #3

"You know, you look familiar. Have I met you before?" I asked.
Alec's face looked shocked for a second but quickly recovered into his cocky grin again.
"We met now. And I think I would of remembered you if I did meet you." He said.
"How can you be so sure?" I playfully challenged.
"Because I always remember the beautiful girls I meet." He had a cute but creepy grin on his face when he saw that he made me blush. STAY AWAY FROM HIM. A male voice said. I looked around to see if anyone was looking at me. But no one was. I guess I'm getting nervous. LISTEN TO ME. STAY AWAY FROM HIM! The voice grew louder making me flinch. Alec looked confused at my reaction. "What happened?" He asked.
"Nothing. I'm just nervous that's all." I replied quickly. He gave a weird chuckle. It was almost...dark. He looked like he wanted to say something but the flight atendence lady beet him to it.
"Can I get you kids something?" She asked in a very polite voice. She looked like a 19 year old girl. I bet she's the captains daughter. But her stare didn't fool me. she glared at me as her gaze flew tords Alec. She licked her lips in a seductive way tords Alec, knowing I was looking. She thinks he's my boyfriend and that I'll get jealous. We just met and she's acting like a bitch. Well, if she wants to play like that...
"No thank you. I'm good. But I mite just give you a tip on how to treat your passengers. And it's this: You can get him if you want to, he's not my boyfriend. And we just met and your giving me a bitchy glare. If you want to bitch on me, than I'll do the same to you." I snarled the last word and narrowed my eyes at her as she looked as pissed as hell.
"You pathetic loser. No one talks to me like that." she bent down and slapped me. I didn't even flinch. I just grabbed her hair and slammed her to the floor and gave her a black eye. She yelled in pain as the other contestants threw there attention at me. Some were confused. The others that were watching the whole time, grinned and mouthed 'way to go'. Then the pilot came in the room and saw his employe on the floor and any people crowding us.
"Whats going on?" He boomed.
The witch of an employe stood up and accused me.
"She's such a fucking liar! She started the hitting and Dawn ended it with a big slam and punch." Karissa said from beside me on her seat. Some other kids agreed with her and gave me a 'I don't know you, but I got your back' look. I smiled at them and placed my attention to the situation.
"Since I don't know who is telling the truth...You boy, whats your name? And tell me what happened." The pilot ordered.
"My name is Alec Fox sir." He sounded un-affected by this. "And the pilot lady was giving her a cold look as she licked her lips while looking at me, thinking that I was Dawns boyfriend. So she was checking me out while trying to make a girl that is not my girlfriend jealous. Dawn saw her bad attitude and told her a thing or two on treating your passengers and next thing you know, the lady here is slapin Dawn on the face. So Dawn slammed her to the floor and punched her and letted her suffer quietly." he explained without hesitation.
The pilot looked at his wide eyed employe in disgust. "How many times do I have to tell you Susy, not to flirt and be a slutty bitch with the passengers?" Susy flinched as his voice raised.
"I'm so sorry about her, it won't happen again."
He apologized.
"It's okay. And as long as I don't see her, I'll be fine." I said calmly.
"And I told you that if you mess with some one stronger than you, they will kick your butt. Just like now." he told her as he left with her and a nice 30year old woman walked in and gave us some drinks.

When we landed, we were bouncing our butts off. The twins and I couldint stop from jumping in excitement. But I managed to keep my cool. I got my bags and headed out for the limo. When we got there, we noticed that there was a super big castle. And that it was surrounded by trees. And I also saw the beautifully, huge water fall. We walked in as the butlers took our luggage. In the inside of the castle were some beautiful paintings of the same girl and man. And the roof was covered in sparkling glitter. And was decorated beautifully with some antiques that looked realy old. But other than that, it was decorated like a true castle but with more instruments than you can count.

The manager of the tour, Brittney Cruz, was assigning us to our rooms and our room-mates. I got a huge room with a balcony and elegant designing on the wall. I'm staying here with Nerissa, Karissa and Marissa. And also a girl named Jordan Star. She has some friends too that are named Julie and Jamie. They will stay with us too. Jordan is a dark skined girl that looks my age. She has light caramel eyes with a smitch of green. And they look beautiful. She has dark brown curly hair that's painted with highlights and red colored ends that suits her and a flexible body. Her friend Julie has a birth mark on her cheek that looks like a heart. She has ocean blue eyes and blond hair. She has a body fit for a wrestler. And Jamie has dark skin like Jordan And black wavy and glossy hair. Her eyes are grass green and she has a models body, just without the freakish height. They are called 'Queens of Hip Hop'. Did I mention I love just about any music except country. As we became friends and settled in for the night, I had my last thought before I went to sleep: 'I can't believe we finally made it'.

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Andrea (crazyniko) CHAPTER #4

I wolk up and looked around to see where I was. Then I remembered I was in a castle. I got up and wolk the girls up. I thought Id look at the showers before we go in. The I realized that it was almost as big as the room. Seven sinks with seven bath tubs. Damn.
We got ready and did our back packs. We were down in the classroom as we waited for the teachers and other kids.

When they got here, my eyes landed on Mr. Fox. The most drop dead gorgeous man in the world. He had messy caramel hair that matched his eyes but they were a bit greener. He had a tall and tan muscle filled body. He is gorgeous. Every girls mouth dropped. Including mine but I recovered quickly, before he saw me gawking at him. He would never go for a girl like me. I picture myself as a girl with long curly blond hair that is always a mess. Deep blue eyes and pink puffy lips. People say I have hot body but I feel like I don't have it. He looked at me and his expression was filled with shock and happiness.

They called my name so I could preform. I walked to the front of the class were there was plenty of space. The girls followed me up there and got in position. Before we left, we rehearsed and finished packing just to rehears again. I plugged my MP3 to the computer and clicked on the song. It was 'What the hell' By 'Avril Lavigne' As the music started, we danced a bit until it was my que to sing. The class was mesmerized by my voice. They stared in aw and some were whispering things that had the word 'competition' in it.

I looked at the audience and saw a girl glaring at me. I quickly looked away so I could stare at 'Queens of Hip Hop'. The were smilin and nodding there heads in the rithem of the music. I looked at Alec who looked as shocked as everybody else. He then winked at me and gave me shivers up my spine. And not in a good way. Then I looked at Mr. Fox, who was mesmerized by my singin. I took the chance and looked at his name tag. His name was Austin Fox. Why did that ring a bell? And why does he look Like Alec? Why does every time I look at Alec I get the chills and the creeps and my head keeps telling me to stay away from him? Why does everything about Austin make me want to kiss him and melt in my place? I don't know. So I relax and let the music take me away. When I'm done, I see the triplets in a semi pyramid like when we rehearsed. And fined myself at the top of a teachers desk. I do a back flip and land on my feet and hear the class boom in cheers. Then the triplets say show off and smack me on the head playfully.

We watch the rest of the class preform. But the girl that glared at me kept shooting me cold dagger looks. I flinched in my seat. I get up and take my schedule from the teachers and a physicked to find out that I get to stay with Mr. Austin Fox! Every student here that is in a band or has back up dancers has to have one of the teachers as a personal guide for the rest of the year. The other ones have to go with a partner and stay with an assistant.

We as in-Me, Austin, Marissa, Karissa and Nerissa- waked to one of the many stages they have here. I noticed that Austin hasn't stopped staring at me ever since he saw me. Not once. To tell you the truth, it was nervoussing me and at the same time I loved the feel of his warm gaze on me.

We entered the enormous stage room. It was dark and full of disco lights and smoke. It even made white colored fabric glow. So I checked my bra secretly and it was glowing. But you could see it threw my shirt witch was a bit embarrassing. But when the music was turned on, I ran to the stage and danced with the girls on my tail. We free styled danced, break danced and dance battled. In the middle of everything, Austin got involved and beated the triplets (they started filming us and tacking pictures of us). But was having a hard time in taking me out. It was fun to watch him struggle like that. Then while we danced, the lighting crew putted a air mattress in the edge of the stage and cleared. He had a devil grin on his perfect face that made me wonder, what was he up too? But as I danced, the lights went out and the music stopped and when I least expected it, he attached me and threw me to the air mattress. I had the breath knocked out of me for a second and played along as he thought I was suffocation. Then when he least expected it, I turned us around and got on top of him. I pined him with my hands and knees on his hard and warm body. And as our skin touched just an inch, it was as if no one was here except for us and that we were meant to be. He had a big smile on his face. I had a playful one on mine. The lights were turned back on and the girls were seated in a chair. They looked like they found a million bucks. Then the lighting crew started howling like dogs and ended up commenting 'Fox, you sligh dog, you!' and 'I didn't know you had it in you, man!' and 'you got her completely hooked!'. I was confused until the girls laughed there butts off of there chairs. I realized that I was inches away from his perfect face. And in the position we were in, it looked like I wanted a hot make out setion right now. How embarrassing! I got up and fixed myself from the tackle and fixed my heavy breathing. I looked at him and he was already back to his normal preciouse self. Then he asked if I was okay. I nodded and asked for him to put the music on again. He did my request and I started dancin again and singing along to the songs as more of the students made there way here and danced as well.

Glare-girl made her way to the stage and made some seriously slutty moves that let the guys jaws drop. I am starting to get a bad vibe about her. Then she made her way tords Austin and started flirting with him. I felt pain in my heart as she did so, but what healed it was that he paid no attention to her and kept looking at me. I smiled at him and danced. I was so into the music that I didn't even notice her glares. Then she challenged me to a dance battle and she lost as she cheated by putting her leg and making me fall. But she just got a warning by Austin. A very fierce warnning if you ask me. But when Alec asked if I was okay, I said yes and danced with him for a while. Then he left to Talk to Mr. Fox. I was dancing with Jamie, Jordan and Julie for a while. Then a guy named Josh asked for a dance and I accepted. I saw from the corner of my eyes that another dark skinned boy with braids asked Jordan to dance with him. She looked at me as she blushed and I mouthed 'GO!'.

Me and Josh were grinding against each other as we danced. Nothing dirty or anything, we just did it for fun. I caught a glimpse of Austin, pissed and hurt and tired. I heard some of the girls warning me that the Glare-girls name was Vicky and that she thinks I'm competition. What competition. We wont have any elimination rounds here! Or will we? I shivered. Then made my way tords Mr. Fox.

"Mister Fox, are you okay?" I asked as I tapped hi back so he would look at me. Then my heart melted as his gorgeous smile appeared, across his face. It was my turn to smile.
Yes, I just had a hard fall, that's all." He chuckled as he meant the tackling thing.
"Yea. So did I. And they made fun of the guy I pinned down, saying that he didn't know he had it in him. But boys are boys. And I want to make clear that I didn't mean to put on view a scene like that." I apologized.
"It's okay. I started it anyways. So sorry. And I heard when I knocked you down that you were out of air and I wanted to make sure you were okay." He said it so sincere, it was hard for me not to kiss him, but I didn't.
"It's okay, it was fun. And why did you do that?" I asked curiously.
"Because I wanted to show you how to keep on performing no matter the weird and un expected things that happen. But you got me when you pretended to lose your air. You scared the hell out of me."
I laughed. "Sorry, Mister Fox." "Please, call me Austin. I want my students to feel comfortable around my castle." He said the last part and quickly shutted up.
"This is your castle? That is so cool. It is very beautiful. How did you-" he cut me off by yanking my arm into some where, where no one could see us.
"You can't tell anyone. You have to keep it a secret." he insisted.
"Than why did you tell me?"
"Because it slipped and also because I trust you.'
"You just met me. How can you trust me so quickly?" I asked.
he sighed and began to explain. So this is why I am competition to Vicky. She wants Austin as her boyfriend and to trust her. And not me.

Vicky:Girl who killed Dawn in another life and is in love with Austin. She is skanky and a mean Bitch. She loves seductive music.



Love interest: Austin Fox

Favorite activity: She loves to seduce men.

Features: She has fairly tan skin, long silky brown hair and dark purple eyes. She has a curvy body and long legs to make her look like a skyscraper.

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Andrea (crazyniko) Chapter #5

He took my hand and took me up the stairs and up to the attic. He never let go of my hand, not even to open the door. Witch is weird, because it was locked. I gave him a questioning look. He just looked strait in my eyes and closed the door with his mind. How is that possible? He turned the lights on and I saw it was an old room, with a bed, nightstand, lamp and a closet. It even had a portrait of a girl who looked a lot like me. She was holding the hands of...Austin! What is going on?
Austin sighed and said "I trust you because you are my love." he said as he studied my face. I was speechless. Is he trying to flirt with me and psyche me out?
"If you have a crush on me, just say so. Don't scare the crap out of me." I warned. But he just studied my face.
"If I said that, it wouldn't cover what I feel for you. Listen to me, please." He pleaded. I saw the need of me in his face and I couldn't say no. So I gave him 10 minutes.
"I'm gonna need more than that to explain things to you." He said as he grinned at me. "Fine, 25 minutes. Start now." I said and he got right to it.
"You were once a young and beautiful girl-like now. You loved music and dancing and even acting. You used to love preforming in front of thousands of people. Like you do now. Only your name was Light. You and I were in love. You had a little home were your father, mother, and 5 siblings lived. I met you when your father was complaining to my mother that he did not have enough money to support your family. He was a warlock. He took you with him and your little brother Dane. He had very good reasons we could not say no too. But my father said he had one too-many kids in his house so he wanted him to take you to adoption. But since you were 18 and old enough to live alone, you had to fend for yourself, which you did. You had a good time alone, but soon it went bad when you met Vicky and Alec. You were on stage preforming for me when I fell head over heals for you, and you for me. Vicky noticed and ordered Alec break your leg so you wouldn't perform for me. Since Alec was head over heals for her, he obeyed. I found you at the back of the stage, cryin. I helped you and disqualified my brother and Vicky. They soon found out I was in love with you. Thats when your life started to go down hill. But you said you didn't care. You would live in agony if the cure was me. Then Vicky tried many things that did not work. But she challenged you to fight for me and you accepted. But when you drank from the goblet, you died. It poisoned you. I couldn't live without you but I had to bare the pain of marrying Vicky. But since I wanted a divorce a month later, she freaked and tried to make me give her my money. But since that is what she longed for this whole time, I did not give it to her. She was so mad, she took my brother with her for marriage, thinking it would pain me. But what did pain me was that she manipulated him into poisoning you. I would always cry myself to bed by your absence. Your texture, your glow and glitter and sparkle. I would miss your magic. I would miss everything about you." He finished as he breathed in and out. Looking at my freaked face. He's making things up so he can take me with him! Hell!
"Stop lying to me. If you don't want to tell me, then don't but you don't have to lie to me." I was mad now but it melted away and got replaced by hurt when I saw his sad face.
"I am not lying. If I was, then why do we feel love whenever we do this..." he kissed me. All my anger was gone and replaced by love so strong I didn't even knew it was in me until now. He kissed me with such passion and gentleness I remembered everything from my past life. I was a pixie/witch. Mom was a very nice and powerful pixie fairy as my dad was a very proud and strong warlock. I always letted my big, butterfly wings flutter as I casted spells on his room to clean it up, or to make his stress go away. I remember our love for each other and our passion for dance, singin and acting. I remembered every thing.

We broke it off, while we breathed heavily.
"I remember now." I said in small pants of the magical kiss.
He had a huge smile on his face. He cupped my cheek with one of his hands and pulled me closer with the other one.
"Did I mention that at this very moment, I am a vampire/warlock and you are a pixie/witch? I didn't right? Well now you know." He kissed me as I was about to ask about a hundred questions. His hand caressed my cheek as his other one rubbed my upper back in small little circles. I couldn't help but pull his mouth closer to mine as I played with his hair. The magic of the kiss so intense that I felt something move in my back and some tickles all around my face and arms. His hands left my back and face just to hold my hands and pull me away. He looked at me in aw and smiled. I looked at him in confusion as he pulled me tords a mirror. I saw that my back had bi butterfly wings attached. They were glittery and colored red. My body was covered in glitter! Not too much glitter but a lot of glitter. And it was colored red also. My lips were painted dark pink and my eyelids were colored red with glitter on the. My cheeks had blush and a smitch of glitter, and my lashes were beautiful. My curly long hair was let down all the way to my back and-also-covered in glitter! But It was shiny glitter this time. No color in it, just shine. And last but not least my clothes. I was wearing a strapless, short, red dress. It was tight and hugged all the right curves. But from my waist tords the end of it-which is at the top of my knees-was puffy. I looked at what I was ripping in my hands. It was Austin's hand, but my other hand had a wand. A red, glitter filled wand. It was lowing and had a heart it the top that shinned so bright, it could work like a flash light. I got why I was dressed like this. I really am a pixie fairy! And I had a wand 'cause I am also a witch! A good witch!

I almost fainted but putted my self together and walked tords the dusty old bed. I layed there and watched Austin walk tords me. He was smiling.
"Are you sure I don't have too much of a get up here?" I asked him. He shook his head no. "You look as beautiful as I remembered you. And more." I shivered a bit in pleasure as his breathe tickled my neck. He was so perfect!
He wrapped me in his arms and held me like that for a long time. He would whisper nice things about me in my past life or how beautiful I look. And he would whisper how much he loved me. Since I have seen the truth and I did the math by thinking about my feelings tords him, I happily accepted that I loved him back, and maybe, more than my life. He could not stop smiling ever since I accepted myself and him. He promised he would take me to his room later today and show me everything. And even a portal to a realm. And to meet my family. Every fairytale creature was an immortal when they hit age 19- which explains why I died, saying I was only 18. He would also explain why I never turned a pixie or a witch when I was younger. He would explain everything! And maybe my twenty hundred questions will be answered.

We lie there for a few more minutes until the bell rung. Since I did not know how to go back to my regular self, he did some magic to turn my clothes back to how they were, and to dismiss the glitter. We had a 10 minute heavy make out setion, then left.

All I can think of right now is: WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

Austin Fox: He is an loving, out going and talented guy. He loves acting, singing and dancing. He is also royalty.


Gender:Male vampire/warlock

Love interest: Dawn Goza

Favorite activity: Loves reading and showing of his talent to the world.

Features:Messy caramel hair. Light caramel eyes with a pinch of green. A muscle filled body and tanned skin. But he is just born with it.

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Andrea (crazyniko) Chapter #6

When we got back to the stage room, everybody was already at the cafeteria. We took the chance and walked were it was dark-just encase-and had a 5 minute, hot, make out setion. Then we stopped to breath and to go to the cafeteria. Everyone was there eating pizza. I went in line and bought mine and sat next to the girls. Before I left, Austin grabbed my hand and whispered he loved me and will meet me in two hours in the castle's pool. He told me to bring my friends so they wont suspect anything. When he said that he loved me,I could here the love in his voice, but he kept his face stern and serious so people would think he's reminding me something. I nodded and left for my friends.

"Hey, were the hell have you been? I thought you were looking at the castle and got lost." Marissa said while chewing her pizza. Remember: they are total tomb boys but will act girly when necessary.
"Yea, we were gonna look for you if they weren't serving pizza." Karissa said while drinking her coco-rico. I'm half Latin and there eating Latin junk. Nice.
"Tienes razon. Me perdy y el mister me fue a buscar. Me encontro, y me trajo aqui." I said in spanish.
They looked confused.
"She say 'at you be right, she's got lost an that da teacher brought her here." Jordan translated.
"You know spanish?" Nerissa asked in interest.
She nodded. "I's live in Puerto Rico for three years." she confessed. "And Julie be Cuban." Julie nodded.
We talked about normal stuff until we saw people leaving.

"Hey, want to go to the castle's pool? I want to take a dip." I asked them. The nodded there heads but then Nerissa, Marissa and Jordan shook there heads.
"I forgot, Jaden asked me out. I can't go." Jordan said blushin.
We instantly started cooing her and making kissy faces and noises. Childish, yes. Fun and necessary, hell yea!

Then Nerissa and Marissa stud up an said they were gonna tutor a whole band named Mortal Angels in math and science. We said by.

That left me, Jamie, Julie and Karissa to head for our rooms and change. I asked Karissa why she wasn't gonna tutor the band with her sisters and she said that they owed her some peace. And me!

We changed and headed for the pool. I knew were it was because it felt normal for me to walk these halls, as if I was here before. We were there in 5 minutes. We layed our stuff in the seats and swam in the pool and talked and laughed until we heard kids singing and lots of music. We dried ourselves and went to investigate. I was right. It was kids singin. Some in there bathing suits, for later to swim. I saw a big dark skinned guy singing some pool party and beach party songs. He asked kids to preform with him or solo. They all preformed solo so he wouldn't cramp there style. He didin't mind. He liked watching us preform. Then I auditioned to sin with him. I want to see what he is capable of doing. Then from the corner of my eye, I saw Austin in his swimming trunks laughing at something a student told him and smiling at me when he saw me. It's because he loves me or because I'm in a bikini. Some guys-okay, every guy- howled like a wolf at sight of my bikini. I fact, there jaws dropped when they saw my body. And so did Austins when he had a clear view of it. They made me blush.
"What son do you want to sing, womon?" He had a Jamaican accent. He reminded me of Sean Kingston. Then the song popped in my head.
"I want to sing 'Letting go' by 'Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj'"I said without hesitation. The crowed clapped and howled.
"Do you know that one, mon?" I asked imitating him.
"Yes. Hit it!" Then the music started playing.
As we sang, the crowed danced and played with a beach ball.
I moved my hips a few times to the rithem. And what happened? They started whistling! I blushed but didn't let it get to my dancing. I breathed in and letted the music control my body. The cheers got louder and it motivated me even more.
When the song ended, they clapped there asses off. Even the ones in the pool.
"To me, you rapped very little and I had to sing. Why don't you sing or rap one all on your own?" He offered.
"Sure. How about...'If it's loving that you want' by 'Rihanna'?"
"Sure. Lets get it on. Are you guys ready?!" He asked.
"YEAH!" the crowed cheered.
"Then here you go." then he left.
I sang this song once and danced it. I can putt some new moves on it if I want, so I wont have a problem.

Then I sang and danced as guys howled and girls sang along. I grabbed, Karissa, Julie and Jamie to the stage to dance with me. They were experts.
Then we grabbed some boys and moved are body's close to there's as they practically drooled over us. We were seducing them without knowin it. When The guys hand touched my body, I realized it was Austin's body pressed to mines. No wonder it felt realy, realy, realy good. Then I switched boys with them and kept switching until I noticed that Julies blind pick was Alec. His touch felt cold and scary. So I switched partners and was back with Austin. Then I ended the song with the crowed hipped up. Then out of no where, Austin grabbed my waist in his strong hands and putted me over his back. I screamed for him to putt me down and laughed at the same time because it was fun. Then he threw me to the pool with a big splash.

I acted as if I was hurt. I saw hesitation and worry in his eyes. He offered his hand and I took it. Just to pull him in and make and even bigger splash. We laughed and saw people jumping in and yelling 'canning ball!'.

We laughed and smiled at each other. Then I swam tords the edge to get out but Austin pulled me down into the water so we could kiss. Then we got out and ate. I told the girls I had a routine to practice with Austin. They bought it and letted us do whatever we wanted to do.

We went up to the lobby and into the main hallway. Then we sat on a wooden bench for a while to catch our breaths (my breath). Hey, we're not lazy or anything, I just had a long and exhausting day, preforming in front of the class, dancing and battling, dancing some more, swimming in the pool, preforming two songs and getting splashed again by Austin, I deserve to catch a break. We got up and headed for the outside. There were more plants and trees here. Then There was a huge passage made out of vines and leaves. It looked beautiful. I instantly felt at peace here as I herd the birds chirp and the squirls run around. There was a bridge in front of us. We walked on it and saw at the corners that there was water. A river. And at the end of the river, there was a waterfall. I was mesmerized by it's beauty and the butterfly's fluttering everywhere. I felt safe and at home here. We crossed the bridge and saw a huge fountain that had many tubes that ended in one big hole. When I was close enough, I saw there were gold fishes. Many, many, MANY gold fishes. Some were even shining! There were so many fishes I didn't know if there was enough room in there for them. Then I sat on the wooden bench that waited for me gracefully. I sat and waited for Austin to join me. He grabbed both my hands and kissed them. I breathed in a sigh and relaxed as he putted his arm around me.

"You used to love this place, You used to go here all the time and play with the butterfly's and fishes. And sometimes your pixie friends. You would bring your family here and share with them. And we used to always go her to do some magic. And sometimes, just relax after a battle." He finished by kissing my cheek.
"I can see why. It's so peaceful. But, I want to go and meet my past family." I said. I was realy anxious but scared. What if they don't want me? What if they forgot about me? What if they don't even know I'm alive?
"They will want you. They missed you and longed for there older sister,younger sister and daughter back. Don't worry." He re-assured me. Then I got up and walked tords the fountain again and as if Iv done it millions of times, I touched the stones and said some words that I don't know what they mean. Then the fountain shimmered and the fishes jumped up and out of the fountain and into the river. The butterfly's were all around me. giving me strength and energy for what awaited me in the other realm. Austin was wide eyed and on my side. As we walked into the shining bright light, I knew I had opened the portal and began to strengthen my witchy side.

Nerissa:She is one of the triplets. She is loyal to her sisters and friends. She has an out going personality and a tomb-boy like Dawn and her sisters. She loves singing and dancing and cute boys.


Gender: Female Pixie

Love interest: Josh McGuire

Favorite activity: Dancing. Singing, Swimming and chilling out with her friends.

Features: She has Indian skin and big brown eyes. Long, brown hair and curvy body.

Karissa:She is silent and shy but out going sometimes. She loves her friends and family. And loves music and drama. And reading!


Gender: Female Pixie

Love interest: Drake August

Favorite activity: Loves reading, singing and dancing and having a good time. Just like her sisters.

Features: She looks exactly like Nerissa and Marissa. But two inches taller than Nerissa and four inches taller than Marissa.

Marissa: She loves her sisters and best friends She is super sweat and loyal. She is willing to do anything for her friends.


Gender:Female Pixie

Love interest: Cory Davidson

Favorite activity: Loves skateboarding. Singing and dancing and acting.

Features: Looks like her sisters but two inches shorter than Nerissa and four inches shorter than Karissa.

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Andrea (crazyniko) Chapter #7

I walked in and ended up skipping gracefully threw a meadow as I realized that I'm in my pixie form. Austin was behind me, smilin. Then I stopped and turned back to kiss him. Then I pulled back as we smiled at each other. "Catch me." I whispered in his ear. I loosened his grip on my hips and ran into the forest in front of us. I ran and hid in many places as he looked for me. I don't know why but I had the urge to giggle. So I did but silently. I know this is childish, but I don't know what came over me. But thanks to my childish laughs, Austin came from behind me and grabbed me by my waist and whispered in my ear, "Got ya."
I laughed again. He tickled me and tackled me gently into the ground. I laughed and laughed and yelled "I give up!" lots of times. But he didn't let go. Then he mercifully letted go of my shaking body. He was on top of me. How come I didn't notice it?

"You were so caught up in laughing, you didn't notice." he answered me as he clearly read my thoughts.
"Oh. Well then no more making me laugh." I giggled. Crap.
"Come on. I made a promise to your parents that if I had any new news about you, I'd tell them right away." he said as he helped me up and kissed my cheek and then my lips.
"Okay." I said. Then I gulped.
"It's gonna be okay. I promised." He said.
"Okay." Then released a sigh.

We walked all the way tords the end of the forest and into a big village. The children there were playing with there magic. Some teenage witches were flying and listening to music without any MP3 or- well - anything! They were listenin to music out of thin air.

As Austin got into view, people bowed there heads and looked at us both and started whispering stuff. I didn't catch anything. So I kept walking along side with Austin into his village.

We walked for about ten minutes and ended in a big mansion that was hand made. It was very elegant and beautiful and had the front door carved with names.
Light...Dane...Cristal...Mathew...Andrew...Sapphire...Mommy and Daddy. As I read them I had flash backs of my past life. How I always hated Mathew for Being a jerk and never letting me play with his wand. For loving him afterwords when he did give it to me. Then I would constantly fight with Sapphire and make up with her and play.Andrew would always help me in my height problem and not be bothered by it and I would constantly be hugging him. Or I would be in his room playing video games with him all day long and not be bothered. Cristal would be in my bed sleeping with me when she had nightmares and I would always sooth her. Then in the morning play with the butterfly's. Dane would always sleep and play with his bugs. And mom and dad would tuck me in at night. Always kissing me good night and giving me and my siblings love.

Austin knocked on the door and hid me completely. But it would be completely useless because my wings are huge.
"Yes?...Austin! How nice of you to come by! Mom, Austin's here!" I heard a familiar voice scream. I panicked as I realized it was Cristal in a grown voice. Craaaap!
"Hello Austin. How nice of you to visit. Please, come in." Mom said as she paused to look at the set of wings behind him. "And bring your friend too." She said looking at me. My breath got caught as I looked at the familiar woman who raised me and her blue eyes. Her eyes widened and she smiled.
"Sweaty, you look a lot like my daughter, Light. But she past away a very long time ago." she looked away at the mention of me.
Austin grabbed my hand and yanked me inside. I was mesmerized at the beautiful home. It was decorated with lots of plants and flowers. It even had butterfly's inside. I took a seat in the couch next to Austin who looked ready to scream from the excitement. In ten seconds, the whole family was here. Mom was under my fathers arms. My father didn't look older than 35 years, and nether did my mom. My siblings were all grown up. Cristal looked like a 20 year old and Sapphire looked to be in the same age as Mathew...27. Andrew looked to be 25 and Dane was My age. How come they age differently.

Everybody said there hello's and waited for us to talk.

"I would like you all to meet Dawn. Dawn, meet the Diamonds."
I waved hi and kept quiet.
"As you already know, I promised you that if I had any new news about Light, I would come to you first right?" They all nodded eager and sat down. Mom looked like she was gonna burst into tears.
"Yes, and? What else do you know about my older sister?" Cristal said anxiously.
"She is alive." Austin said and the whole room stayed quiet after Andrew yelled "My baby sister is alive! Were is she?!" he demanded.
"She's right here." I said as I stood up. They stared at me in aw.
"I'm the re-incarnation of Light. My name is Dawn." I said as I looked at there tear struck faces.
"Light?" my dad asked in a shaky voice.
"Yes. It's me." he took a step forward an so did I. He took another slowly and shaky step forward and I mimicked him. His hands flew to touch my face. And when he saw I wasn't a dream he broke down and slammed me to his body and hugged me. I hadn't realized I was crying until a tear fell. Mom was next to hug me and she did it with such a force of love, I almost got blown away by her grasp. And all of a sudden my sisters and brothers gave e a bear hug and cried saying that they missed me. And everything from my old life came slamming down on me with such strength, I got knocked out.

I wolk up in Andrews arms. Austin was in the other side of the room talking to my parents. I blinked a few times as I felt my brothers warm lips on my head. I smiled and hugged him tight as if I never wanted to let him go. I backed up to see a tear in his cheek. I kissed it away and fixed myself up. My sister, Cristal, was skipping tords me with a little brown box. She had a smile on her face.
"You know, we are a lot older than we look. You say your 18, right?" she asked as she putted the box down.
"Right." I answered. But I never realy mentioned it.
"Well, in my world your not. You died at this very age. You are really 38 years old. and I'm 34 and Dane is 32. We keep young bodies cause we choose to. Mom and dad are really 60. Andrew is 40. And Sapphire and Mathew are 43." Cristal finished with huff. I chuckled.
"Thanks for telling me all of that, but how come I have a twin brother and a little sister if I'm the re-incarnation of Light?" I asked.
"Because the fantasy realm gods settled you on a woman that looks a lot like mom. And as for the twin bro' and little sis'... they were meant to be related, you just squeezed in."
"Okay, thank you." I said smiling.

"Hey we have to go back home." Austin muttered as he interrupted my conversation with mom. We were talking about my love for insects.
"Okay, lets go. But can I visit tomorrow?" I asked them all.
"Yes sweaty. I haven't seen you since the tragedy. Come soon please. And if you need any help..." she signaled for Sapphire to give me the box Cristal gave me. "Just look in this box and trust your heart. Give us a call even if it's for home work." she said.
"I can't take this. It's the family's. You should keep it just in case anyone else needs it." I said.
"None sense. Where ever a pure heart from the family goes, it's always safe." She said the exact same words mom said back home. That brought tears to my eyes.
"Oh honey. I love you. And please take care." I didn't know if she was talking to me or Austin but I answered her anyways saying "I love you too, mom."
Then the whole family gave me a bear hug and said there I love you's and I will miss you. When that was done, we headed out back home. To our human home.

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Andrea (crazyniko) Yea I know, sorry. But I will try to get them right in my next chapter. :)

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Andrea (crazyniko) Chapter #8

When I get home, I realize it's been three hours. Crap! The girls. They think I'm rehearsing!

Before I ran up the room and tried to come up with an excuse, Austin grabbed my hands and kissed them both. Then he kissed my neck, chin, cheeks, nose, eye lids, forehead and finally my lips. He kissed me with such a passion I thought I could not leave him. I felt every, desire of me in that kiss. Every single drop of love he had for me.
We broke the kiss and stared in each others eyes. Then, I wasn't in such a hurry. We walked hand in hand.
But then I saw a huge metal plate in the wall. It stated RULES FOR CONTESTANTS. I read it clearly and tried to memorize some of them. There just the same warnings the law has. But then I dropped silent and cold at the 16th rule they had in there. I felt Austin stiffen next to me also. NO CONTESTANT IS ALLOWED TO HAVE A LOVE RELATIONSHIP, SUCH AS SEXUAL, OR DATING. WHICH EVER CONTESTANT OR TEACHER IS CAUGHT DATING A TEACHER WILL BE SHIPPED OF THE WORLD TOUR! AND THE TEACHER WILL BE FIRED!
CRAP! How come we finally get together and now the stupid rules have to try and break us up. But were magical. We can do what ever we want to do.
"No we can't." Austin uttered, making my blood run cold.
"What do you mean?" I asked shaking. A tear slipped from my cheek.
"If we get caught dating again, by Vicki or Alec, she will only want to kill you and will succeed. You are not properly trained. You will die if she pulls something. It's better if we don't be together." I saw tears in his eyes. But it wasn't compared to my tear-filled face.
"Why can''t you just train me?" We can still give us a go. You've waited 20 years for me and I have finally found my true love. I am not about to give that up." I said as I tightened the hold on his hand and rested my free hand on his damp cheek.
"But it will take a lot of time. And if I train you now while we date... She will make it quicker." he gulped.
"But she already knows I'm Light. She's gonna kill me anyways."
"Yes but she will give you chances to leave and never come back. Hell she can even let me save you as long as you don't know. But she is twisted, she likes playing games. She will kill you even in your nightmares. If we date, we will only trigger her. It's safer if we don't date at all." I slammed into his chest and sobbed. I have never felt so threatened, nor heart broken in my life. I can't believe it ends like this. The bad guy won.
Austin moved his hands on my back to pull me close and pats me. Trying to relax me. But it doesn't work. So he silently cries and buries his face in my neck. We stay like that, longing for each other for a couple of minutes, but it feels like hours.

I back away slowly and cup his tear-struck face. "I love you. I don't want to leave you." I say.
"I know. I don't want to leave you ether. But we have to in order for you do live." he kissed me. It wasn't the normal kisses we get. It showed every last bit of love he had for me.
So I kissed him back.

I pulled him back and wiped my tears away. He wiped his own and wiped one that escaped my eye.
"Just remember that I love you. And that if she decides to kill you, I'll grab you and kiss you and save you before she even has the time to blink." he whispered in a raspy voice. For the first time in my life I want her to kill me!
"Okay. I love you too." I kissed him one more time and left for my room. I didn't look back because I thought I would run back tords him.

I got to the room and only Nerissa was awake.
She looked up at me and had a reliefed sigh.
"Where the hell were you? I was worried sick. We all were!" She putted down the book she was reading.
"Sorry, we lost track of time and I twisted my leg a bit. But I'm fine and we are okay and ready to sleep." I finished as I throwed myself to sleep. But I didn't sleep.

Jordan star: Fun, loving and energetic. In love with Hip hop.


Gender: Female

Love interest: Jaden Brown

Favorite activity: Loves helping her friends and her band mates. Rocking out to music and having fun.

Features: Jordan is a dark skined girl. She has light caramel eyes with a smitch of green. And they look beautiful. She has dark brown curly hair that's painted with highlights and red colored ends that suits her and a flexible body.

Julie: Shy and hangs out a lot with her friends and tutors other members of the band. She loves music and lets her personality flow in it.



Favorite activity: Reading, Diving, singing and dancing. And also chilling with her friends. And works out.

Features:Julie has a birth mark on her cheek that looks like a heart. She has ocean blue eyes and blond hair. She has a body fit for a wrestler.

Jamie: Outgoing and flirtatious. Also snoopy and one of the first to find out that Dawn is seeing Austin in secret.



Favorite activity: Loves singing and dancing. She takes her time and reads while listening to music at the same time. And watches two much spy movies and books.She flirts with cute guys but is NOT A SLUT.

Features:And Jamie has dark skin like Jordan And black wavy and glossy hair. Her eyes are grass green and she has a models body, just without the freakish height.

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Andrea (crazyniko) cool. Here's the next chapter.

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Andrea (crazyniko) chapter #9

I wolk up and had a head ache. But I ignored it. I went tords the mirror and saw dark circles in my eyes. So I wolk the girls and darted tords the shower before they saw me. I fixed myself and applied make up. I left and walked tords the cafeteria and ate my scrambled eggs in silence as the girls talked and took sudden glances in my direction and in some boys direction. I saw Austin walk in looking sleepless as me. I looked at my plate one more time and glanced up and saw him looking at me. He had sorrow in his face. I have never had a relationship when I turn into a guys girlfriend and break up the same day. I frowned and heard in my head, the same male contions that told me to stay away from Alec. This time it said: "I am sorry. I miss you and I love you." Austins voice! He must of read my mind. I glanced up and saw him staring at me with a sly smile. I smiled nervously in response. But I got up and threw my left overs and walked tords class.

"Okay students!Settle down!" Miss Gomez said silencing us all.
"Okay, remember our little talent show we had hear yesterday? Well, we wont do that anymore." The class frowned. "We did that because we wanted to see your talent. Now we have regular classes. So suck it up and deal with it. Today we will be studying the history of the Queen Cleopatra." We groaned and took our books out.

This is gonna be a long day.

When the agonizing long class ended, I waited at the door for Triplet #1, Triplet #2, and Triplet #3. We walked to the stage room and saw My other friends there. They looked like they were arguing with Austin.
We looked at each other (me and the triplets) and went tords the stage to find out.
"Hey, whats going on?" I asked.
"Our teacher is absent today and we want to stay here with you."
"But I think they will distract you and you won't pay attention, so I'm telling them no." he said looking at me.
"But they wont do anything wrong. They will stay here and observe in silence. Please!" Nerissa begged.
"Yes, please!" We begged and got on our knees.
"If you let them stay, I promise I will work harder than I was planing on." Karissa said.
"And me too." Nerissa said.
"And me three. And I'll even stay behind and help the lighting crew." Marissa promised.
"Me four, just please let them stay. Hell, we're being childish only for this!" I pointed out as he met my gaze.
"And I's will run out of home room, just to help ya. Just please!" Jordan pleaded as Jamie and Julie nodded there heads.
"Those are a lot of promises. But if you say so. Okay. But I wont let you stay and watch them work hard. You girls will participate in this dance routeen and in you other activity."
They nodded and we jumped in victory.
"Okay, Karissa, go and stand in the left, front corner of the stage, but not too far so you won't fall and that we can see you." she did as she was told.
"Jamie, go and stand in the middle of that side of the stage. Make sure your in the same row she is and behind her."
She moved to were he told her to.
"Marissa, move to the left back... Okay good." he said in approval.
"Dawn, I need you in the very middle of the stage."
I moved to were I think is the spotlight.
"Great. Now Jordan, go in the right, front corner."
And then Julie was in the back and Nerissa in between them both.

"Now that you are in position, lets listen to the song." He walked tords the speakers that had his iPhone attached to them. He searched for the song and pressed play on it.
It was 'Super Bass' by 'Nicki Minaj.'

Marissa yelled in excitement from the back. I tried to keep from laughing but bursted anyways.
"Silence please." Austin warned but looked at me with love.
"Sorry." we muttered.
Then he paused it and putted another one called 'All I do is win' by 'DJ Khaled.'
"The dance we will do is more motivated and with more movement so I think we should use this one."
Marissa whimpered and cursed under her breath.
We just chuckled.

Then we started putting moves together and had fun. We had to move our hips a lot and our butts to the floor, which I had no problem to do. And nether did Julie.
We had half the dance made by the time it was lunch. And I noticed that I haven't longed for Austin ever since I started dancing. Thats why I love music. It's my escape from the wrong things in the world and it makes me happy.

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Andrea (crazyniko) chapter #10

The next day went swiftly. But I felt empty and hallow inside without Austin. I don't think I can move on. How can a guy I met for one day have this effect on me? Oh, yea, I forgot. He's my immortal lover who lost me once and now lost me again and I have to suffer without him!!

I was swimming in the pool and wrapped myself up to go. Then I felt eyes on me. As if someone was following me. I looked around and saw no one. I just shrugged. Being away from Austin is making you crazy.
"Be careful, love." I heard Austins voice. How I longed to hear it again.
Don't go away. I thought, hoping he would hear. But he did not respond.
My guesses are:1) He heard but knew it was better if we didn't communicate in order to protect me. 2)He left before I had the chance to think.

I sighed and putted my shirt and my shorts on top of my still-soaked swimsuit. I walked tords the place that could give me peace.
The castle garden.

I was in the hallway when I saw a dark figure moving. I stopped in my tracks to see who or what it was.
"Hello?" I asked a little confused. "Is someone here?" No answer.
What if it's Vicki? That made me walk faster tords the garden until someone grabbed my waist and shutted my mouth before I could scream.
"Gotcha." The man told me while giving me shivers down my spine. I instantly knew who it was.
"Alec! What are you doing giving me a heart attack." I accused. But he did not loosen his grip on me.
"Sorry princess but something is definitely wrong with your head. How come you haven't checked me out and are always drooling over my brother?" he muttered.
"I don't drool over our teacher! And I haven't checked you out because I don't seem interested in you. Now let go!" I tried to shake out of his grip but it was useless. He was too strong.
"Lets see if your interested in me while I have you for myself. You'll see how good I can be of use in your love life." he said unattractively.
I was scared for my life. I couldint believe this was happening.
He kissed my shoulder and then kissed my neck. It send shivers and the crawlies everywhere in my body. I screamed but he just chuckled.

He pinned me to the floor and took away my shirt.
"No wonder you're hair is wet. You were at the pool!" he said as he pretended to smack his head.
Then he kissed my hips and waist. I screamed again and slapped his back. But I was to weak to get him off.
He unbuttoned my pants but nothing happened. Since I had my eyes closed ever since he started kissing me, I don't know what happened.
I opened them slowly and saw Austin beating the hell out of Alec. My hero.

He punched him to the ground when I heard a growl. It wasn't from Austin. Then I saw Alec's clothes rip and shred. Then I didn't see Alec anymore. I saw a werewolf! But Austin was not intimidated by him. I saw Austins teeth grow fangs and heard him snarl. His finger nails grew and jagged the mighty looking werewolf in the rib. I gasped. Then got up to my feet and took three steps back. They were fightin like animals, tryin to kill each other. But I couldint let that happen. So I drawed my courage and said a simple sentence that didn't sound like a spell. But it happened anyways.
"Alec, return to human form and get knocked out." I said.
Like I said before, it happened just like I wanted too. But this time, Alec was naked. You could see the wounds his brother gave him on the chest and back and, well, everywhere! Austin just had a bleeding arm with very large tooth marks.

When Austin made sure Alec was unconscious, he came tords me with panicked eyes and limped his way over to my body. I didn't know I was shaking till he had his blood stained arm on my shoulder to make me stay still. Then I looked up at his beautiful green, brown eyes and cried my heart out. He held me and kept saying nice things to my that soothed me. Then he carried me with his bleeding arm and his good arm and took me tords the garden. And while I cried, I noticed that he was fixing my shorts and my shirt, even though some of his blood got on it. I didn't care. All I cared about was that I had my one true love to hold me and care for me.

"I love you." I whispered barely audible as I calmed down. But he heard me.
"I love you, too. But more" he said in rough breaths. I wanted to object to that but from the day we both had, I think it's better if I stayed shut and just enjoyed the moment I had as my true love carried my tords safety.

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Andrea (crazyniko) chapter #11

We were in the garden. I finished sobbing on his blood stained shirt. I peeked at his face as I saw him look at me in concern. But I also saw him flinch in pain as I moved his arm a bit. So I kissed his arm (in the not bloody part). I tried to take his shirt off but it made hi asp in pain. So I just kissed his cheek and took my own shirt off. I wrapped it around his wound and tied it gently.
Then I laid back in his good arm again and stared at my true love. His green/brown eyes looked so beautiful. He had a spell over me. Now I can never forget those eyes. Its like they took a peek at my soul.

He leaned forward and kissed my lips. His forehead was pressed against mine and he had his eyes closed. He looked reliefed and in pain at the same time. He kissed me again but more forceful. We pulled apart and breathed heavily.

"I love you." he whispered, his eyes open.
"I love you, more." I whispered back. I had a smile on my face. Then he grinned his beautiful grin that would of made me faint if it weren't for his dazzling face that wouldn't let me look away.

"You cannot possibly think that. I love you way more. I had to leave you in order to protect you and let you live, even after everythin I went thru." he paused. "And even though you love me, I feel like I should take responsibility for what happened with my brother." He looked away, ashamed for something that was not his fault.

So I grabbed his strong chin in my delicate and fragile hand and made him look at me in the eyes and said: "Listen, I love you and you love me. We are happy together. We belong together. I know that you love me so much that you would never let anyone hurt me. And I would do the same for you. You should know that none of this crap is your fault. Not my fault. Not even your brothers fault! It's all Vicki's fault. So don't beat yourself with this when it has nothing to do with you, you just want whats best for us. And that is one of the things I love most about you. You fight for our love and pay the consequences and get right back up like the wonderful man I know you are...I love you." I finished with a kiss so intense it almost killed me. It was so passionate as his hand caressed my soft skin and my cheek. All I could think about was him and our kiss.

When we stopped kissing, we left for his room. It is as big as my room! No wait... BIGGER!! And he is the only one who sleeps here! He is so spoiled! His wall is painted dark brown and red violet. At the top edges there are actual twinkling star decorations that are so beautiful, you could think they are actually real, tiny stars. He has lots of antiques from a long time ago. And they all seem to be for a warlock or a vampire. And he also has (I'm just making this up on my own, I wouldn't know if it exists but if it does, then this is it) a gran-master, king-sized deluxe, luxurious bed! It is the biggest thing in here besides the closet! And the bed has almost a thousand pillows in there!(No exaggerations) And his closet is filled with the most elegant clothes I have ever seen. His drawers have his ordinary-guy cloths. He has a balcony with the most beautiful view of the castle and the city. And in the corner of his room is a elegant wood door. I carefully opened it and saw that it was the entrance to a jacuzzi! And I mean a huge jacuzzi with lots of blasting jets! Austin is so freaking spoiled!! Just when I thought he couldint get more spoiled than he already is, I saw he has a bathroom with a hot tub in it! He has the most elegant bathroom in here with a hot tub. Unbelievable! He is so spoiled!!!! I can't believe he kept this heavenly room all to himself!

"You like?" Austin muttered from behind me, but I could here him grinning in his voice. And when I turned to look, he was grinning. Stupid hot bastard.
"Yes. And why do you have this awesome place and did not tell me about it sooner? It's so awesome, I have no words for it!"

He just laughed at me.

I narrowed my eyes at him. He didn't seem affected by it. He just laughed harder! So I walked up to him and kissed his neck. He stopped laughing all right! He started to moan instead. Then I started teasing him. When he couldint take no more, he kissed my lips, hard and passionately. He pulled me tords his bed and got on top of me. When he thought he was in control, he was shocked. I sneaked from under him and ended up taking my clothes off and headed for the jacuzzi. He was so shocked he barley moved! I laughed my ass off at the look at his face. He then snapped out of it and blushed a bit of pink. I just laughed harder! Revenge is sweet! He took his shirt off and walked over to the jacuzzi and lied down with me. He putted his arm over my shoulders and pulled me into him. He kissed my head and said "Cute, but you realy don't want to start teasing me." he warned in a seductive voice.

"Ooh, I'm so scared. What are you gonna do, stop kissing me for a weak?" I challenged.
"No I won't stop kissing you, that is impossible." He leaned down and kissed my lips. "See? Anyways, I meant that if you teas me, I might lose control and take you down into the bed. So you might want to be careful." He said seductively. And I kind of like the idea.

So we just relax there and talked about normal stuff. Until the most important question popped up in my head and I had to ask Austin. And I can't believe I haven't noticed it before!

"Where are we and were do we go next?" he looked at me mockingly.
"We are in my room and we are going to your room next so you can rest."

"I mean, which part of the world are we? And in the tour, where are we going next?"

"We are in New Orland. And we are going to New York next."


"Why did I not know wear I was going and wear I was going to preform and still want to go there. God I am stupid." He just kissed my head.
"It's okay. To tell you the truth, I was the one who tampered with your minds. I wanted to erase your thoughts about were you were going so people wouldn't get nervous. and because I was bored. To tell you the truth, I was going to remind you tomorrow night so you could get ready and your friends too."

I sighed.

"Okay, but next time levitate something or do telekinesis or something." Then he sighed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't think you'd make a big deal out of it."

"I wouldn't of. But you made me feel stupid, so." I murmured.

He took my face in his hand and kissed me long and hard.

"You are not stupid. You are intelligent. And you are the smartest most beautifulest woman I have met. And I am glad that we are made for each other."

And with that he kissed me. We relaxed the whole day together and he secretly took me back to my room.

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Andrea (crazyniko) chapter #12

So, when I left Austins room and got to mine, I told the girls that I snuck in the office and looked at the program. Tomorrow we leave for New York! So we decided to pack and go skateboarding. I actually know how to skateboard but Nerissa has the talent for it. We just do it 'cause it's fun. So we gear up and head for the park. We put some obbsticals and try to skate around them to master our-self's. When we start skateboarding we see some guys cooing and skating along with us and some were checking us out. Josh was rolling beside me before I knew it. We had a competition and he won but we had a rematch and we both won. Then Jaden came and started flirting with Jordan. I got the girls and started a plan.

We walked from behind the and started cooing and making kissy faces at them. Then Josh and some guys caught up with us and started doing the same. They were blushing like mad. We started laughing at them and skated again but stopped to admire Nerissa kicking every boys ass while she skated. We cheered for her until Josh dared her into a race. Loser buys us all pizza. Good thing Nerissa has a wad of cash in her safe that she brought.

She accepted. They were doing all sorts of crazy things. But in the end Nerissa won. Obviously. And Josh got stuck with the bill.

But they remained friendly. Too friendly. Hmm.

I yanked Nerissa by the arm and said "Give, do you think Josh is cute."

She didn't answer so I knew I was right.

"I new it, I new it! Go ask him out!"

"I can't. He is too hot. What if he says no because I beated him?"

"Trust me. He won't"

"How can you be so sure?"

"Trust me. I got this."

I left it at that and went to the lobby with the crew of skateboarders and left to eat pizza. Apparently, Josh has big money. And now my cue. "Hey Josh." I said.

"Hey Dawn. What's up?" "Do you like Nerissa? Come on, be truthful. I think you do."

He blushed and nodded.

"Well ask her out!"

"What if she says no. Come on, she beated me in skateboarding. She'll think I'm a loser!"

"You don't know her like I do. And she wants you to ask her out."

"Really?" he sounded shocked at this. "Yes really. Now go and ask her out." I grabbed him and pushed him tords Nerissa. As I watched I saw her blush and nod. Then Josh kissed her cheek and walked tords me with a dopy smile on his face.

"Well?" As if I didn't know.

"She said yes! Thanks Dawn, you are the best!"

"I know." Then I hugged him and grabbed some coke.

We all had a good time until Austin came in and saw the party.

"What's going on in here?!" he boomed cutting of the music some guys brought down stairs.

"Well?" he asked. I stepped forward and gave him an innocent smile.

"We were having a little pizza and band/singer reunion. We had a bet and we bought some pizza and cokes." I said sheepishly.

"With who's permition?" he said coolly.

"May we please have a get together in the lobby Mr. Fox?"

He paused to think.

He chuckled and smiled at me.

"Okay. Be grateful I saved you're ass's this time. But no more, okay?" We nodded and stayed still.
"What? Go on and turn the music back on. You act as if I wasn't a teenager once." We laughed and some of us hugged him and flashed him smiles as we started partying again.

Out of nowhere, a kid named Drake asked me to sing.

"Sure." I said.

"Hey, do you speak spanish or know any spanish songs?" he asked.

"Yes, I am half puertorrican. I know a few."

"Cool, can you sing one while I find it's track?" he asked. Man this boy is polite.

"It's called 'Manos al aire' By 'Nelly Furtado'. You should look for it in youtube."

"Okay...Found it. You are good to go. Here's the mike." He handed me the mike and I said thanks and walked int the center of the lobby.

"Hey." I said in the mike as everyone's attention was on me. "I need you to help me so I can preform. It's Latin, so you won't understand, so if you cant sing it, dance to it. Okay!"

They shouted there agreements and the music started.

As I sang it I saw people confused but dancing anyways. I saw Austin admiring y every move. So I kept dancing and singin. When I was done, I walked tords Julie, Marissa and Jamie who were cheering for me.

"Hey, where are the rest of the girls?" I asked.

"Nerissa is with Josh and Karissa is with that boy Drake." Marrissa stated. I looked at Drake and saw him flirting with Karissa.

"Oh." Damn, everyone is getting a boyfriend today.

"And Jordan is with Jaden." Julie said. "But never mind them, you were incredible!"

"Yea, not even Vicky can top you."

"Why the sudden mention of her?" I asked.

"She called me a bitch and she thinks she is better than everyone. She should go to hell. But I would of loved seeing her face all mad."

"Me too." Jamie said.

"Damn strait." I said and we high fived each other.

"You did great Dawn. Of course I taught you every thing you know." Austin came up from behind me and patted my arm.

"Thanks and, in you're dreams." I mocked.

"He mocked being offended and we sacked his head playfully.

"Hey! What was that for?" He mocked being angry.

"For being stupid!" I said.

"Hey, I don't know about you but I want to keep on skating, want to come Mr. F?" Marissa asked.

"Sure. I didn't know you skated."

"Nor did everyone in the lobby, but we can. The question is, can you skate old man?" I asked.

"Yes, now lets go."

We walked tords the park and got our boards.

"Why is the park messed up?"
"We needed obstacles so we did this." Jamie explained.

"Anyways. Cut the chat and lets roll."Julie said as I was already beating her tords the oak tree.

We had some killer fun and made jokes and left the building to our rooms.

"Hey, I'm gonna practice a move here and then go." I eyed Austin as the girls turned away.

"And I have to get the first aid kit." Austin muttered.

"Ha ha ha. Funny."

The girls were gone and it left me and Austin alone.


He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. His warm lips against mine.

He broke it of to tell e: "You did great. I want to see you skate more often."

"Really? Then be good." I teased.

I kissed him one more tie and left with and acted as if we were talking. People are still here. Damn.

So he took me to my dorm and kissed me one ore time and left for his room.

I sighed dreamily and went inside and saw three shocked expressions.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Are you having a secret relationship with Mr. Fox?!" Marissa demanded.

Oh crap.

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Andrea (crazyniko) Thanks

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Andrea (crazyniko) chapter #13

"What?!" I asked, acting confused.
"Don't play dumb with me. Are you dating Mr. Fox? Yes or No. And don't lie to us." Marissa asked.

I had to think fast. How did they know I was dating Austin! Did they see the kiss? Was I careless? What happened?

But I shouldn't lie to my best friend and my roommates. They won't trust me anymore. But its also a secret I cant tell. But they would just start snooping on us and find out. So it's better if I tell the the truth.

"Yea. We are dating." I sighed.
"Why did you not tell us. We can keep a secret." Jamie said.
"Yea. We're you're friends. You can trust us." Julie said coolly.
"And how can you not come to you're best friend first? We wouldn't rat you out. And I sill wont rat you out." Marissa said.

Wow. They are taking this way to coolly.

"I'm sorry. I just couldn't afford to have the secret spill. And I cant have Mr. Fox fired. And I don't want to leave the competition. And if I leave, you and you're sisters have to pack too." I stated.

"Yea, but I'll make them keep the damn secret. So don't worry. They're your B.F.F.s too. And I'm sure that Jordan will keep her mouth shut about it too." Marissa promised.

"You sure?" I asked.
"Absolutely." Jamie said.
"Right!" Julie said.

"Then okay. And I'm sorry I didn't tell you." I said as I walked over and hugged them.

"You know, I forgive you and all, but I still want to hear the dirt." Marissa said. Oh boy.
"Yea, me too. I want to hear the dirt." Jamie exclaimed as she sat me down.

"When did this all start?" Julie said. I stared at her in aw, 'cause she doesn't seem like the one to like gossip so much.

"What? Just because I don't talk it doesn't mean I can't hear good gossip." She defended.

"Okay. Whatever you say." I said.

"So spill, when did it all start and don't leave out anything. Give us the details." Marissa demanded.

"Okay, okay. It was the first day we came came hear. When we were dancing and got in that, oh so embarrassing position together. When he asked for me to go to the castles attic. He said that he wanted to dance all his life. And that I was the best dancer he has ever seen. And singer too. So then he was putting the moves on me and I was putting the moves on him." I figured lying would cover up the magical creatures do exist talk. "Before I new it, he was kissing me. I could not believe that, I kissed the teacher. But I wasn't thinking about getting in trouble. I was thinking about how good it felt to kiss him. We kissed for a long time and when we broke off, I saw it was lunch time so we went downstairs and made out for about ten more minutes and left. He caught me the other day saying he wanted to be my boyfriend and I said yes. So we left. And instead of practicing. We were kissing each other. Then in the pool party, We hit on each other for hours around the castle ballroom. Then the next day, we found out we were meant for each other. You know, the one. Well, we saw the sign in the lobby and it is illegal for us to be dating, so we broke it of for two days. The longest two days of my life. Then when I was in the pool, I saw a guy tryin to steal from the castle. He saw me and attacked me. Austin found me being beated up and he kicked that bunglers ass, without any problem. He took him in and took e to the nurse. We left for his room. And had a nice long chat and make out setion. Shall I add the part when he couldn't take his hands off of me?" The girls squealed and told me to go on. "So we acted as if we were in a healthy student and teacher relationship when we were in public. And in private acted as married couples. So there's you're dish. Now answer me a question. How did you find out about me and Austin?"

"We followed you two around like lost puppy's when you were back with a sprained ankle." Jamie said. Also air quoting sprained leg as she found out just now that it was the night that e and Austin were broken up.

"And, we saw you two kiss in the party when we pretended to leave and saw you two smooch through the peep hole that you two kissed." Jaime finished.

"Wow. You guys are great spies. I just want to go and sleep right now and finish packing tomorrow. You three tell them the dish in the morning when they get back... If they get back." then we laughed as Karissa walked in with swollen lips.

"What's so funny? She asked.

"You're allergy to kisses. You have a swollen lip from making out with Drake." Marissa said.

"You go girl!" Me and Jamie said as Karissa blushed.

"Who's the girl that goes?" Jordan asked as she came in with Nerissa.

"Karissa had a hot make out session with Drake and is blushing like hell! Marissa screamed.

"You go girl!" Jordan shouted.

"You go sis." Nerissa said.

"Hold up. You two came back from hot dates today. Mind telling us how they went?" I asked innocently.

As they finished givin us the dish. We slowly fell a sleep.

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Andrea (crazyniko) Chapter #14

When I wolk up and finished getting ready, I letted Julie, Jamie and Marissa tell the story of the teacher and the students forbidden love. God help me. They went nuts with Drama! They wanted him over right away. So when we finished our daily routine of classes and practice, Hell broke lose when Julie, Jordan and Jamie came to the stage.

I grabbed Austine by the arm and took him to the corner of the room.

"Forgive e for this, dude." I said as I sighed and nodded at the girls who ran to us as fast as cheetahs.
"Forgive you for what?" he said as he looked puzzled.
"Lower your voices. We might be alone, but the lighting crew is still here." I warned.
"Dawn, forgive you for what?" Austin asked again.
"That she confessed that you two were dating." Jordan whispered. Austin stiffened next to me.
"You told them?" He whispered in surprise.
"No. We told them accidentally."
"When we left last night to kiss in the park. The saw us and saw you kiss me goodnight at the door too." I paused. "So they made me confess."

Austin looked at them all and just stared.
"You were snooping around and caught us in our act. Huh. Who knew?" He uttered.
"So your not mad at me?" I asked.
"No. I can never be mad at you." he whispered as he smiled at me.
Then he looked down at his watch and stepped away from us.

"Hey! Joshua! It's time for you to leave! Don't want to keep your wife and kids waiting now, don't you?" Austin murmured.

The man that happened to be Joshua, smiled and yelled his thanks. The rest of the crew left with him.
"I'll lock up." Austin offered.
"Okay. Thanks man." Joshua said as he left.
As Joshua and the crew left, I asked Austin "Are we alone?"
"No, we have your friends." he said with a grin.
"Good enough for me." I smiled. Grabbed his shirt and pulled him to me as I kissed him.

It was the most amazing kiss ever! It was like he turned a switch on e and had electricity run all over e! He pulled me closer and shoved his tong in mine.

We separated and glanced at queen of Hip Hop and at the triplets. They were in shock. And were love struck. As if they were watching a romance novel. Ha. It was so mighty (the kiss) that even they felt it!

Go Austin and me.

I love you. Said the voice in my head. I realized a long time ago it was Austin.

Jordan recovered first and said: "Hey yall, I's like to get my bags and get the hell outta here for our first plane ride to New York! Let the damn lovebirds to they's privacy. They's deserve it. Lets go." She walked out and smiled at us from her shoulder. Then they were gone with smiles on there faces. What was going on?

"Guess your friends like the fact that we love each other. And I can tell by there giving us privacy."


"Well, those are my fiends for ya. They are amazing. I hope nothing happens to them. I couldn't live with myself." I said as I hugged him.
"Well, the triplets are gonna have a shock soon, but the Queens are safe." he whispered as he kissed my head.
I pulled back from him to look at him. "What?"
"The triplets, they are pixies. Full, pixies. Those are the only ones you can trust with our secret." he said coolly.
He sighed. "Did you not here me or is it hard to take in?" he asked.
"Hard to take in."
He kissed me one more time and looked me in the eye. "You need to finish packin' and rest from your day. We'll talk in the plane...okay?" "Okay." I said as I kissed him one more time and left for my dorm.

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Andrea (crazyniko) Sorry, my keypad is getting damaged. Every time I press the letter 'm' I have to press it hard for it to show and sometimes I forget. And also the letter 'g'.

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Andrea (crazyniko) yea, exactly...well I have to go and finish my chapter.

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Andrea (crazyniko) chapter #15

When we got to the airport, all of the students had shock and excitement written all over there faces. We were going in a first class jet!! We were so stocked that we were jumping in place this whole tie. And that Austin had to hold me down a couple (or all of it.)times. He had to hold me down so hard. The teachers thought it was trying to control me instead of him putting the moves on me. Good.

We got to our seats and finally I relaxed. And then we were off. We soared threw the sky as we giggled at how I was jumping and then giggled at some jokes we cracked. But the real jokers were Austin and Drake. They were hysterical! But when time flew by with the jet we fell asleep.

"Dawn, wake up. Baby. Bake up." I heard someone say.
"What?"I said as I cleared the sleep from my eyes.
"Were here." Austin said.
He chuckled. "In New York. The place you've been bouncing around to see."
"Ohh." I yawned and stretched. "Lets go."

We were all outside the airport in one hour and then we headed for a hotel close to time square. I don't remember the name of it but it is really fancy. I share a room with the triplets and Queens of hip hop share a room with a solo singer. I forgot her name.
Wow I am really tired right now.

So we start rehearsing in the room where it is a bit crowded but it will do. Then we go downstairs, into a limo were every contestant gets to drive in. I know. We are turning into spoiled snobs. Then we go to the beach were our food is delivered. We eat like kings and have some fun. Up until now.

Vicki is walking up to me and Jamie and Austin as she looks like a barbie doll made of boobs. I swear those boobs of hers are going to break her bathing suit any minute and she wouldn't care. And she is wearing heels! In the beach! Who does that?

She looks like a real bitch and dear lord, the guy's jaws drop all the way to the sand. And every boy is affected. Except Austin, who ignores her.

"Hey Dawn. Mind if I hang with you for a while?" She asks pretending to be nice. Bitch.
I look at Jamie and she looks cautious at her and then at me. Her eyes say :There is a teacher here. She can't be pulling anything off right now.
"Sure." I say not looking at her. She sits between me and Austin and has one of her hands touch his back in a seductive way. But he shrugs it away. Then she looks at me.

"Are you excited about the show we're going to have tomorrow?" she asks.
"Yea, I'm stoked. What about you?" I try to sound nice.
"Ecstatic. I just wanted to wish you luck. And get a martini. Yo, Water!" She calls out.
"Four martini's please." Then she adds her boobs to the request and sends the Water running for our drinks.
"No thanks I don't drink."
"Nether do I." Jamie says.
"Then that just leaves me and Mister Fox. But don't worry. It wont take long. Just one minute and I will go." She says clearly meaning to do him. I shoot her a glare and then look at Austin who looks disgusted.
Then the Water showed up.
"Here are your martini's miss." He said. He also sent her a hungry stare over her body which she clearly saw and gave him a seductive smile.
"Thank you. I'll pay when I leave. Is that all right?"
"On the house miss." Then he looked her over one more tie and then went away.
"Guess we'll drink two instead of one."
"Vicki. I don't care if we are in public. I warned you the last time. Now get out." Austin warned with a cold voice.
"But Austy I-"
"Go!" He screamed. It was so hard it even made me and Jamie flinch.
"It's her isn't it? You love her ore than me. I want my Austy back! Just forget her! She makes you weak and unhappy. I make you stronger and happy. You can have some real fun."
"No. I am losing my patience. Go." He shot her the death glare.
She got up and started walking. But she looked at me and whispered in my ears.
"Just you wait. He's gonna get tired of you like he is tired of me. But then I will show him the fun he's been missing and he'll come crawling back."

Then with that she grabbed her martini and bent down to hiss at me. But she dropped her martini all over my blue bikini.
"Oops." She says.
"Thats it, bitch." I grab her hair and sended her face planted on the sand and kick her fake boobs.
"Bitch!" She screamed.
Then we started fightin.
But she may look tough and like she can kick your ass, but when you fight her, she is as a pussy as any other. She is so weak, I think I knocked her out with just two punches on the face. But I stopped fightin her when I saw blood poor down her nose and lips. But then I realized she was out cold in the fifth blow.
Everybody cheered me on until the teachers called me out.

"Do you know how much trouble you are in?" Ms. Cruz said.
"No." I answered calmly.
"Huge trouble. So much, you can get kicked out of the first performance and stay practicing the second."
"Hey, she started it by calling me names and then poring her martini all over me. It wasn't my fault she was looking for trouble she could not handle."
"Yes that is true. But you are just lucky Mr. Fox witnessed it and said to leave you alone. He was going to stop the fight but you already knocked Vicki out in just Five blows. So thank god you gave mercy and didn't do anything else. Look, this is the first time you get into trouble. So I'm going to let it slide. But don't let it happen again, okay?" She asked.
"Okay." I murmured.
"Good. You may go now." then she stared at me with wide eyes.
"Dawn, your glowing, and you have wings...and changed clothes."
"What?" I looked at the mirror and saw I was in my pixie form and had my wand in my slipper.
"I, uh..." I stuttered.
"Is this some kind of joke? Or a I dreaming?" She asked.
"It's a joke. I am supposed to prank a student here for taking my money. Uh. By."

I ran in the buildings bathroom and called Austin.
"Hey, I need your help."
"What kind of help? You got in trouble?" he sounded alarmed.
"No, I turned into a fairy in front of Cruz. She thinks it's a joke, but I ran to the bathroom. Help me."
"Okay, I'm on my way. Oh and Dawn..."
"You are a great kick ass. I wouldn't mess with ya." he teased. At least it helped me a bit.
"Very funny. Now come here before I go all bad ass on you."
"No, I'm on my way."
Then he hung up.
Man, how the hell did I end up turning into a pixie???????!!!!!!! And most importantly...Why now, to make things worse. And why in front of Miss. Cruz. Damn!

I was so caught up in my panic, I forgot to hide in a stall. And found Austin there grinning.
"What?"I asked.
"You look amazing. As always." he complimented.
"Thanks, to bad I don't want it." I asked.
"Why not?" He asked getting closer.
"Because I can't control it. I would want it if I could control it better."
"Okay then. I will teach you."
"I'll teach you. When we get back home, we'll sneak into the garden and practice."
"Uh, okay I guess."
"And besides." He said with a grin as his forehead touches mine and he putts his hands on my waist. "We can kiss without being caught."
Then I smiled as he leaned in to kiss me.

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Andrea (crazyniko) Here's a book I'm working on. You can read it if you want while I finish the other book.

other book

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Andrea (crazyniko) I m so sorry I did not post or stay in this club for a long time, but it was because I had some problems, but they are working out right now.

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Andrea (crazyniko) When we got to the garden, we rehearsed, wee practiced my magic, and got to say hi to my family. I have gotten to love them.

Then the night of the performance came. All the contestants were excited. None of them nervous. Especially me. But when we got in our wardrobe, we found out we had to ware a short, ripped jean short. A pink tank top, and pink everything! When we were done, we rehearsed one more time and went to see the other contestants. They were amazing!
Then it was our turn and we got in position. Then we danced.

When we were done, we took a break and partied with all of my friends, for a long, long time. Of course I made out with Austin for almost, the whole night, but enough to stay and party.

Sorry it is so short but I have writers block. But here:

there dance

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Andrea (crazyniko) Thank you! There are supposed to be six though

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Andrea (crazyniko) six dancers

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