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message 1: by Naiya (new)

Naiya | 27 comments Hello dearest authors!

I'm currently working on an article series for TheCanaryReview regarding the do's and don'ts of writing a book blurb/pitch--especially as they relate to query letters and catching the reader's interest.

I would love for a part of that to be a close look at some real blurbs by real writers to see what's being done right and what the turn-offs are.

Do you have a pitch or synopsis that you've been using that you'd be willing to sent to the proverbial sacrificial altar? If we get a few replies, we will pick the ones that stand out as being particularly good...or particularly off-putting.

You can post them here, or send them to canarypost at gmail dot com with the subject "Pitch Article Submission".

(By posting or emailing us, you agree we may use your post. If you'd like us to use it, but prefer to remain anonymous, just say so--otherwise, we'll probably link back to your book [free publicity!])

I can't wait to see the replies. :)

message 2: by Joan (new)

Joan Hovey (joanhallhovey) | 10 comments Blurb/Pitch

NOWHERE TO HIDE by Joan Hall Hovey



Raised in an atmosphere of violence and unpredictability, Ellen and Gail Morgan have banded together, survivors of a booze-fertilized battleground, forming a fierce united front against an often cold and uncaring world. When their parents are killed in a car crash, Ellen becomes the mother figure for Gail.

When fifteen years later Gail is brutally raped and murdered in her shabby New York basement apartment, practically on the eve of her big breakthrough as a singer, Ellen is inconsolable. Rage at her younger sister's murder has nearly consumed her. So when her work as a psychologist wins her an appearance on the evening news, Ellen seizes the moment. Staring straight into the camera, she challenges the killer to come out of hiding: "Why don't you come after me? I'll be waiting for you."

Phone calls flood the station, but all leads go nowhere. The police investigation seems doomed to failure. Then it happens: a note, written in red ink, slipped under the windshield wipers of her car, 'YOU'RE IT.' Ellen has stirred the monster in his lair … and the hunter has become the hunted!

message 3: by Naiya (new)

Naiya | 27 comments Thank you, Joan!

message 4: by Joan (new)

Joan Hovey (joanhallhovey) | 10 comments You're most welcome. -:)


message 5: by Naiya (last edited Jul 08, 2011 02:14PM) (new)

Naiya | 27 comments Joan wrote: "Blurb/Pitch..."

Thanks for volunteering your blurb, Joan. Here is a link to the article:

message 6: by Naiya (new)

Naiya | 27 comments Mark wrote: "Blurb/Pitch..."

Thank you, Mark. An article based on your blurb will be out next Friday. :)

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